PLP Condemns Armed Robbery At Restaurant

December 27, 2015

Following the robbery at the Four Star Pizza in Warwick last night [Dec 26], the Progressive Labour Party has expressed concerns that “the worsening economic conditions, ongoing job losses and cuts to the Police budget could see a continuance of this trend into the new year.”

Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Walter Roban said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party extends our deepest sympathies to the management and staff at Four Star Pizza after this latest armed robbery.

“With this now the 15th armed robbery for 2015, we are deeply concerned that the worsening economic conditions, ongoing job losses and cuts to the Police budget could see a continuance of this trend into the new year.

“The PLP encourages the government to;

  • “Avoid allowing protracted negotiations with the union representatives of the BPS to impact the ability of our Police to respond to this string of violent crimes
  • “Maximize the resources being engaged through the BPS and other agencies to address violence in the community;
  • “Take an assertive outreach approach to job placement by taking the Workforce Development team on the road, locating job placement services in West End and East End on a regular basis.
  • “Have Workforce Development personnel visit known areas of congregation of persons who are unemployed to assist them with skills assessment and finding suitable work.
  • “Review the Hustle Truck Programme to see if there is any further role it can play further working with persons in longterm unemployment to address any training or retraining issues with participants.

“We are truly grateful that no one was harmed during this incident and encourage the public to assist wherever they can to bring the perpetrator to justice.”

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  1. Ryan says:

    Not a bad statement by the PLP, but he line about “worsening economic conditions, ongoing job losses…” is a flat-out lie.

    • Bermy Boy says:

      This is no more than a cheap political point, everyone can see through it. Shame on you PLP.

  2. Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

    I can’t be the only person who sees the deeply disturbing underlying message to the PLP’s response here. I can only hope that it’s there because the statement wasn’t properly thought through before it was released.

    Yes, the BPS needs more resources, but the Government’s hands are tied due to lack of funds.

    Yes, the economy still needs a lot of growth because there are still so many people under and unemployed.

    But being under or unemployed does not mean that they are the ones who are committing the crimes.

  3. Lalalala says:

    And we thank the PLP for the economic conditions that lead to this

  4. Runner says:

    Perhaps your party should have taken a few minutes to consider the future consequences of your years of frivolous spending. If, for once, you or another member of the PLP, takes some responsibility for what you did to this Islamd from a financial standpoint, we might actually given little credence to your continuous babbling every time something negative happens.

  5. Auditor generals report!!! Oh how they forgot that it was under their leadership that millions of dollars were misappropriated!! If they had managed the public funds honestly and transparently back then, maybe the robbers would have a job today! You can’t blame others when you are at fault also. Your past is what’s haunting us today!!!

  6. No Need says:

    Just more political cr__ from the party that brought you NO MONEY IN THE KITTY. Where as I deplore the act committed i likewise deplore what we BERMUDIANS were left with after the plp reign of spend till we can’t spend no more. Mr Roban get a life we can see through your lame try to gain a point. PS to bad the staff didn’t have some boiling water to throw in the a__ h**** face

  7. Legalgal says:

    They are excusing crime. They are complicit in crime. They are coming close to inciting crime. Shameful. While it is true that there exist vast differencese in wealth, entrenched along racial lines, it is insulting to suggest that those less fortunate will turn to crime. Fight drugs, gang culture and take responsibility for a communities shortcomings. Do otherwise and you excuse and condone it. No political leadership or will.

  8. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    The hustle truck under the leadership of Colonel Burch was an excellent Iniative under the P.L.P. Government.The do for self programs initiated by the Muslim Nation of Islam was a good incentive to provide extra jobs for people out of work.Fishing and farming programs was encouraged and was about to be expanded to accomodate the needs of the average out of elementary school student.People were more important than money .,opposed to Bob Richards statement that Money is more important than People.The Progressive Labour Party is by far the best Government of the People ,For the People, and By the people.!The United Business Party now the Old Business Association is just some more of the same Old Bull S— Again.!Cant wait to vote those suckers out or remove them ,,,,…….soon come,,,,,,

    • Well you better hope the People don’t get Bamboozled and Hoodwinked again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • navin johnson says:

      thank you for bringing up the name of Colonel Burch another bad reminder of the PLP reign of terror…another one on a free ride.

    • Zevon says:

      Actually, it’s the armed robbers who think money is more important than people.

    • Rocky Noggin says:

      We have overfished the platform since 35 yrs ago. Fishing is not going to create lasting jobs.

    • Anbu says:

      U mean black people

    • aceboy says:

      Fishing and farming will be all that is left after you lot finish with this island. Hustle truck? You sound like a future PLP shadow finance minister.

  9. bluwater says:

    Way to justify a violent criminal act by making it sound like a political statement.

    • steve says:

      In this article, i figured the act would be condemned by PLP…the end.
      But it goes on to give the reasons a person would commit a crime and clumsily twist it for political opportunity against the government. Mr Roban if you want to blame a political party for the armed robbery(which most of us citizens would not!) then you should apologize to the people effected as you personally bare as much responsibility for today’s economy as anyone.

  10. Thumb it down says:

    Ever thought folks just don’t want to work. Heck I have a few family members who don’t. Layin up under the their

  11. Eyes wide ''OPEN'' says:

    Here we go again that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard from the PLP, I lost my job never once in that time did I think it was cool to go out and rob someone or there business, these thugs are not the hard working common man or women falling on hard times, these are people raised by themselves with no guidance and love self taught to take what they can and have no remorse for their actions.

  12. Widget says:

    @PLP and Sharrieff. Please take some responsibility for the economic situation we as a country find ourselves in. And for the record, what on Gods green earth does this robbery have to do with job losses. This or these lazy SOB’s are the type that won’t work and want to live off the backs of us that do work.

