Video: “10 Most” Series Spotlights Marc Bean

January 28, 2016

The “10 Most Fascinating People of Bermuda 2015″ series continues today with the eighth video release featuring Opposition Leader Marc Bean.

Host Lisa Pickering introduces Mr. Bean by saying, “This fisherman’s son from White Hill has certainly made a name for himself. Controversies and headlines have followed the Progressive Labour Party Leader, Marc Bean, throughout much of 2015, but the Opposition Leader doesn’t mind if his leadership style ruffles a few feathers.

“The 41-year-old attributes his advancement within the party to ‘merit, ability, clean hands, and pure heart,’ and has recently been pushing for a Good Governance Act to pass in Parliament.

“His communication style in and out of the House of Assembly have landed him in hot water, including a court case that was later dismissed and other threats of legal action from former Premier Ewart Brown, who once mentored the young leader. Mr. Bean has also been squashing rumours that his own leadership position is in jeopardy.”

The video was produced by Lisa Pickering and Burnt House Productions and is sponsored by CellOne, while Ms Pickering’s dress and accessories are by Atelerie.

We will continue to post their video releases here on Bernews over the coming days, and the “Most Fascinating Person of 2015″ will be revealed later this month, and the entire program will be also be aired on CITV.

Bermuda has no shortage of interesting people, so if you want to suggest a candidate to Ms. Pickering for this year’s list, please feel free to email her at!

click here 10 Most Fascinating People of Bermuda 2015

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  1. Double S says:

    So ‘constructively helping a sister,’ according to Bean, is allegedly calling them a wh*** and threatening to pass her around to his mates for 10 cents a lick?


    • Onion Juice says:

      Well obviously the judge didn’t have a problem with it.

      • Double S says:

        So I can talk like that to your sister/daughter/mother/granddaughter/girlfriend/niece et al. and you will not think twice because a judge ‘didn’t have a problem with it’?

        You think this is exemplary of ‘strong leadership’ because you have no idea about what true leadership is.

        You b%$#h about Trump, but vehemently support Bermuda’s version of the man.

        How ironic.

      • jt says:

        Do you?

        • Really Really BETTTY says:

          Brilliant interview Marc….loved it…Honesty Boldness truth…

          Spot on….

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Because it’s freedom of speech, any and everytime it would get thrown out but it’s still disgusting!

  2. archie says:

    Is he ‘fascinating’ because of who he is, or what he has done?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Two things about a confident, up front, no nonsense Strong Black Leader, you either love him or hate him (like many of our great leaders in the past that were ostracized or assassinated) even though you may not agree with what he says or how he says it, you have to admire/respect the frankness for conversation sake, that when you walk away from him you don’t have to second guess what he said or try to appease for political acceptance.
      The SAD thing is, the very people who he fights for are intimidated because they themselves would never talk to the “Powers that be” in that manner.
      “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
      Malcolm X

      • Double S says:

        Then why do you bad mouth Trump so much?

        • Onion Juice says:

          Ahhh, how does Trump fit in “Strong Black Leader”.

          • Double S says:

            “even though you may not agree with what he says or how he says it, you have to admire/respect the frankness for conversation sake, that when you walk away from him you don’t have to second guess what he said or try to appease for political acceptance.”

            What you wrote above can easily be attributed to Trump and how his supporters view him.

            The only difference between Trump and Bean are countries and skin color.

            They both retain and have no qualms in displaying their intolerant and divisive traits.

            It is like how you, Onion Juice, constantly call others on here as Tea Parties when you, yourself, display more of the ideologies than anyone else. For example like the Tea Party , you:

            - hate homosexuals and homosexuality
            - hate immigration and foreigners in general
            - threaten to take ‘your’ country back and promote civil unrest
            - constantly denigrate people who either a) don’t look like you or b) don’t think like you

            There are more examples I can provide if you like. The only difference between you and the Tea Party is skin color. Which shows that you are unable to see past color (but most already knew that).

