‘Goal To Get Bermudian Families Back On Feet’

July 7, 2015

[Opinion column written by OBA Chair Senator Lynne Woolridge]

Opposition MP Michael Weeks just could not wait to have his regular rip at the OBA Government yesterday morning.

Despite the fact that the Minister of Community, Culture and Sport on Friday corrected Government information provided by the Department about the number of young Bermudians who’d been treated under a now defunct counseling programme – 32 not 447! — Mr. Weeks used the incorrect information to say the OBA Government did not care about Bermudians.

Why did Mr. Weeks use false information? Perhaps he was absent from the House of Assembly and did not hear it. More likely, he was following former Premier Ewart Brown’s strategy for the PLP of a “sustained programme of… disinformation and criticism…” to remove the OBA from government.

When you consider the PLP’s commitment to disinformation and their hyper-criticism of all things OBA, it is clear that their first concern is party, not people, not communities, not Bermuda.

Add in the PLP’s failure to apologize for the PLP Government’s role in the loss of jobs and quality of life for thousands of Bermudians plus their incessant efforts to shift the blame for everything onto the OBA and you are left with a party that is shameless in its politics. The hypocrisy is monumental.

So, does the OBA Government not care about Bermudians, as Mr. Weeks would have people think?

Consider this: The OBA was elected to get Bermudians back to work. It inherited an economy in a death spiral, with investors leaving for other jurisdictions because they were soured by PLP Government attitudes and policies.

The OBA Government has spent the first half of its term in office rebuilding connections, opening channels to lure back job-making investments, restoring confidence in the Island as a place to do business, and fixing government finances ruined by the PLP’s massive debt burden.

The goal is to get Bermudian families back on their feet. There is no mission more worthy.

- Lynne Woolridge


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  1. Paul Revere says:

    When will all you paid elected officials do what you been elected to do, and stop with the tit for tat in Social Media.
    You bunch are acting worse than kids at lunchtime on the school field.
    Its too bad we cant get rid of you all, because at every opportunity no matter who is in power, its about what can I get for myself FIRST, before what I can do for the people who elected me.
    This OBA isn’t any better than the PLP or the UBP governments before.

    • Bettty says:

      OBA just get on with what you will do for the people and Bermudians. What is your Economic Plan to rebuild our economy and grow jobsjobsjobsjobsjobs!

      Yes thus title for tat political statregy is growing tiresome and does nothing to move Bermuda forward. These PR pieces do nothing.

      Get on with developing a Plan to get Bermudians back to work. Many are hurting and this does nothing to assist.


      • Bettty says:

        OBA A Much better reading would include your “Economic Recovery Plan” AND JOBS PLAN for Bermuda.

        AT Present this comes across very childish. What the PLP did or did not do , really does not matter for they are not the Government OF THE DAY. The PLP do not have to accomplish anything major except hold the goverment Accountable.

        Last time I looked the OBA where the government so stop deflecting, Reacting, Playing Tic 4 Tactics Politics, and get on with your “Economic Recovery Plan”. …..or do you not have one……..

    • Spectator says:

      And what are you doing, exactly, to aid your fellow Bermudians?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Lip services once again from them that are diehard P.L.P. supporters :-(
      The 2000 plus jobs were lost due to mismanagement by the P.L.P. and now the O.B.A. in due time will produce the jobs promised, but are Bermudians willing to work? Also there are jobs available yet our countrymen/women aren’t qualified to do said jobs. As the old saying goes, “just because you know the words to a song it don’t make you a singer.”
      Now instead of complaining about Tom, Dick or Harry from other countries doing work that Bermudians need to be doing, go and prove yourself capable of doing the job…

      • Sick & Tired says:

        So Raymond Ray let me make sure I understand what you’re saying . . . the OBA promised 2000 jobs that they haven’t delivered on but it was the PLPs fault due to mismanagement? If that’s what you’re saying, then what you are also saying is that the OBA made promises that they knew they would never be able tp deliver. I state this, since they have had every consultant possible that has analyzed the economy well before their win in the election, so evudently they would have know about what you call the mismanagement . . .so what you ar telling us is the they LIED to us to get voted in!!!!

