Officers Injured After Police Motorcycle Collision

April 15, 2015

[Updated: Two police officer have been left injured -- one with a broken wrist and one with a broken leg -- following a collision involving two police motorcycles during a training exercise.]

Just before 11.00am today [Apr 15], there was a collision in the Frog Lane area of Devonshire involving what appears to be two police motorcycles. Personnel from both the Police Service and Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service have responded to the scene, and while further details are limited at this time, we will update as able.

Update 11.42am: Chief Inspector Hashim Estwick said, “About 10.30am today, police responded to a vehicle collision along Frog Lane, Devonshire. This involved two of our police colleagues; they were both riding motorcycles.

“They have been taken to the hospital pending further inquiries into their injuries. At present, we are investigating the matter. We have the traffic collision investigator here, we have our forensic unit here, and we’re conducting investigations into this matter.”

When asked if the accident involved a training exercise, Chief Inspector Estwick said, “Yes, the two bikes were involved in a training exercise and the riders are experienced police riders, and they were both involved in the collision.

“We cannot say at present what happened as far as the collision is concerned; that is presently being investigated and at a later time of day, we will update you about the conditions of that collision.”

Audio of Chief Inspector Hashim Estwick speaking at the scene

When asked if he could say whether the riders were traveling in the same or opposite directions, Chief Inspector Estwick said, “Not at this time. We are conducting an active investigation and we’ll be able to say that at a later time.”

When asked if excessive speed may have played a role in the collision, Chief Inspector Estwick said, “We cannot say at present whether speed was involved. What I can say is that both riders that were involved in the collision are experienced riders at the highest level.

“The bike that we’re using is part of our fleet maintenance and it’s part of our usual operating procedures.”

When asked about the condition of the officers, Chief Inspector Estwick said, “I can’t say now. I would say they were both taken by ambulance to the hospital and they’re being treated at this moment.”

Update 12.42pm: A police spokesperson said, “One officer apparently has a broken ankle while the other officer has injuries to his arms and legs, as well as what is believed to be a mild concussion. The injured male officers continue to receive treatment at the hospital at this time.

“Both police motorcycles involved were extensively damaged; however no one from the public was injured. The scene was processed by the Forensic Support Unit as well as the Traffic Collision Investigator and that section of Frog Lane has since been re-opened to normal traffic flow.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding this collision is ongoing.”

Update 4.51pm: A police spokesperson said, “As a further update, it has since been confirmed that both male officers injured in this morning’s collision on Frog Lane suffered no serious injuries.

“One officer sustained a broken wrist while the other sustained a broken leg. Each officer also sustained cuts, bruises and abrasions. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding this collision continues.”

motorcycle collision 2015 April

motorcycle collision 2015 April 15 2


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  1. swing voter says:

    2 police bike @ 20K each? man um sick

    • Stat. says:

      Couldn’t find a more straight road to do it

    • seriously says:

      2 people may have been seriously hurt and youre commenting on the price of the bikes? Are you f@#€ing serious? All you people on here talking crap about police slowing down and all the other negative comments I hope you never need help from the Police. When someone breaks into your house call someone else.

      • swing voter says:

        ok got it…you think that 2 new police bikes just simply malfunctioned….gurl pull yur head otta …..the sand!

      • Bozey says:

        You a cop ain’t you? Whatever… Hell yea slow down!! Those are big a** motor cycles! They were training not on a call…or were they???

    • Evie says:

      WOW!! 2 people (someone’s loved ones) could have lost their lives and your commenting on the price of bikes! How sad is that??

      • mockingjay says:

        swing voter should be complaining about Hanbury getting paid $1,000.00 a day.
        Hope the riders are ok.

        • swing voter says:

          like Hanbury said, 2015 is his year to do or die…..he’ll either produce the ROI or be run out of town.

      • terry says:

        For the record, you have to understand that these police officers have been pulling over bikers for flippin years for no bloody reason… and you wanna tell ME that these mofos crash on a straight lane .. like serz …. no experience

  2. Oh my gosh says:

    Oh no please tell me they are ok? Prayers for you both.

  3. Aaron G says:

    Racing? Chasing a fugitive? Presumably they will be breathalyzed? Results of findings ever published? Will be ever be told? Are we ever?

    • brigadooner says:

      lol I love it when people comment without reading the article.

      • Aaron G says:

        And I love it when the article is updated after a post has been made, answering the very questions made in my previous post.

