Live Updates: Immigration Proposal Gathering

February 25, 2016

[Updating] A “gathering to show dismay with proposed OBA Immigration Reform” is scheduled to be held from 12pm – 2pm today [Feb 25] at the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street.

The Government recently announced they plan to amend the law, with changes to include any person who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 15 years becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency, and any permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 20 years becoming eligible to apply for Bermudian status.

The event notice on social media said, “This gathering is to send a message to the OBA Government that the people of Bermuda will not be ignored. The current proposed legislation only address the issue of status. Status only gives one the right to vote.

“There are many more issues that need to be considered. We want people to come out on Thursday to show their disagreement with the legislation, want the government take a step back and genuinely pursue comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform.”

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  1. Yahoo says:

    Wow, looks like there is upwards of 12 people there. Bermuda is vexed!

    • Nanny Pat says:

      Looking at the same handwriting on all of the signs, it appears that only 1 of the 12 can write.

      • Strike fund says:

        It’s easy to mock them, but at least they are standing up for what they believe in.

        The group though needs to appreciate that there are fewer than 100 of them (many seem to be just rubber necking too). They cannot speak for the majority.

        • hmmm says:

          I don’t think that many of them really understand the real situation.

          I think they are being led on points of fabricated controversy, made up propaganda and misinformation. I find that incredibly sad.

          • WHAT says:

            That’s the same statement the plantation crew told the slaves back in the day when they fought for freedom.

            I was going to attended but my manager wants off his work permit after 15 years.

          • Concerned says:

            I was told last evening that it was being said that Ex-Pats would get their papers even if they had been on the Island for one year…. The Schpil continues from the green team

          • Nicole fubler says:

            They don’t understand some of these p havd bden here since they were under the age of 10 or being in my case born here and still cant get anything this go deeper

          • Raymond Ray says:

            It’s the “SSDD” also the same people :-(

            • Beaches says:

              Looks like a gathering of Help the Aged to me.

            • Raymond Ray says:

              Well done O.B.A.”Anyone else find it ironic that one of the main complaints is that these people shouldn’t have been here for 15-20 years, because the government continued to ‘illegally’ renew work permits? I’m sorry…who was in power for the majority of those 15-20″ e.o.q.

      • Rita Realistic says:

        Best comment ever!

      • Nanny Pat, your comment is absolute GARBAGE.

      • Unbelievable says:

        The irony of many of those protesters is that they are hypocrites and don’t even know it! Quite a few are married to non-Bermudians and have children by non-Bermudians. Many have children and relatives living and working abroad. They simply want their rights but can’t see others having rights. Today I’m embarrassed to be known as a black Bermuda because of these narrow minded crazy bigots!

    • Alumni says:

      It’s just 12:20.
      Give it time.
      Wait until 2pm to make a comment

      • Bermuda Expat says:

        Soooooo, Island time??? Again, if you can’t show up on time, how are you upset you’re not employed?

        • mixitup says:

          No moron! It say’s 12-2pm I personally will head from the east end during my break to join along with 5 others.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          Why don’t you let us know where you are from so we can throw some stereotypes at you?

          Not all protesters are unemployed but they have all come together for the same cause. Beyond your biased assumptions how do you know that the reason they couldn’t make it earlier was not because they had to wait for their lunch break?

          • it says:

            “Why don’t you let us know where you are from so we can throw some stereotypes at you?”

            Judging from the name, s/he’s having a laugh about fellow Bermudians.

          • Akil Darrell says:

            No they are hiding behind their computer screen…..if they that brave they would put their real name up. People dont know how to express their opinion without being disrespectful.

            • losing faith in all parties says:

              Some are being highly disrespectful and childish indeed. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. However, others like myself who are directly impacted by previous faulty immigration laws are too afraid to speak our mind because in all honesty, we have no rights here in our own country. If you met me you wouldn’t even question where I came from… because it’s Bermuda. Yet I still don’t have any rights… half my family does but I don’t. Born and raised, Bermudian siblings, yet still nothing for me. The OBA needs to sort out people like myself who have been screwed over time and time again by government after government. I don’t have rights in my own country. I’d appreciate if the government sort us out first before offering status and rights to actual foreigners. I don’t understand what is so difficult about doing the ethical thing. Even I am hesitant about this new ruling as I have always considered myself a Bermudian, but at least this ruling gives some solution to the horrible situation that I have been stuck in for the past 20 years.

