Column: Marc Bean Is “Definition Of A Leader”

January 25, 2016

[Opinion column written by Makai Dickerson]

What is a leader?

The answer to that question varies from person to person.

For me it is deeply rooted in the foundation of shared values and ideals. While none of us can claim to be perfect, in my opinion we should hold leaders to the values of honesty, courage and a willingness to put the people above personal gain and personal glory.

These are the values that I see in my leader, Marc Bean.

Since getting involved in politics almost a decade ago, people have constantly told me, “Do not become like most of the politicians and lie to win my vote.”

Makai Dickerson 160125

Most Bermudians can see by now that Marc Bean is not such a politician. He speaks the plain truth as he sees it. To some this is offensive. To some, their feelings get hurt. Yet from where I sit being inoffensive and sparing peoples feelings does nothing to create jobs, help build wealth, put structure in the community or put food on people’s tables.

For far too long as a people we have conformed to the situation we are in because for many a “half of loaf is better then none at all.” With many of us okay with allowing others to scramble for the crumbs that may fall. So long as we don’t rock the boat so much that our slice of bread falls overboard.

In reality we often “find ourselves in the middle of everything surrounded by nothing.” We must do better and we can only do better when we accept hard truths.

Yet Marc Bean is condemned as being “too honest.”

Since becoming leader he has spoken out on many issues, condemned the dubious actions of those who hold the reins of political and economic power. While his critics and opponents have smeared him with many false and insulting terms, the one thing they cannot say about Marc Bean is that he is a liar.

When issues of the day are discussed he speaks what he feels, be it marijuana law reform, LGBT issues, gang crime, race relation, immigration or anything else, nobody can say that Marc Bean does not give his honest opinion.

Some have issues with that, but I would rather a person truthfully tell me where they stand on important issues then they tell me what they think I want to hear to get my vote, then turn around and go against everything they said when its time for them to make decisions on my behalf. I rate honestly very highly.

As well as honesty, I rate Marc Bean’s commitment to people of colour being masters of our own destiny very highly. For far too long many of us have been made to feel like we are victims, as if the world owes us something because of the wrongs done to us and the wrongs that continue to be done to us.

Leader Bean does not pacify us nor throw us a pity party where we feel sorry for ourselves and cry out for help. Instead he calls for us to wake up, come together and build. He calls for us to be masters of our own destiny. If things in this system do not work for us he calls on us to be accountable and build what will work for us. Our own financial institutions, our own education systems, our own food sources, our own imports, to take care of our own seniors, our own youth, our own issues.

He calls on us to take pride in ourselves and to take care of our own business and to stop begging others to do it for us when they have shown time and time again that they have no interest to. He calls on us to stop working so hard to be employees and to work even harder to be employers.

This in no doubt puts fear in those who benefit from our demise and they would do all they can to destroy the image and credibility of anyone who would dare attempt to lead such a powerful movement.

Lastly [through I have many examples of why Marc Bean is an able and willing Leader] I will close with the courage and integrity that the Hon Marc Bean has in not only taking the lead in endorsing the OBA’s Commission of Inquiry into the report of the Auditor General on the Consolidated Fund of the Government of Bermuda for the financial year ending March 31 in 2010, 2011 and 2012, that will expose if any corruption, malfeasance or insider dealings took place by any Government Official within the PLP during those times, [a move which clearly shows he himself has nothing to hide as he was a Government Minister in that time frame] but also his bold and humble move in taking the lead in pushing for the OBA Government to table the Good Governance Act, which would put in place procedures to prevent any illegal or unethical acts from taking place by Government Officials in the future.

To me this speaks of a man without fear, a man of integrity, a man not afraid to tell it as it is, a man committed to getting the job done for the benefit of the people.

To me, Marc Bean, Leader of the Opposition PLP, is the definition of a leader.

- Makai Dickerson


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Comments (33)

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  1. N says:

    This will get a lot of comments…

    • San George says:

      Good stuff for Bean – save the franchise. Very unfortunate that people would compromise what took decades to build. Must have poured a little water on your soul.

    • Onion juice says:

      Would like to see Marc and Mike on a one on one live debate. Was hoping he would’ve had one with Craig.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Even if they both did that and Mike won or Marc won, what would that achieve or prove? Absolutely NOTHING! Get that juice off ya face!

    • WTH says:

      I heard mr Bean on the radio saying he knows who the man in the cup match video is, yet he wont go to the police, because its “not his business.”

      Shame on that man. Thats just the most recent of things that i could say about your “dear leader”.

      But, as another commentator said, good luck, hope the appl polishing pays off and you get to be on hall monitor duty soon!

  2. serengeti says:

    “…the one thing they cannot say about Marc Bean is that he is a liar”.

    Did he keep his promise to go to the police with “evidence” that would “put them all away for 15 years” then? Or was he just lying?

    I actually think that’s the one thing you CAN say about Marc Bean.

