BPS Appeal For Witnesses To Friday’s Shootings

January 25, 2016

[Updated with video] The police have appealed for witnesses following the two shootings on Friday, saying “we need you to be bold and come forward, the information you are in possession of, even though it may seem insignificant to you, may be the small tip that helps in solving these crimes.”

At around 11.30am on Friday [Jan 22] a 20-year-old man riding a motorcycle on North Shore Road was shot by another individual/s on a motorcycle, and then later that evening shots were fired in the Court/Angle Street area.

No one was injured in the second shooting, and the victim from the first shooting was initially in the ICU before being airlifted abroad for medical care.

bermuda police press conference jan 16

Speaking at a press conference today, Acting Inspector Jason Smith said, “On Friday, January 22, 2016, Bermuda experienced two unfortunate acts of violence.

“The first incident took place at around 11:30am at the junction of Overview Hill and North Shore Road in Pembroke. It appears that a male was turning at that junction when two males on a black motorcycle open fire on a 20 year-old Pembroke man.


“As a result, the 20 year-old man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and subsequently was air ambulanced off the island for further treatment. Meanwhile, after the shooting, the suspects were seen traveling east on North Shore Road at a high rate of speed.

“The second incident took place on Friday evening around 7:05pm in the area of Court and Angle Street where it appears that two males were chasing another man on foot through Court Street and onto Angle Street where one of the suspects open fire. Fortunately, no one was harmed and the victim and the suspects left the area before police arrived on the scene.


“An active investigation into both of these incidents is underway and Close Circuit TV will feature as an investigatory tool. Police are also looking into whether the two incidents are related.

“We have two very distinct witness appeals. The first is for anyone who may have seen two men on a black motorcycle on Friday between 11:00 and 11:30am acting suspiciously in the area of North Shore Road, Berkeley Road, Palmetto Road or St. John’s Road or if anyone saw two men around 11:30am traveling east on North Shore Road.

“We would also like to hear from anyone that has CCTV cameras attached to their house that live along the North Shore Road, east of Overview Hill. Please contact the Serious Crime Unit.

“The second appeal is for anyone who was in the Court Street, Ewing Street, Angle Street and Middle Town areas who may have witnessed the incident as it unfolded between 6:30pm and 7:10pm or may have seen the suspects leave the area, please communicate with the Serious Crime Unit.

“In both cases, there is someone in our community who knows who the suspects are, you maybe a girlfriend, family member or friend. You may have overheard the planning of the event or you know where these males retreated to after the event.

“Someone in our community knows where the weapon is and the motorcycle used in the event. We need you to be bold and come forward, the information you are in possession of even though it may seem insignificant to you may be the small tip that helps in solving these crimes.

“There is a family that is now in pain as they deal with the new reality of a loved one dealing with serious injuries as a result of this incident.

“Let’s do our part to bring the perpetrators of this event to justice. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Acting Inspector Smith on 247-1218 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800 8477.”

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  1. For Real says:

    I know these shootings are not the fault of the Police but I have a hard time thinking the Police are trying to get on top of Gangs, guns and drugs in Bermuda. For goodness sake, you have gangs selling drugs and renting guns 150yrds away from your main Police Station and can’t even stop that. Please Commossioner show some steel. You see in Baltimore, they got rid of the Commissioner quick.

    • Verly says:

      What I really want to know is when we are going to hear from the Collector of Customs. In all fairness, Customs is responsible for keeping the drugs and guns out. Why is it that we don’t hear a peep from Customs whenever something happens? It would seem they’re quite content with remaining silent and letting the police be the fall guys.

  2. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    Here’s what I think is going on. Bermuda is a small island where many families know one another and many are related to one another and they know some of these goings on and are petrified to point anything out because of retaliation from the punks or even their families.
    It is sad but I think it will not slow down but increase.

  3. Cassie says:

    @ For Real….exactly right! The Police are asking the public to come forward with assistance – fair enough and rightly so, but how can the community hold faith in our police force when drug transactions are occurring day and night right outside the police station under their noses! And we already know what “gang” sit there all day long waving to the police as they drive by. It’s a joke!

  4. It's ova says:

    People fed up what u think u can run around shooting people and go back and sit on the block it’s more to come sorry to say Bermuda certain mans are evil if u don’t believe the devil walks among us something wrong they gon be murdering way in to the American cup trust me! Everybody wants to be a gangster or rapper now smh you ain’t nobody! You just gone die young look at all of them who went Before you it’s only Bermuda how long can u duck the Reeper it’s 21 square miles kid what does it profit a man to gain the whole island and lose his soul? Look I ain’t tryna drop knowledge cause true-fully if God can’t reach u how can I but I give u my word Karma has a funny way of setting the score

  5. wahoo says:

    So yes we should ask the public to speak if they know/saw anything-that should go without saying. but what are the victims being asked? Surely they must have a good idea about who would want to shoot them, but no, only silence. Can this not be interpreted as prevention/perversion of justice?

    This issue is huge. Who pays for all the witness protection, hospital costs, EMT, police, West Gate etc.? WE DO.

  6. Batman says:

    Smh, the cause is money. aka the economy. The economy falls crime rises. Its the same ALL over the world. So stop saying its the devil or its lack father figures or some other BS . Its poor people trying to make money. Get the economy back to the way it was. And crime will go back to the way it was…..