BTA: Showcase Island As Training Destination

September 1, 2015

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] and National Sports Centre [NSC] have formalised a new sports tourism partnership that is bearing fruit for the local tourism economy, particularly between September and March, the BTA said today.

“The BTA and NSC are working collaboratively to recruit sports teams to Bermuda. To incentivise teams to choose Bermuda, the BTA covers the team’s use of NSC facilities in accordance with the partnership’s rate sheet,” the BTA said.

“Since the agreement was signed in April of this year ten visiting sports organisations have either committed or are in the final stages of committing to a programme in Bermuda at the National Sports Centre.”

National Sports Centre Bermuda Aquatics Centre 50 Metre Pool, April 2013 (11)

“We believe we have a solid foundation with the NSC to grow sports tourism, particularly in the winter months,” said Pat Phillip-Fairn, chief product and experiences development officer for the BTA.

“Less than five months into the agreement we have a diverse array of sports, from a variety of countries. We think this bodes well for the future as we work to increase the volume of business and hone in on teams looking to train during spring break.”

The initial list of ten include high school, collegiate, post-collegiate and Olympic athletes, utilising the NSC pool, track and playing fields in training sessions and tournaments:

Summer 2015

  • Red Bull Free Dive Safety Training
  • High School Field Hockey
  • College Field Hockey

September 2015

  • Post-collegiate Lacrosse [Takes place this weekend]

December 2015

  • College Track & Field Training [Mature talks underway with Canadian university]

February 2016

  • Olympic Swim Team Training [Danish team has signed deposit agreement with local hotel]

March 2016

  • Post-collegiate Rugby
  • High School Football
  • High School Field Hockey

Summer 2016

  • Red Bull Free Dive Safety Training

The BTA said, “Overall the ten events are expected to bring an estimated 435 visitors to the island from the United States, Canada and Denmark.”

“This partnership is a win-win-win for Bermuda, the BTA and the NSC,” said Bernie Asbell, interim CEO of the NSC. “Our priority remains on the local audience, but this partnership allows us to supplement our facility use, increase revenue in the visitor market and offset the cost to operate the facility. We can showcase the island as a training and competition destination.

“We see real growth potential. For example we’re targeting Olympic swim teams in Canada, Denmark and Finland, educating them about our outdoor pool and its similarities to the Rio Olympic Games in terms of time zone and climate. We’re able to make a strong case, especially when our partners in the hotel sector can offer preferential rates.”

The NSC is nurturing working relationships with CoCo Reef, Grotto Bay and Rosemont hotels and is looking to work more regularly with other hotels as demand grows under the new partnership.

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Comments (18)

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  1. wwatcher says:

    Develop some form of dormitory, with gym and kitchen facilities for travelling teams to stay at at a reasonable rate and you could have gold mine here for travelling sports teams

    • Bermyman says:

      Who will pay the cost? The Government?

    • Talking about scrapping the bottom of the barrel for ideas,the Tourism Minister and the BTA are a waste of money, and we still cant get our tourist numbers up.

      • Come Correct says:

        Probably because they read Madumbo’s comments before they book.

      • jt says:

        Scraping. It’s where we’re at.

        Scrapping. That was platinum.

        • Carrot Top says:

          Onion Juice, you kill me. They are trying to do what they can to reverse things. Lets not forgot who is responsible to for the down turn in the Economy and Tourism. You should really learn to pick your battles.

          Lets Compare shall we?

          Todays News – Carnival to make 10 visits next year. In comparison the last PLP Tourism Minister did not remember to sign a contract in time which led to one cruise company relocating its ships and that meant 12 or 14 (I don’t remember the exact number) LESS ships for Bermuda.

          Would you call these PLP ideas Great and worth of another try?

          Faith Based Tourism – How did that end again? Scandal and Imprisonment?
          Beyoncé $4MILIION concert to bring tourist here! How did that work out for us?
          Diaspora Tourism?
          Global Hue – PLPs own Jetgate – Contract renewed a second time WITHOUT EVEN GOING OUT TO TENDER.
          How Many hotels // Golf Courses CLOSED during the PLP 14 years?
          How Many opened?

          So far we have had Americas Cup, Fairmont Hamilton has renovated and expanded.
          Pink Beach Being Rebuilt
          Real Hope for a St Georges Hotel being built

          At least they are trying to drive new tourism business to Bermuda instead of driving them away.

    • Lynne says:

      Government should have kept part of the Grand Atlantic for this very purpose…they were already paid for.
      Keep up the good work BTA

    • Tourism Advocate says:

      I’m hearing this very idea is being actively explored… and the progress to date leaves me very optimistic.

  2. I heart 441 says:

    Sports Tourism in Bermuda continues to thrive! Keep up all the good work to all stakeholders who are responsible.

  3. Nice idea but wouldn’t put that much faith in it as being a cash provider. We are just to expensive. 1 to get here. 2 to stay here. 3 To enjoy eating drinking and have no entertainment. But lets give it a try. Why don’t we offer GAMEING as well if we get off our butts!!!!

  4. eyes wide open says:

    So teams are gonna come to Bermuda to utilize mediocre facilities when they have top class indoor and outdoor facilities in their home countries.

    • Not exactly says:

      Those facilities may be frozen over. We offer a close location that is a different experience with mild winters great for outdoor training.

  5. know dat says:

    Im not impressed.

    How much tourism do you expect a few tesms coming here to train to bring?

    Get me a CONCACAF Gold Cup and then I’ll be impressed.

    Get me an MLS game I’ll be impressed.

    Get me an ODI Tourney or Test Match I’ll be impressed.

    • PBanks says:

      The window for ODIs was shut long ago, possibly due in part to “CarrotsGate” at North Field.

  6. blow in says:

    is the roundabout at BLACKWATCH PASS part of this training scheme, because its already 9 months, and no sign of it arriving , just asking

  7. Spotty says:

    Spotty say dat we should keep our eyes on bidness tourism. Dem bidness tourists butters our breads

  8. just the facts says:

    One unmentioned benefit – these young people are more likely to return to Bermuda in the future than the typical ‘College Week’s crowd. We’ll have the same age demographic getting to know our Island without the boozing and partying and destroying that everyone complained about. Priceless.

  9. Eve says:

    Do the Danes know what average temp in February is?