Photos: Bermuda Motocross Season Kicks Off

November 27, 2015

The Bermuda Motocross 2015/16 season got underway at the Southside Moto Sports Park, with some 29 riders taking to the track to thrill the crowd that came out to the event.

Joy Pitcher won the Pee Wee Class for the day, while Michael Maclean Jr was the 50cc Class winner for the day. Zane Tucker was the winner in the 65cc Class, with Keon Glasford winning the 85cc Class.

Zendai Ingham-Fubler won the Novice Class, Ben Zoellner was the winner for the day in the 450/Over 30′s Class and Tariq Bell won the Expert Class.


BMC President Chris Vonhasell said, ” “We had our first race of the season Sunday November 22 and it was an amazing day! Many thanks to everyone that came out and supported us and most of all many thanks to all of the Bermuda Motocross Members that really came together and cleaned up the pits, raked the track, helped marshal and had really good positive vibes.

“Thank you. We are looking forward to a really fun and competitive race season. Our next race day will be on Sunday December 6 and we encourage the public to come out and see the action live.”

Pee Wee Class

  • 1. Joy Pitcher
  • 2. Cody Moniz
  • 3. Rj Pitcher
  • 4. Dylan Vonhassel
  • 5. Ray Trott-Edness

50cc Class

  • 1. Michael Maclean Jr
  • 2. Jazuri Thompson
  • 3. Demiyaz Trott
  • 4. Delano Hanley
  • 5. Blayz Borgessen

65cc Class

  • 1. Zane Tucker
  • 2. Jaydon Simmons
  • 3. Michael Maclean Jr
  • 4. Ethan Vonhassel

85cc Class

  • 1. Keon Glasford

Novice Class

  • 1. Zendai Ingham-Fubler
  • 2. Josh Frey
  • 3. Jason Ingham
  • 4. Andre Jones

450/Over 30′s Class

  • 1. Ben Zoellner
  • 2. Letroy Trott
  • 2. Wentworth Tucker
  • 3. Bobbie Lamb
  • 4. Jonathan Trott
  • 5. Jason Harrel

Experts Class

  • 1. Tariq Bell
  • 2. Shakir Smith
  • 2. Rajul Matthie-Shakir
  • 3. Ezra Matthie

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