        You’re welcome.

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      Aaron G your comment shows how unintelligent you truly are. Prayers to those officers for a speedy recovery.

    • Clear View says:

      Read the article! It was a training exercise!

    • Who Cares says:

      Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Please don’t tell us that these are two of the brand new, very expensive, totally inappropriate for Bermuda, 1300cc, custom bikes.

    • jo says:

      they are not custom bikes and only one was new

      • bermy says:

        They are pretty much standard Honda VFR800 (800cc) with some lights and a couple of boxes on them, they are not highly customised models, they are an off the shelf police pursuit bike.

        • nuts says:

          They are very customized! There are a lot of details not so apparent.

          • Raw Onion says:

            The police bikes are less customized than the police cars. They come off the shelf as police bikes. If you know how much it costs to convert a regular car into a police car you’d be a bit upset.

        • jt says:

          I’ve never understood why 800cc bikes are required here. Anyone know? Seems to me something with half the power would be more than sufficient power, more nimble and less costly.
          Best wishes for speedy recovery to the officers.

  5. S says:

    The police need to stop speeding on that stretch. If we do it we get pulled over for a ticket. Slow down!

    • mj says:

      are amblance, fire and police allowed to speed or jst ambulance and fire emergeny vehicles.. wht is the law? why do police have to train to go fast?

      • A shame says:

        Are you an idiot ? Or did I misread your comment

  6. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    i just hope they are ok

  7. mr speaker says:

    They could have been doing a training course. I hope the riders are OK.

  8. D says:

    looks bad

  9. Aaron G says:

    I actually hate riding along there because of the state of the roads. Whoever signed off that trenching as acceptable should be fired.

  10. Mr. Oxford says:

    Wow some of these comments are unbelieveable. Why are we assuming that they were speeding? How about asking if anyone was injured and seriously hurt? My common sense is telling me that there is a legitimate reason the collision occured and I am sure that it will be made known in due course. The vehicles were damaged and will be replaced via insurance but no cost can be placed on human life. Let’s keep things in perspective and stop pre-judging the incident.

  11. Loud says:

    Maybe they need to limit the size motors theses cops have on their bikes and in their cars!!! They obviously can’t handle the speed. There is absolutely no reason for that type of horse power of you can’t use it properly. The bikes are to big to make it around the corners on Bermudas roads at high speeds anyway.

    • Mike says:

      WELL, if your fine citizens didn’t put larger engines on their Yamahas etc. we wouldn’t need high speed police bikes to catch them when they scramble thru the trees!!

      • BERM says:

        funny how you don’t need more CC’s to catch “brother citizens”, you just need to know how to ride better than them. Clearly that’s the main issue for the police.


        aint noone in Bermuda got anything near 1300cc aint no excuse for their waste of money cut it out

      • bob13 says:

        Man these guys can’t even keep up with an 80cc scram that pulls chase from Spanish Point to Dockyard!
        How many police chases are there anyway? There can’t be more than a handful a year…so why the need to spend such exorbitant amounts of $$ on bikes that aren’t used going WOT??

        • uncle says:

          lol more than you think but u dont here bout them because guys get away 2 last night alone in town

      • Brian says:

        These new big bikes wouldn’t be able to follow through trees and cuts, or any rider who makes a lot of quick turns. They are too fast and heavy to quickly change directions, so needing a bike 10 times faster then a public persons bike is not the answer. Thanks for the sarcastic ‘fine citizens’ comment also, where are you from that you can make judgments on my island and people?

  12. Bermudas_BikeLife says:

    Hope y’all heal up alright.


  13. Just a matter of time says:

    FIRST I am praying for their speedy recovery!

    Many of the anti civil servant comments here are absolutely sickening. This could have been any one of your relatives, friends… Why does anything involving Govt personnel always has to have the negative cost spin coming at it and no benefit of the doubt?? Two people were hurt! If they were private vehicles and individuals there would be empathy. Regarding any so called lost costs of the vehicles ever heard of insurance coverage? This anti public rhetoric is reaching OCD levels and is pretty much psychotic now. Shame on you.

  14. jiggy says:

    They have cameras by cougars….. can all ways check them if they work

  15. ha ha says:

    Top non riders lol

  16. Terry says:

    Such negativity.
    But this is a world trend and the internet proves it once again.

    I hope the officers make a full recovery.

    You can buy another cycle but not another life.