            But in the end you are exactly the same as what you purport to hate and abhor.

            You are part of Bermuda’s far-right wing.

            • jt says:

              He stated the only difference that matters to him. No point dragging it out.

              • hmmm says:

                Onion Juice….Why do you say “strong black leader”. Why do you have to define him as black, and not simply a strong leader.

                You use of black implies that you believe a black leader to be different to any other Leader and that black leaders are not normally strong.
                Why? because you wouldn’t have felt the need to use the word black. That is a nonsense, strong leaders are strong leaders. Their colour does not matter !

                Stop implying that being black is being inferior, as this is definitely not true!!!!!!!!!

                • Onion Juice says:

                  The reason why I say Strong Black Leader, is because in a white dominated society, economically and socially, Black leaders have a tendency to water down their stance concerning the interest and injustice for their people, therefore Strong is a prerequisite for a Black Leader.
                  By you stating that color does not matter while living in a racist society indicates the disillusioned state you are in.
                  Just ask the actors and actresses that did not get nominated for the Oscars and what’s hilarious is there was an uproar when it was mentioned that a Black man play as James Bond, which is fictitious, while they’re having a white man play Michael Jackson.
                  I did not imply that blacks are inferior, society has perpetrated and established that myth for the last few centuries.

                  • LOL says:

                    Strong Black Man – Malcolm X

                    >>> In February 1965 he was assassinated by three Nation of Islam members. <<>> In February 1965 he was assassinated by three Nation of Islam members. <<<

            • Onion Juice says:

              Correction Double S,
              I don’t hate homosexuals or homosexuality, I just strongly oppose the unnatural act
              I don’t hate immigration and foreigners in general, I just strongly oppose white supremist ideology and practices and Anti-Bermudian attitudes and policies
              Your other two points are not worth refuting as I find them totally absurd.
              But labelling me as a far-right wing is understandable as Martin Luther King was labeled a Communist.(not that I am comparing myself, only showing how deranged people can be through ignorance).

              • jt says:

                Deranged through ignorance. Indeed.

              • Kangoocar says:

                Yo onion juice, speaking of ignorance, do you realize, MLK was actually a Republican???

              • LOL says:

                please provide examples of white supremacist ideology and practices in Bermuda.

                • Onion juice says:

                  So you are aware that there was once a white supremist ideology and practice here in Bermuda ?
                  So can you state when did it cease.

      • Its me again says:


  3. sfsdfsd says:

    I can honestly say Marc Bean is the worst human being I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with.

  4. Vamos says:

    “Anxiety” is right!

  5. Strike fund says:


    Ganja tea administered to a child?

  6. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    Someone needs to clarify what “fascinating” means.

    The way the sun rises, and sets, every blessed day is fascinating.
    The way a hurricane rips through here and uproots trees is fascinating.
    The way cahows survived here is fascinating.
    The way a baby is formed, and born, after nine months, is fascinating.
    The way a surgeon transplants a heart is fascinating.

    Our politicians, on both sides – not so fascinating.

    But to give credit where it is due, I enjoyed the series until it took a political slant.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Um,it was a political question and he is a politician.
      Or did you want him to put in a plug for U.B.P.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Another fascinating thing is, the progress African descendants have made in Bermuda and in other countries that have been Colonized through brutalizing free forced labor, protesting to get a fair wage and sustained living, equality in the workforce and society and still walk around smiling and waving like Johnny Barns.
      Now that’s fascinating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • backakillme says:

        you’re getting paid overtime again , PLP will have to have another fundraiser to keep you going, BwaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaa

  7. Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

    I kind of find Marc Bean fascinating.
    It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion, just waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

  8. Picks says:

    Its amazing how he has time to go on the show to be interviewed as one of Bermuda’s fascinating people, but doesn’t have the time to spend with his constituency.

    We had a neighborhood fundraiser and during the time I was there I never saw him.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Were any other P.L.P members there?

