Court: Man Denies Assaulting Police Officer

June 19, 2015

Re-appearing in Magistrate’s Plea Court this morning [June 19] wearing a neck-brace, Lorin Baxter, 36 plead not guilty to three charges that came out of an incident with police on Wednesday 17th June and also three other charges.

Baxter told Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo that he was not guilty of using threatening words to a Police Inspector who was doing his duty by, amongst other things, telling the policeman: “Leave me the f*** alone. I’m minding my own business. Why don’t you f*** off back to Somerset…..”

Baxter also plead not guilty to assaulting the policeman and to violently resisting arrest.

Baxter then plead not guilty to trespassing at the Southampton Princess Hotel and entering on their property despite having been sent a letter forbidding him to do so, with these actions alleged to have occurred in April 2015.

Baxter finally plead not guilty to a charge of speeding at 79kph on 29th May 2015.

Magistrate Tokunbo set trial for the trespassing and speeding offences for August and granted a combined bail of $1,500 for these two sets of offences with these trials due to take place in his, Magistrate Tokunbo’s, court.

Magistrate Tokunbo, who was present at the previously reported incident, set trial on those three matters in a different court. Baxter was granted bail of $3,000 for these three charges.

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