    • That is so true Terry…When asked if the accident involved a training exercise, Chief Inspector Estwick said, “Yes, the two bikes were involved in a training exercise and the riders are experienced police riders, and they were both involved in the collision.”
      He went further to state:“We cannot say at present what happened as far as the collision is concerned; that is presently being investigated and at a later time of day, we will update you about the conditions of that collision.”

  17. mdb says:

    Hopefully that isn’t the new 1300cc bikes they got the other day. That would be about 100k laying on the ground right there.


      sure was smh! All we do is pay taxes so the police can waste it on unnecessary vehicles

  18. BornB says:

    I wonder if they will be substance abuse tested like other types of government employees??

  19. Bermudian says:

    Saw them racing up and down the straight away this morning then to read less then a hour later, they crashed into each other SMH test ride turns deadly real quick…. like they told us growing up ” they have a track down southside if you wanna race”

  20. swing voter says:

    Anybody have a prob with my comments above….I would have you know that I own a piece of every government vehicle that is destroyed by a government employees!!! I pay to repair and replace them, ferries, buses, and yes, even police bikes that are written off during a ‘training’ ride on a beautiful day, uncluttered roads, etc.

  21. blow in says:


  22. Vance Brown says:

    I use that road daily and it is poor needs fixing hope they are OK!


      there are worse roads in Bermuda tell Devonshire rec fix it with their money if you want it.

      • Jack straw says:

        Wtf are you talking about? Since when did the DRC own that road?@ callithowiseeit

      • no bie says:

        Just stop. Please

  23. swing voter says:

    1 with a broken ankle….1 with minor injuries, and 2 customized motorcycles….PRICELESS

  24. speedy says:

    not surprised by the way these guys drive – hope they are OK

  25. kb says:

    Sad news, I hope the officers make a speedy recovery.

    It’s unfair to speculate on the cause without facts, quite possibly there was no fault here. But I wish the police service would clean up the behaviour of a minority of irresponsible officers on the road. I sold my car to a police officer a few years ago and the three times I saw the car since then each time the officer driving was using a cellphone and once also driving very aggressively at speed. It’s wrong to jump to conclusions in this case but I suppose I understand why people do when some officers behave so badly on the road with apparent impunity.

  26. Seriously says:

    CRUMBS the other day they knocked someone of their rental cycle on Front Street and today they are running into each other! Happy to have them on the payroll *shakingmyhead*

  27. Just a matter of time says:

    @swing voter. Wow. Your breathtaking comments totally substantiate mine. Reread my last 2 sentences. Then again don’t bother. There’s not much to expect from any swing voter.

  28. LiarLiar says:

    Hope the officers are okay.

    People going on about the cost of the bikes seem to forget that a human life is priceless.

    Grow a conscience people.

  29. BERM says:

    right outside headquarters too! some “training exercise”!

  30. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Due care and attention nothing more unless a cat, rat or bat ran into their path…straight wide paved road..? i bet they came together trying to talk to each other and got tangled…if they were travelling in opposite directions, like i said Due Care and Attention…but let’s see what the science guys says…extensive damages to both vehicles reveals high speeds…those large cycles are usually equipped with slide bars or skid bars protecting the riders from absorbing the weight of the bike in such instances such as this.

  31. Burn the bridge I can swim says:

    They must have been on their phones

  32. listen and read says:

    To those that do not read let’s break it down or listen

    1. the officers were on a training exercise when they collided

    2. one of the motorcycles involved was the new 1300cc motorcycle

    3. The reason why the BPS have upgraded their fleet to 1300cc is most of the vendors that police acquire their motorcycles no longer make/create motorcycles at 800/700cc. the smallest these bike now come in is 1300cc.

    prayers with the officers involved

  33. Seriously says:

    Either way regardless of all the comments one of the two riders was not paying attention

  34. more than enough says:

    how do two highly trained riders crash on a straight road? and if neglect carelessness or some other foolishness is found to be involved, should they be fired, and made responsible to pay for the damages incurred? including the ems response, and emergency, and after care expenses that we will be paying for? in my opinion, something extraordinary had to be happening to result in a crash involving two skilled riders on a straight road…hope some one got it on video. expensive training session…

    • Terry says:

      Maybe a loss of brake fluid/broken line.
      Many variables.

      • C James says:

        It could be a simple case of TFF Syndrome. Too Effing Fast!