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      That’s because he’s not really a man of the people…you think he cares about the middle and lower class?! If you do then you know how that saying goes…

    • mj says:

      Picks—did you not hear him say he is not a socialite!

  9. Auntie Zuzu Bouche says:

    I would love to see a debate between the two leaders.

  10. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    An open ,and honest person who is ,transparent will always be feared,hated,and un-popular,in every ,and any society.Thanks, Mr.Marc Bean for bringing it like it is.!More of this is needed in this hypocrtical society.To coin an old British saying ””’Blood to the horses bridle”’and don’t spare the horses.Mate.””When Truth comes,falsehood is an ever vanishing thing.Peace.!

    • smh says:


      • Onion Juice says:

        Cannonier, Faye, Fuzzy Richards, Dunkley, Crocwell, Pattingale= B S

      • Informed Bermudian says:

        I think there is a general consensus that if nothing else, Mr. Bean is not afraid to speak the truth.

        • Strike fund says:

          He’s not afraid to speak.

        • LiarLiar says:

          Truth is a matter of opinion.

          Telling a woman he will pass her around for 10 cents a lick isn’t truth.

          Claiming that the Premier is a ********** isn’t truth.

          Claiming that he cured his toddler’s daughter asthma with weed tea isn’t truth.

          Berating fellow MPs, on a personal level, in the House isn’t truth, it is childish.

          The funny thing is that if anyone would have spoke in the same manner to one of Bean’s supporter’s family members and/or friends they would be irate and threaten retaliation for such disrespect. Just imagine if someone spoke to a female relative of yours in the manner Bean has to females in the recent past. Would you call it the ‘truth?’

          But when someone on your team spews this nastiness it is the ‘truth.’ The only real truth is that Bean and his supporters are intolerant beings incapable of discerning what true leadership is supposed to be and represent.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            *But when someone on your team spews this nastiness it is the ‘truth.’*

            AND they get designated as ‘strong black leaders’

            • A few queries says:

              Imagine if a white OBA representative said what Bean said. There would cries of racism, white supremacy, privilege, misogyny etc.

              A black OBA representative would be called a traitor, Uncle Tom, surrogate, Oreo etc.

              However, when a black PLP representative does he is instead called, by some, an example of strong black leadership and the people who criticize him are just fearful and racist.

              Boggles the mind.

              • Onion Juice says:

                Well white representatives had their grandstanding for the last couple of centuries, now the script has flipped, doesn’t feel good does it.
                Affirmative Action

          • Whistling Frog says:

            @ LiarLiar: So you claiming that someone is childish isn’t truth.. At least he didn’t say it behind her back, which is the norm in this country…

        • Zevon says:

          He’s not afraid to lie either.

        • Really? says:

          He speaks his mind… whether or not its the truth is another question!

  11. Mary says:

    He’s handsome and intelligent but all over the shop and definitely not premier material , more like a dictator or crazy preacher from the church of his own mind

    • Onion Juice says:

      Keep on preaching Brother, your message is liberating the minds of the fearful and troubling the minds of the complacent and privileged.

    • mj says:

      Mary- you sound paranoid.

  12. LOL says:

    Is this a Joke or something? How is this man on this list?!

  13. sfsdfsd says:

    “I don’t have no regrets.” Beautiful grammar Marc. SMH

  14. backakillme says:

    Onion juice has nine buttons on his coat, but he can only fascinate . BwaaaaaaHaaaaaa

  15. Concerned says:

    Is this a joke? Most disgraceful but not most fascinating.

  16. Rockfish#1and #2 says:

    “The 41-year-old attributes his advancement within the party to ‘merit, ability, clean hands, and pure heart,’ and has recently been pushing for a Good Governance Act to pass in Parliament.

    Truth is Marc’s advancement within the party is primarily due to his hero worshipping of Dr. Brown, and ended up by being used to further his (Brown) not so secret agenda.