    Sharrieff, you amaze me when you make a statement such as you have. Shame on you, you do nothing to move this country forward, nothing.

  13. Common cent$ says:

    How about more an more drug trafficking arrest are being made the past few years, leading to a loss of revenue to the dealers, forcing them to take it to the next level of criminal acts, which usually is robbery and burglary. Regardless of the economic situation, this will always happen. Companies need to have good systems in place, good security systems, and have well lit structures to minimize possible robberies. Criminals do not want to be seen

  14. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    A criminal act is just that ,a criminal act..It is undesirable ,unfortunate,and unacceptable.It is a hurt to the society,the victim and the perpetrator.It should not be glamorised or politicised.Solutions should be offered to alleviate the need to resort to this behaviour. Laziness is not a valid excuse.Money is not the reason people commit crime.Desperation and the attitude toward getting money is.Alternate solutions should be offered instead……..just saying….

  15. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    Tired of the lies and threats made by certain people on the comment section of Bernews and other media.

    Should you go down the path of following up on your threats,you should know it will be your last,people will not allow you to do that!

  16. Becs says:

    12 points behind in the latest poll and this babble is what the folks who really would like to vote PLP are offered… This is pathetic, come on PLP, let’s get real!

  17. had enough says:

    The biggest Legacy left by any political party in Bermuda is that of Racism.

    We can’t seem to get rid of that – even with the amount of time that has passed.

    We can extinguish the debt – over time

  18. Edward Case says:

    Pathetic plp comment. As usual, nothing of value to add. Beyond pathetic a** holes.

  19. Amazing says:

    ‘Have Workforce Development personnel visit known areas of congregation of persons who are unemployed to assist them with skills assessment and finding suitable work’

    This is why they are there…someone has to go to them to offer them a chance to get a job. Workforce development has been in the same location for a while now. If they really want a job, they can find their way there to get assistance. Workforce Development have good success with placements for employment.

    I do have a question, why won’t they go there on their own?

  20. Just saying says:

    Go put on your superman cape and fix the problem, guess you didn’t have these issues wen the PLP where in power.

  21. Mr Sparkle says:

    Politicizing a criminal act is about as cheap and pathetic as you can get.
    Using it to promote the “hustle truck” is even worse.
    Just more noise re-enforcing the reality that the PLP continues to be devoid of any real solutions or constructive input.
    We deserve better.

  22. Sayso says:

    Education is the stepping stone to being employed. Wake up Bermuda gone are the days of dropping a job today and waking up with one tmrw. If you are Bermudian you have no excuse of being unemployed. The only issue is people want things on a silver platter. Work for it.Yes you need education to be employable. Stay in school kids.

    • Mr Sparkle says:

      Yes, instead of the “Hustle Truck” we should be providing opportunities to “Hustle and Learn a Skill or Trade” so that our unemployed can become employable.

  23. Just a matter of time says:

    So all bad things that happen under the OBA = blame the PLP and the Civil Servants. Any good thing (so-called) that happens under the OBA = pat the MPs on their back as they are the only ones doing a good job and nobody else. This Govt is simply not working for the average Bermudian. Bring back the Hustle Truck program which was an excellent initiative. If they can find funding to make a multimillion dollar gamble paying a limited few on the AC they can find it here for our own people.

    • Edward Case says:

      The hustle truck was not for the average Bermudian. It was for guys who wanted the odd hustle but not a real job. Oba is working for the average Bermudian. But there are people left behind for sure. Look up the word ‘average’ if you are still in doubt.

    • Zevon says:

      Yeah I’m sure the armed robbers would love a job on the hustle truck. After all it stopped crime completely during the PLP reign didn’t it. FLMFAO.

  24. Widget says:

    @Onion Juice. No sorry no undo blame to be speed around here, simple the truth and you refuse to see it.

  25. bluebird says:

    Anyone who does not have a job is “LAZY” why because Government is spending $50Million dollar per year of Taxpayer/Borrowed money keep them un-employed.
    One third of our workforce is “EXPAT” and without them you would not have any lunch for them to steal from you.
    The economy will not grow as we are spending more than we earn.
    Still borrowing $220Million dollars per year to keep the Government employed.

  26. Common Sense says:

    Onion Juice, No-one in their right mind blames the PLP for the world wide recession. What we do blame the PLP for is the dismal way they managed the situation. Despite many warnings the PLP refused to accept that a crash was coming, and when it did they failed to act in a sensible and responsible manner. The moneys ‘wasted’ during their reign would be very useful now. Bermuda got hit by a double whammy: the recession and the PLP government. We probably could have survived either separately; but both at the same time??

  27. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh Puhleeeze Roban & the rest of the PLP! Is this the best that you can do?

    You all spent money like it was falling from the sky & now complain when the party is over & departments like the BPS have to tighten up & get the job done with less.

    Your squandering of the public purse now costs each & every one of us something like $8 plus per DAY just to cover finance costs on the the debt you left.

    Now there is something criminal.

  28. GOPINATH says:

    Bermuda needs to stop, these kind of Robbery , before fellow bermudians get hurt. Police need to wake up.

  29. Just a matter of time says:

    @Ed Case. Average Bdians who found themselves without a job and really down on their luck ALSO took advantage of the Hustle truck program. I know a few who did it to make ends meet while looking for a permanent job. Your elitism is showing which is why you, your Govt and your fellow OBAers are incapable of reaching and understanding the average Bermudian. The Hustle Truck program is too beneath you I reckon. All this Govt cares about are the rich and RBYC types. You know, that other Bermuda who I never saw on the back of any Hustle Truck. You see I lived nearby where they used to pick those up looking for a job. Your lack of understanding also didn’t catch that this program also created a network of opportunities.. There were women too.