Shamar Morris Awarded XL Catlin Scholarship

May 22, 2015

The 2015 XL Catlin Scholarship has been awarded to Shamar Morris, a former Somersfield Academy High Honors student and member of the Bermuda High School graduating class of 2015.

The XL Catlin Scholarship is a four-year full scholarship open to students who are Bermudian or hold Permanent Resident Certificate status and are working toward a degree in [re]insurance-related studies.

Eighteen-year-old Shamar, the son of Cynthia Thomas and Shaun Morris of Hamilton Parish, was selected from a list of 51 applicants for the scholarship.

From left: Patrick Tannock, XL Catlin _ Bermuda Insurance Operations Leader and President of the XL Foundation Board of Directors, 2015 XL Catlin Scholar Shamar Morris, Vanessa Robinson, XL Catlin Scholarship Committee Chairperson and Charles Cooper, XL Catlin _ Bermuda Reinsurance Operations Leader.

XL Catlin Scholarship (1)

Shamar is scheduled to begin his studies this year for an honors bachelor of science degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Toronto in Canada. He plans to pursue a career as an Actuary in the [re]insurance industry and to become a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries.

XL Catlin Scholarship Committee Chairperson Vanessa Robinson said: “As in previous years, we had a shortlist of high caliber candidates. Shamar stood out based on his clear vision of his career path, his academic achievements as well as his musical and other extracurricular accomplishments.

“We are confident that he will do well at university and look forward to welcoming him as an intern during the summers. Based on his track record so far, we have no doubt that Shamar will reach his goals and be an asset to both XL Catlin and the [re]insurance industry at large.”

With an admitted passion for Mathematics since pre-school, Shamar’s academic achievements include earning high grades, particularly during his second year of the International Baccalaureate Program at BHS.

During the two-year program Shamar took a demanding set of courses including Mathematics, Music and Economics at the Higher Level and Spanish, English and Environmental Systems & Societies at the Standard Level alongside a course in Theory of Knowledge, a comprehensive CAS [Creativity,Service and Action] extracurricular schedule and an independent Extended Essay in Music.

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Shamar, who has also been a piano student for 14 years and a violin student for 11 years, completed the Royal Conservatory of Music [RCM] Practical Exams for Violin Grades 2 through 10, receiving distinction and honor grades.

He was also nominated this year for the Outstanding Teen Performing Arts Award and has been a mentor for younger students at the Bermuda School of Music, volunteering as a violin and piano tutor. He has also participated as a violinist in the Bermuda School of Music tours in Michigan, Boston and Charlotte, North Carolina.

In addition to his academic and music accomplishments, Shamar has been a member of the Youth Parliament since 2011 and has served as the Youth Speaker of the House. He was recently selected by Youth Parliament Bermuda as one of two nominees to attend the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association observances of Commonwealth Day in London, UK.

Shamar has also represented Bermuda at the Model United Nations conference in New York City in 2012 and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Philadelphia and Houston in 2011 and 2012. He is also the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, a member of the Bermuda Squash Racquet Association and was a student at the Wing Lamb Kung Fu School from 2002 to 2011.

Shamar’s community service activities include working on the Bermuda National Trust Tivoli Restoration project, volunteering at the Matilda Smith Nursing home where, among other acts of service, he entertained residents by playing the violin. He also helped to build a school in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and worked on a restoration project at a Haitian Refugee camp in 2012.

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  1. joank says:

    Congratulations Shamar and to your proud parents Cynthia & Shaun! Great job in school here and wishing you continued success in Canada! Bermuda is proud of u too!

  2. Barbara T. says:

    Congratulations Shamar. And to your parents who are very proud! Your legacy is firmly established and I know you will do Bermuda proud and return to make a wonderful contribution.

  3. Xaxa says:

    What a nice read. Young man, you’re a credit to your family and the community. I get the feeling this is not the last we’ll hear from this outstanding human!

  4. Terrence Smith says:

    Congratulations Shemar-i know ur parents and ur family and I know u will suceed cause its in the blood-u have very good role model parents-u go shauney -i know u and Cynthia must be very proud-Shemar is a beautiful young man

  5. Sarah Lorimer Turner says:

    Congratulations Shamar! All the best the LT’s

  6. mixitup says:

    Good Stuff! Congrats Shamar!

  7. Vote for Me says:

    Reading the ‘bios’ of these young people makes you wonder how they have any time for ‘fun’. If more young people could ‘take a page out of their book’ how much better off Bermuda would be!

    Many have congratulated Shaun and Cynthia as Shamar’s parents, and i joint them. But without Shamar’s efforts, the best parenting in the world would not have given such excellent results.

    Well done Shamar – Bermuda collectively looks forward to your future success.