        Secondly you’re stating that the OBA will produce the jobs in due time, but in the same breadth question whether Bermudians are willing to work? How dare you? Bermudians will work when they are treated like people, and not as if they should be grateful for whatever job is offered to them; they will work when they have the same wages and perks as their ex-pat counterparts.

        Thirdly, there are many people in positions that know the words of songs but most definitely are not singers . . .that’s evident by the mere fact we have ministers, permanent secretaries, and then consultants to help the minister in the first place!!!

        • Jim Jones says:

          “We misled you because we had to”

      • frank says:

        Raymond I don’t know if you have ever been to any of the Caribbean islands but I have and at my hotel I did not see no one from another country working there
        and until Bermudians are allowed to work in their own country Bermuda will not get back on track so stop all your stupid talk

        • Raymond Ray says:

          @ Frank, to answer you and Sick & Tired. The O.B.A. have and will produce the jobs…Also our countrymen/women aren’t willing to work for the money the foreigners are being paid. Don’t forget it had been during the P.L.P. leadership we permitted so many from around the world to come here to fulfill the spots Bermudians would of had and rightfully should of had but, it’s about economics.
          As far as Bermudians working, they’ll work if they can earn what they demand and that will not happen. So be happy with what one gets and if one needs more then go get another job or seek Government assistance to make ends meet…But too many choose to lay about and complain about the O.B.A. that have only been in “power” for 2 1/2 years
          Give it a break and take a breath as with all things, “time will tell.”

    • Cow Polly says:

      Got any evidence of that there accusation Paul Revere? Haven’t seen any of the OBA Government building huge additions to their houses or buying houses in Nantucket or down in de islands. They’re all driving the same cars, no motorcades and we all know that they’re not spending the public purse on lavish travel because they publish their trips on their website.
      So what exactly are they getting for themselves first?
      Not saying the OBA doesn’t have its faults but lets examine the facts first please.

      • Paul Revere says:

        All you have to do is look at all the Government contracts given out in the last 2 years.
        They speak for themselves.
        So the owner of the Reefs doesn’t have business interest elsewhere?
        Please don’t open a can of worms unless you willing to come clean.
        If you knew anything you would know that former Premier Brown’s wife owned the property in Nantucket that you are referring too.
        And Please give me a break, the vacation website doesn’t mean a thing, they all still driving the GP cars that were so bad for the island.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Though this was in reply to M.P. Michael Weeks article it also applies here for the simple reason he also represents the Progressive Labour Party.
          Mr. Weeks can we have the $42 million the P.L.P. spent on the Grand Atlantic that has sat idle for 4 years since being built. The P.L.P. are so insane that they all act as though the O.B.A. caused our economy to be in this state. Further Mr. Weeks, can we get the cost over-runs from Berkeley, T.C.D., Wharf in Dockyard, Dame Lois Building, etc. That’s another $100 million there. Let’s not forget the, “free” things that your Party “gave” away…That’s tens of millions there.
          You see Mr Weeks, those children and our seniors can certainly use that money now. Apologize to them and all Bermudians, that’s a start. Find some solutions is next. Complaining about the O.B.A. that’s just insane behavior.

        • Onion juice says:

          Cant blame U.B.P for giving contracts to Friends and Family, P.L.P did the same thing, Governments all around the world do the same thing.
          The only mistake Paula Cox made was she tried to appease to the sector that did’nt give a rats @$$ about her (thats why they wont employ her).
          U.B.P know how to play the game, take care off their own and F!@# the rest, so P.L.P dont drop the ball the next time and screen the candidates from Somerset.