  35. more than enough says:

    greater care must be exercised on these expensive pieces of equipment,after all we are in debt. and what, no dash cams? or a go pro? this is 2015 that should be standard operating procedure,don’t you think?
    and don’t even get into price, because as you know, if price was an issue i highly doubt we could buy these bikes in the first place.

  36. Griz says:

    That stretch of road may be straight but it is so badly paved it’s no wonder they had an accident. Maybe now they will fix it. It was an accident waiting to happen

    • Opressed says:

      Please tell me of a road on this whole island that isn’ trenched, poorly paved, potholed,sunken, uprooted etc. and we have the nerve to put rumble strips on them just to make it worse.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Oh Please!

  37. me says:

    Come on guys this is getting really ridiculous. Is this the second police collision in two days? You’re supposed to be the best drivers, setting a good example for the rest of us but instead you flout the law, ignoring stop signs, other vehicles and apparently each other and generally act like complete idiots. I was driving behind a police car the other day that indicated left and then turned right! It’s absurd!

  38. Gh says:

    Exactly why they don’t need 1300cc

  39. seriously says:

    what gets me tho right what training could they have really been doing on a strait road 2 seconds from police HQ wa u think wheelies or endoes come on if they learning how to ride in a straight line why are they even on the main road

  40. Perfectly Practical says:

    My best guess is they were trying to taser each other, fastest to the draw. Like modern day jousting on motorbikes.

    I’d pay to see that actually.

  41. Res says:

    Don’t the police normally ask for witnesses for any traffick accidents ?

  42. smh says:

    So why the Babylon tried stop photographers from doing their job…Babylon trying to save face.

  43. Y-Gurl says:

    Training to do what….ride like idiots? And these are “the most experienced police riders”….and the police now investigate the police that’s funny!

  44. bagheera says:

    I feel for you,you train hard to provide exeplary service and have all good intent in doing so…you obviously took it to an area of distiction…your efforts are well taken,and Gods’speed with your recovery….love …Bagheera.

  45. Christopher says:

    First, I am glad these individuals are okay and did not suffer serious injury. I have to ask though, “experienced police riders”? If these were experienced police riders, what does an inexperienced one ride like? Currently, Our roads are extremely dangerous. We have an average of one accident for every 35 people annually in Bermuda. Part of the cause, is the examples of bad driving given by bermuda police, that people think is okay. The other part is how much police ignore illegal/bad/dangerous driving; again, causing people to think it is okay to drive/ride this way. I do not know how this particular accident happened, and if the past tells us anything, none of us will actually know what happened here. I can speak from experience though. I have had a police vehicle(no sirens, no lights), come head on at me in my lane, causing me to eat wall, just because that police person did not want to yield to the cyclist on their side, As the Law says to do! With police drivers like that, just how well do they patrol our roads and keep us safe? Looking at the accident numbers, not very well. Police should address any and all violations they observe on the roads, not pick and choose. If they don’t want to, or won’t uphold the current laws, then change the law. In almost any other job, if you ignored what you were supposed to do, you would be reprimanded, possibly fired. There is a lot of life on the roads, and the way most people currently behave, that life evidently has no value whatsoever. I can only hope that more people eventually recognize the value of human life.

  46. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Crikey….Even the BDA police can’t drive correctly on the Island!! No wonder there are soooo many accidents!! It’s like Monty Pythons “Flying Circus”!!

  47. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Those bike are 1300 cc “crotch rockets ” or “sport bikes “. at our slower speeds and riding in 3 gear at 50 K these bikes may be prone to over heating.

    Riding in the USA at 75 mph is the same as riding in a hurricane it’s no fun , at 90 MPH is suicidal , it beats me why people speed,


    Those Police bikes with that unbelievable amount of power and speed is beyond comprehension and totally ridiculous and unnecessary even for a police bike on Bermuda roads.

    A Honda Scoopie Scooter at a quarter of the price would be more than ample.

    In some countries a police chase / pursuit is considered dangerous to other road users and is discouraged by many police departments .

    Racing to a road accident serves no purpose, the police are not doctors .

    The accident victim is most likely already dead or would have died any way .

  48. Dee says:

    we are all grateful that no one was seriously injured. but i want to know if these police officers are really being investigated like a regular citizen. Although its supposed to be a regular investigation i see alot of no comments yet or i cannot say. other accidents you know what happened within the first hour. no shade….but i really want to know if this accident is being treated the same.