    But whatever. I hope he keeps his job. He’s the perfect person for it.


      Hmmmmm, maybe he thought it would put them away for 15 years and it actually wasn’t enough to do that. Did you ever think that way?

      • Zevon says:

        I don’t think any sane person would think that way. If he had the so called “evidence”, where is it? This was nearly a year ago hevmade this statement.

        • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL says:

          Yes yes, but how do you know that it was never submitted? Contrary to popular belief, not all Police information is made public.

    • frank says:

      bean suffers from the same thing that dr brown had
      and that is too much hate talk
      the leader that can unite the people would be kim Wilson
      bean is about to make the same mistake that the grand lady made
      and that is that he feels that he has to stay for life
      and it has to be my way or the highway
      time for bean to go

  3. Double S says:

    Given this author’s definition of leadership, it is safe to say that Donald Trump must be one of his favorite and potential ‘leaders’ in modern times. For he is just as bombastic. divisive, brash and offensive (all the traits that Dickerson states he admires in a ‘leader’) as Bean.

    And calling a woman a wh*** and stating he would pass her around to his mates for a few cents a lick is far from being a leader.

  4. Family Man says:

    Shared values? I guess that explains it. Now, where did I leave my cigarettes? Were you holding them for me?

  5. inna says:

    Does any one have a little, tiny, small violin and bow that I can borrow??

  6. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Yes Makai he puts the people above himself and that is the reason he opened a betting establishment to take their last hard earned dollars……sycophant

  7. Bill says:

    Marc Bean is a leader? Maybe we should re-define what a leader really is in politics.

    A leader in politics is a true Statesman – ie someone who has lived his life, paid his taxes, contributed to philanthropic causes and who wants to leave his knowledge and mark on society as a whole.

    Marc Bean is truly none of those things.

    He is a current understudy to the role of a Statesman / leader and will need to grow up and stop hurting people by not caring about what they think. Everyone is entitled to their voice and Marc Bean is not interested in listening to anyone.

    He is at this time:

    * a dictator and not a leader
    * an infant and not an experienced Statesman
    * hurtful and not a healer
    * verbally vicious and not truly kind
    * aggressive and openly not understanding
    * intolerant and not inclusive of others

    The old term “it is my way or the highway” is OK if you own the highway and you are the only one driving on it. Unfortunately all of us as Bermudians have to use the same road Marc Bean is helping to erode and the potholes are getting larger and larger.

    Grow up Marc and we promise that we will take a look at you more seriously in 10 years from now. In the meantime be kind to your fellow PLP members and help the current party to get Bermuda back on to an even keel.

    Help to clean up the mess that we (PLP) left our Island in – we did it – now let us fix it – now that is the mark of a true leader!

  8. Unbelievable says:

    So Makai, what you’re saying is that you agree with his views about homosexuality, giving ganga tea to a toddler and you also agree with his disgusting comments about women? Clearly he has told a “truth” about Ewart Brown. I mean, why else would the former Premier threaten him with a lawsuit?

    Nice one. Keep going with all that.

  9. Kangoocar says:

    Did Marc bean become ” too honest?? ” after his plp were ousted from power?? Because I seem to remember when he was a Cabinet Minister, he wasn’t ” Too Honest?? ” at all!! Also, if becoming ” Too Honest ” means too Beany that he can now call woman and pass them around for 10 cents a lick??? I think Beany and ” they are not my Ciggarettes ” Dickerson are still a little cloudy in their judgement, on what it takes to be an upstanding and respectable person????

  10. Edward Case says:

    He is a leader who will guarantee that PLP won’t get elected. I say leave him where he is.

  11. by definition says:

    Only so few back Marc Bean, and I guess Macai Dickerson is the few among many.

  12. Rockfish#1and #2 says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. Both gentlemen have an appetite for nature’s finest plants. I’m referring to carrots,spinach,lettuce etc.

  13. steve says:

    “I am a member of the PLP and My Leader is great” Is that all u got?

  14. Vixen Star says:

    Soooo…”he’s a great leader” but half his team want him gone according to their resignations from their shadow portfolios (and even a seat as MP).


      Come on, ya serious with that statement aren’t you?

  15. James says:

    Anyone notice how keen PLP supporters are to say “My Leader?”

    Shades of North Korea…

  16. steve says:

    Bean isnt unkown anymore, no need to sell his virtues. We have had a couple of years to form our own opinion.Thanks anyway and I hope your apple polishing gets you somewhere with the teacher.

  17. Faulk says:

    Leader in German is Fuhrer, not something most Germans would aspire to. I personally take an instinctive dislike of these sorts too, mainly because the underlying conceit and ignorance of their zeal undermines genuine thought, debate and consensus, almost always ultimately resulting with very poor outcomes. When will we ever learn?

  18. rusty says:

    I really hope that Makai stops with Politics and opinion pieces.