        • YES YES says:

          @Paul Revere you are Spot on. I am growing disillusioned, tired, and fatigued of the Oba. I only wish they would get on with doing the job of governing, rather than engaging in tit for tat politics, as you mention.

          Often when a government begins to engage in this type of politics is indicates that they have NO ideas to reposition and progress our country forward. This seems to imply and insinuate that the OBA are Deflecting and sidetracking from the real issue here?

          Does the OBA have a Real Plan to get folks back to work and move things along? I have failed to hear any Plan so far. More and More this seems to be the challenge that OBA are struggling to deal with. The title of this article is mis-leading at best, as it fails to address the issues on getting Bermudians back on their feet, and how the OBA proposes to do it.

    • Onion juice says:

      Can you see the pattern, every couple of weeks the Surrogates write an article.

    • Come On ThRead says:

      Many people disagree, the OBA is at least 800,000,000 times better, in unaccounted for dollars that is.

  2. Quo says:

    Where are the 2,000 jobs the OBA promised?

    • Self says:

      Empty promises. More people have actually LOST jobs since the OBA got in.

      This article is very vague and contains nothing of substance. There are NO specifics on how the OBA plan to get Bermudian families back on their feet. All I read here is that they’re going to get their business partners (core supporters) back on their feet first, and eventually it will (may) trickle down to Joe Public.

      In the meantime, keep feeding your families tuna fish sandwiches for dinner. Hey don’t worry about how you’re going to survive today, better days are coming…the OBA got ya back, they feel ya pain, they got ya covered.

      • Micro says:

        Jobs lost since 2012 is simply fall out from a weakening economy. Something that was ignored and denied by the PLP.

        • Self says:

          OK let me get this straight. Jobs loss under the PLP was mismanagement, but job loss under the OBA is a sresult of a weakening economy?
          I’m not saying the PLP didn’t have some faults (many actually) but truth be told the worldwide economic crunch didn’t help either. I just have to wonder how long the OBA is going to use past performance by the PLP as a convenient excuse. THEY were voted in by people who brought into their promises. They shouldn’t have made promises that they couldn’t keep.

          • Jim Jones says:

            it’s like the titanic. A massive ship heading for the iceberg and the rudder was just too small and engaged too late to save everyone from crashing into it.

            The OBA was pretty open about the fact that things were going to get worse before they began to get better.

      • serengeti says:

        Er, no. 7,000+ jobs were lost under the PLP. And when the PLP took over, there was nil unemployment and minimal debt.

    • smh says:

      Since they promised 2000 jobs its been about 2000 jobs lost…think someone made the wrong promise?

      • TonyC says:

        It takes time to turn around an economy which has been driven into the ground. It simply cannot be turned around overnight, and in the real world overnight means more than 2 years. Surely you must be able to understand that simple fact?

    • Come On ThRead says:

      You mean the ones they promised to get back that the PLP and their policies caused Bermuda to loose.

  3. Rymond Ray says:

    Thank you once again O.B.A. Chair Senator Lynne Woolridge for speaking the truth…
    For far too long, too many have been, “hoodwinked” by the Progressive Labour Party representatives, (with their untruths / public statements.) But thank goodness the writing is showing clearly on the wall for everyone to see e.g. Bermuda has made that turn around with many good things coming to the forefront

  4. Christopher Notorius says:

    Quo: read the story above and it should give you a clue – if you even have a clue.

  5. watching says:

    One must ask what is Ms Woolridge’s purpose? She says nothing constructive but is used to try and vilify members of the Opposition and deflect from the main points.
    Very disappointing as I thought more of her initially.

    • Reality says:

      Anyone can clearly see that Ms. Woolridge is very intelligent and takes her roles seriously. Her pieces are some of the most well written columns that I have ever read and I do read up on the current matters of the day often. I have always thought that politics was just that, politics. But I can now see some of the changes that needed to be made in this island and the OBA have made some good changes. No government is perfect and I find myself to be an objective person. But please do not question one’s purpose just because he or she is not jumping on your bandwagon. Give credit were credit is due and acknowledge that Senator Woolridge is one of the individuals who will change this island around for the betterment of us all.

