New Furniture Rental Company Launched

January 12, 2016

Albert and Debbie Moura, owners of real estate company Moura & Associates, saw a gap in the furnished rental market and decided they could fill it. The couple, alongside their son Justin, have launched a new company named TurnKey Furniture Rentals.

Furniture rental companies, which are popular across North America, have never really been introduced to the Bermuda market and this furniture rental business was established to give both landlord and tenants another option for their long and short furniture needs.

Albert, Debbie and Justin Moura


Mr. Moura states, “In our line of business, we see a lot of people moving to the island for only 1-5 years, and because of their relatively short stay, a lot are less than eager to purchase new furniture or go through the expense of importing their own furniture and paying duty on it.

“To help alleviate the stress of finding furniture, Turnkey provides the opportunity for new residents to have their homes or apartments completely furnished quickly and cost effectively.” While this saves on the hassle of finding furniture, it also means that home décor and style is achieved. TurnKey Furniture Rentals is useful to renters, landlords and real estate agents.

Turn Key works by offering rental packages for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and studios. The pre-coordinated packages, which are named after popular beaches across the island, have been put together by Mrs. Moura, who has a background in interior design.

Mrs. Moura states: “The packages are fixed to include the pieces of furniture deemed necessary to fill a space. There is a level of flexibility through different rental options, with the option to ‘add-on’ a tv and tv stand if needed.”

Justin Moura, who will run the day to day operations of the company, plans to expand the business, in the not too distant future, to rentals of small kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories as well as outdoor furniture.

The owners said they “will ensure that TurnKey Rental Furniture provides quality, attractive, furniture and home essentials at reasonable rates. Turnkey will also arrange delivery and pick-up to make the transaction as hassle free as possible.”

For more information about TurnKey Furniture Rentals and their products and services, please visit, email or call 535-1505.

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Comments (14)

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  1. I heart 441 says:

    A family that prays, eats dinner, cries, plays together will be successful at making money together as well! Wishing them all the best

  2. Verly says:

    Great idea Moura family!! As someone that goes to a lot of leaving the island sales and an avid HGTV watcher, I’ve often wondered why we didn’t have a company like this locally. It will certainly ease the headache of people trying to sell their stuff once they leave the island. I remember Debbie and her parents from Creative Interiors days, so I can imagine they will have some very attractive pieces available!!

  3. Y-gurl says:

    Here for 5 years, rent furniture and at the end of the period you could have bought it but then you have nothing to sell at the end of your stay……hmmmm lemme think about that one!

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      For real if you really think about it, it doesn’t pay to rent it. Might as well buy it then recuperate some of the costs when you leave, etc.

  4. Big D says:

    Big A, l’il D and Justin, congratulations and all the best in your new endeavor. Thinking outside the box and
    hard work, will reap great rewards!!

  5. ? says:

    What do the prices on the the site correspond to? monthly rent? yearly rent? no idea.

    Also is there a minimum amount of time etc.?

    Not very informative of a site…

    • Billy de Kidd says:

      Check de FAQ page
      It says 3 month minimum
      If you honestly believe those might be yearly quotes, I encourage you to start a competing business and I’ll rent from you, lolol

      • ? says:

        …ok but still, is that price monthly of the entire set of furniture regardless of what is chosen out of the option with each package etc? I’m just saying they definitely need to add a section clearly outlining how everything works.

  6. Coffee says:

    Perfect , I’ll be renting a sofa and bed for me tent this summer . Delivery please , Coney Island .

  7. Nice says:

    Rates on Internet need to be clearer. I’m not understanding if its monthly quarterly annually?

    • ? says:

      According to Billy de Kidd it is ludacris to be confused by that.

  8. isitworthit says:

    If you look in the living room section under the Church Bay Collection. In the description at the end it states:8 piece set $180 a month and $205 for the 9 piece set. so if you rent it for 5 years hmmmm….if im wrong they need to make there page more clearer.

  9. Vamos says:

    Not the best idea in the World for Bermuda. Their money though.

  10. isitworthit says:

    they should definately put come efforts into a rent to own term. they would definately make more of a profit. Also would help fellow Bermudians. It may cost more for the person who is renting to buy, but at least if they cant afford it all at once they can pay on it, it may cost more that the end of the day but it’s just like with the cell phones…you pay a portion on the phone each month when its paid off you pay out way more then what the phone is actutally worth, but you have what you want at the end. Payments can be lower than the norm over a period of time. Just a thought and of course credit checks needed