Photos/Video: Twilight Launch New Zip Line Ride

April 17, 2015

Partners Antwan Albuoy and Shena Virgil of Twilight Entertainment are introducing a new zip line offering to the island, which will provide rides along a cable between 100 and 300 feet in length from a zip line tower 34 feet in the air.

A spiral staircase leads to the tower, which allows two riders between the weight of 45 to 250 lbs to ride at the same time on two lines.

Twilight Entertainment is known for renting out fun castles for various events, but say that they wanted to import a mobile zip line “for the most adventurous” among us. Available for rent, the zip line is a completely self-contained trailer unit that can be delivered and then set up in an hour or less.

When asked what type of response the zip line has received from the public so far, Mr. Albuoy said, “I made the announcement on Monday that we will be importing a mobile zip line into Bermuda. Since then I have received numerous inquires asking where will the zip line be located.”


“We don’t have a location yet. However, we have received approval in principal from WEDCO to have our zip line in Dockyard. We are waiting to hear back from WEDCO with regards to where we can set up.

“If we are successful in securing a regular spot, and given the foot traffic, we are prepared to operate Monday to Sunday, 10.00am to 11.00pm. Operating those hours would require us to hire between 8 to 15 full time employees.

“In the interim, our zip line will be at the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Relay Challenge at Government House on April 25. All rides will be free during the event.”

“Following this event, we hope to have a spot for the May 24/25 parade, and we are waiting to hear back from the Chamber of Commerce regarding a spot for Harbour Nights.

“The zip line will also be an attraction at the Relay For Life, which is being held at the National Sports Center on May 29 and 30. Training is being conducted by Jeff Hunnwell of Summit Adventure Systems.”

For more information regarding the zip line and Twilight Entertainment’s other rental products, visit their website.

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Comments (35)

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  1. OUCH says:

    Wont last!Zip lining for a mile through jungle is an exciting rush. Zip lining 100-300 ft….enjoy!

    • Ombudsman says:

      the dumbest thing you have written…if kids do this it will feel like a mile with a huge rush

    • Rubber Bong says:

      This clearly isn’t meant for people like you. Kids will love it though.

    • Blahh says:

      I agree with you. But I guess to Bermudians this is exciting.

      • RS says:

        “Yes, we are Bermudians and we ALL feel the same about EVERYTHING!! ” said NoOneEver.

    • proud says:

      Thats why nothing ever works in Bermuda because of negative people like you. always tear an idea down and dont contribute anything positive to society.

      the biggest thing holding Bermudians back is their negative attitude and mindset

  2. San George says:

    Great stuff. Let’s hope the guardians of the status quo don’t confiscate their equipment.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

  3. RDJ says:

    I was talking about this to friends a few weeks ago! We need one over water!!

    • Wasn’t there a sip-line in St. David’s(Battery Park area) that had expanded over water? What became of that? I agree, it would be a great business for someone / a few people to venture into during the Spring and Summer seasons…at the right price of course :-)

      • Oh, I forgot, it’s weekend and the anti-progressive group are going to be out bashing anything /comment that’s for progress…Sad yes, but true :-(

        • Wake up Bie says:

          Ok ray ray sometimes you speak good and other times you speak like an A**:)

    • Purple Koolaid says:

      Great stuff. I would encourage these entrepreneurs to take a look down at Southside, not at the original beach, but take a walk past the gates and to the end. There are some massive poles in the ground that I assume were put there by the US Base personnel. They are at different elevations and spread very far apart and in a scenic part of the island. In my opinion a great place for a summertime zipline and rope course that can be added to in order to allow for an optional drop finish in the water..

  4. bouncer says:

    Whats next – bungy jumping off Flatts Bridge!!! What a thrill.

  5. Nikki says:

    Congratulations Antwan and Shena on your new business venture!

  6. Yes I says:

    Can’t wait to try it.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    Unfortunately ziplines are everywhere & the vertical drop is much more than 30′ & a couple hundred foot run.

    Good luck with it anyway. I can see it working at harbour nights, though running from the top of a building would be far more exciting. It would have worked at the Ag Show.

    It will be one of those been there, done that, things once the local kids have had a turn but if they have done one in a forest or off a canyon somewhere before well, hmmmmm, 30′ does not do it.

    Is there a mechanical bull on the island? Now that would have some endurance in appeal plus some side betting money.

    • PBanks says:

      One of the party planning companies on the island does have a mechanical bull, I’ve seen it at wedding receptions before.

      • load of bull says:

        The bull was also spotted at lemon tree last summer.

  8. WhistleBlower says:

    Congratulations Antwan & Sheena disregard the negativity!!

  9. aceboy says:

    Zipline from a building into the Harbour for Harbour Nights!!!!

    THAT would be fun.

    I wish you guys all success.

  10. M & M says:

    OK I will be trying this and the distance won’t matter. Been wanting to try for some time and I think the ease-in will be good before I venture to the jungle in Antigua or some other place :-) . Congrats guys you got my vote!!

    • Ladybug says:

      There is a great place in St. Martin (french side) called Loterie Farm. Really awesome atmosphere there :) Google it!

  11. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    I respect the hustle but this will be played out within a short time. How much are you even charging, etc?

  12. Pastor Syl says:

    True entrepreneurship!! Some of us were discussing this concept on FB just last year. I am really pleased to see that, once out there in the Universe, someone picked up on the idea and ran with it!
    Wishing Antwan and Sherri every success. My hope is that something like this will eventually be situated where one can end in the water. Now THAT would be real fun, IMHO.

  13. hmmm says:

    What’s the Max load per cable.

  14. CountryGirl says:

    Best wishes to your new venture!!! Hopefully one day it will become a tourist attraction where visitors can glide over some beautiful scenery somewhere in the island.

  15. Joker says:

    Max weight limit of 250lbs will rule out a lot of people, but good luck with the venture!

    • RS says:

      Obv some activities aren’t for everyone.. example– roller coaster riding,, bungee jumping.

  16. Terry says:

    “what’s the max load per cable”.
    Good point hmmm.

    I can see injuries here.
    They are too close together with swinging feet et al.

    And no I am not a spoil sport.
    This needs to be ‘re-thunk’.

    An opinion.


  17. my view says:

    This will be a success. This young man and his partner is what we need to create jobs .One must start somewhere and they have(WITH THEIR OTHER BUSINESS)and I am sure it will not stop here. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to zip line over land ,water or what ever.

  18. Balanced. says:

    Fantastic and overdue. Watch out for planning and regulations that can go on for years but hopefully not this time!

  19. Pat Adderley says:

    Great beginning and kids will be thrilled for birthday parties etc…then like others I would hope you can also eventually do a long one just not sure where right now…but it’s a great start…wishing you all the best.

  20. bagheera says:

    put two …to and from an island to shore….i was always partial to ski lifts…..could be placed pretty much anywhere as a tour facility around a townsgip like St. Georges or Somerset…or Di…er dockyard, Hamilton too but maybe they coul lease it out for three hundred years….or airport and they could lease it out for thirty years…i like universal studios or disney staff to run it….

  21. bagheera says:

    good for you you lot…don’t forget to take pictures…a series of them with different formats of presentation to be inclusive or sepperate cost…as done on emusement park rides….people like pictures..they are keepsakes…memories if you will…capturing that magical moment is a good side line for professional photographers with telephoto lenses…during the tall ships races any races really …you seek to capture the …well…all emotion is involuntary when genuine…