  6. get real says:

    This is the most churlish response I’ve seen from the OBA.

    Shameful response while completely ignoring the issues that matter to the people of this country.

    Can we have an election already please, everything the OBA said they would do, they have done the opposite.

    • serengeti says:

      So it’s ‘churlish’ to expect Weeks to get number right.
      Not 447 treated, actually 32.
      Not 100 buyers ‘lined up for Grand Atlantic’, actually 1.
      Can he get anything right?
      Oh wait. Can’t expect that. That’s churlish.

  7. The Truth says:

    Call me when the talking heads are gone – - – Senator Woolridge, until you actually do your job in the Senate, please be quiet.


  8. Jim Bob says:

    “More likely, he was following former Premier Ewart Brown’s strategy for the PLP of a “sustained programme of… disinformation and criticism…””

    Well hows that for hypocrisy Lynn? Could all of what you have said above not have been done without pointing fingers or criticizing the PLP? It certainly appears that the OBA is playing games just as much as the PLP are.

  9. smh says:

    Wish you D**n Politicians would get aome work done and stop worry8ng about how much Likes or followers u get on social media. You get paid to run the island not argue on Bernews. Bermuda needs some new politicians because the Ish i see in both parties are old heads making sure their retirement plans are set. #NewPartyNeeded #plp/oba/ubp all the same bull*****ers .

  10. Jeremy Deacon says:

    If Mr Weeks did get the figures so badly wrong, he should say so.

    • watching says:

      I thought Nandi Davis gave those numbers in the House of Assembly.

    • Bettty says:

      Nandigate reported those figures in the House. It is clear their own Jr Minister got the figures wrong

  11. nomoremoney says:

    Woolridge has it right. As long as people generally see the plp rants for what they are. I would say they are doing a bad job as an opposition as well. They need a constructive approach,since US and Them approach only widens the divide of a nation.

  12. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    It is about time that someone spoke clear and simple truths! Call it what it is once and for all. Thank you Ms. Woolridge for not cushioning the facts in political speak

    It is more than time, in fact it is OVERDUE, that the PLP were called to account and made to take responsibility for the grim state they left Bermuda in. Many Bermudians broke and unemployed. The country deeply in debt and in a huge hole that will take years to climb out of.

    PLP it is time to take responsibility and stop with all the noise. Enough already.

    • Unbelievable says:

      @ Long Bay Trading Co….exactly. This is the point! We are here because of the PLP’s mismanagement. We can’t just say “oh it’s the past and stop talking about it”. In that case, we might as well not even bring up the UBP either.

      The OBA is the Govt and it’s now their responsibility to fix what the PLP broke. Yes indeed. The OBA stand a better chance anyway because the PLP STILL haven’t given us any reason to think they can fix their own mess.

      • Jim Jones says:

        Telling us to forget about the PLP’s mismanagement of our economy is just as dopey as telling folks to stop talking about slavery and segregation as a cause of the institutional racism and white privilege we see today.

        We are in this mess for a very specific reason. The PLP spent money like a terminally ill millionaire and was so hostile to our international business community that a good chunk of our biggest employers in that industry redomiciled to places like Zurich.

  13. Unbelievable says:

    As predicted, the OBA has had to correct Michael Weeks again. Not sure why he is hell bent on giving out false information.

    I would have liked to have heard from the Minister however.

    • Truth Teller says:

      Senator Woolridge,
      Is the most loyal of surrogates. Doing her job on behalf of the good people of Point Shares and Tucker’s Town.

      It just never ceases to amaze that the OBA’s voting base is at least 80 percent white,- just like the UBP – yet at least 80 percent of their representatives in Parliament are black.

      I wonder why?

    • YES YES says:

      The Jr Minister did speak in the HOA. IT was She Nandigate who reported the wrong figures. She got it wrong. Please…….

      • Unbelievable says:

        Ok that’s fine but then it was corrected and the PLP STILL went ahead and presented the wrong information as well – after it was corrected by the Minister.

        The game is still the same with the PLP.

      • Unbelievable says:

        @YES YES…

        Ok fine but then it was corrected and the PLP STILL went ahead and presented the wrong information as well – after it was corrected by the Minister.

        The game is still the same with the PLP.

  14. Alvin Williams says:

    The OBA government is now engaging in victimhood since it now has no answers as to why it has not produce the promise land that in it’s pre-election talk it claim that it would stop the bleeding? Instead we have seen more wounds inflicted on the people of Bermuda and now this government finds itself under siege by these same people. It can no longer blame the former government for it’s current failures no matter how desperate the bleatings sound coming from it’s political sound bites; the people expect and want more from a government that promise much but delivered little.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Like the PLP produced the Promised Land. Alvin, go lie down.

    • Person who knows a little says:

      People need to stop acting like fixing an economy is easy and can be done at the snap of the figures. It is not a hard science, there is no definitive answer. All that can be done is make changes that have either proven to work in other places use a method that makes the most logical sense and see what the results are. Stop with the “they promised this and it hasn’t happened yet” nonsense. People need to be able to have realistic expectations.And before you start talk about we voted them in because they promised us x, understand that problems as big as ours can’t be fixed in 2 years, they take time. Plant the seeds hope that it blooms into something beautiful.

  15. how you doin says:

    Bring on the 2000 jobs and start protecting Bermudians who apply for jobs in their own country.

    • Anbu says:


      • Onion juice says:

        Take out the “bu” at the end of your name and put in “al”‘
        that perfectly describes you.

        • Zevon says:

          Kinda like how you spell Kunta with too many letters? Eh Mockinjay?

  16. Bermuda123 says:

    Is there are foreigners working here in hospitality why is that? Can it be that many Bermudians will not take the jobs or do the hours? Every local and tourist would rather have Bermudians working, so where can the problem be?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      @ Bermuda123: I thank you. While people from all over the world are earning and saving money while helping their families elsewhere we see many Bermudians complaining about the foreigners :-( End of conversation!

    • Zevon says:

      You are joking, right?

      • Jim Jones says:

        Employing Bermudians is much cheaper than bringing people in. That is a fact. In every industry from pot washers to underwriters.

        Why in the world would any job creator intentionally spend more money than absolutely necessary to ensure that their business is profitable. After all, that’s why people are in business isn’t it? To make money? You think people care more about screwing Bermudians out of jobs than making sure their businesses survive? Please!

        In this day and age everyone is looking to cut costs. Work permits and housing for foreigners will be at the absolute top of the pile of expenses on the chopping block.

        There are simply not enough willing and able warm bodies on this island to eliminate the need for foreigners. With the emphasis on willing.

  17. Eddy Baby says:

    Bermudians don’t want to work May 24, queen barfday, cop match, labour day, November eleventh. Bermudians haven’t had it bad enough yet. They need to get hungry.

  18. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    There really is no winning here.

    Either someone responds to the regular PLP opinion piece and people complain. Or no one responds to the regular PLP opinion piece and people complain.

    There is no winning.

    Yes Nandi got it wrong.
    Yes it was corrected.
    No Mr Weeks wasn’t paying attention.
    Yes the PLP is going to wind up their die hard followers.
    Yes the OBA is going to respond.
    Yes posters on both sides are going to go back and forth in the comments.

    Same topic, repeat.
    New topic, repeat.

    Anyone want to guess at the next topic to be brought up?

  19. Jus' Askin' says:

    I look at the People of Bermuda for the reason we are in the state that we are in.
    No matter the party, we turn a blind eye, defend and blame the other party.
    The People of this country allowed and continue to allow self serving people to run this country.
    OBA and PLP do Not Care about You ;-)