        • Alumni says:

          LOL. You don’t have to “make time” to a protest.

    • @ Yahoo, your comments I hope are not a reflection of the ignorance of who you are in reality.

    • @ Yahoo, Jesus only needed 12 to change the entire World, and even though there was one of the 12 who betrayed Him, Jesus is till changing the World through the 11 that was left, with the countless Billions of off springs that came from out of the 11, so be careful amazing things come from a small spark, even a little can bring down the greatest of structure, or Government if you please.

      • Yahoo says:

        Who is this Jesus you speak of? Sounds fictional…

      • hmmm says:

        Duane You know full well that Jesus would be supporting the change to immigration.

        • SANDGROWNAN says:

          shhh….don’t upset him.

        • Ian says:

          Not as part of an OBA strategy for securing power going forward

          • OXO says:

            who was the last party to change constituency boundaries on the name of DEMOCRACY NOT ????????

          • hmmm says:

            What approx. 100 people by the next election…Can’t tell them how to vote either….

            Is this what the PLP protest is really about…..a few votes…

            That is shameful.

      • meh. says:


      • Ed Case says:

        Jesus was the single guy aged 30 who lived alone with his Mom and hung around 12 guys and only one woman right? Got it.

      • Seriously says:

        Sorry but I don’t think Jesus would be denying these people any rights.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Would like you lot go there and show your sentiments.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Looks like somebody cant count.

    • Sad says:

      Stop being silly and stupid. This is a serious issue and if you cared you would ask: what are their greatest fears and would you act the same if you were in their positions. So pompous and arrogant. People are tired of this nonsense.

    • Sickofantz says:

      I am not anti this legislation I want to see it go through but I am unsure why the OBA government is going ahead with it?
      1. Is it because charity donations are down?
      2. Is it because these people are job creators who will leave of they don’t get the vote?
      3. Is it because the island needs these PRC’s pensions payments? Whoops that doesn’t make sense they are paying in already.
      4. Is it to stimulate the housing market for those wealthy enough to own houses?
      5. Is it to attract foreign investment here from people that don’t want to set up A Business somewhere where they won’t be able to live?
      6. And why did the OBA use profiles of people as examples of people requiring status who are not job creators and don’t represent the 80% white? (I found that a bit offensive actually)

    • Bernews, I for one would like to take this opportunity to say thank You for your live streaming, for many of us who could not attend and for Bermudians overseas as well, it is refreshing to be kept up to date and given the accuracy of the up to minute reporting, even with some of the cussing in the back ground that clearly shows the anger and frustration of some of the people.

      My thoughts are the same as they have always been, most Bermudians have enjoyed a relatively good life, and some have forgot the struggles of the past, of our fore parents and what it took for them to even give us the importunity to get as far as we have come.

      We still have a long way to go to equality and many foreigners, even from the black community that enjoy being on our shores, have looked down on us and say we have it all wrong and we are going about it all in the wrong way, but they only can say this because they are enjoying the wealth that they are lining their pockets with by being in “OUR COUNTRY”.

      I say to all my fellow Bermudians to stop the charade and come out of your comfort zones, this is not just about were we are , but rather were we are going, our children and grandchildren’s future is at stake, I am like the growing amount of people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and enough is enough.

      It is time to boycott as many have said, it is time to shut this Island down and block all major cross roads in this country, there is not enough of them to stop all of us, if they want to call for the United Kingdom to send their forces, then do so, but something has to prevail. just as Dr. Martin Luther King did in the 50′s into the 60′s we can demonstrate without violence, WE CAN SHUT THEM DOWN AND HIT THEM WERE IT HURTS THE MOST, IN THEIR POCKETS.

      Are we willing to pay the price for real, are there those willing to give up and maybe loose somethings in their lives, such as employment and benefits that are rare and few these days, so that the next generation don’t have to be forced to loose more then what we already have.

      In closing, I am a Bermudian who lost my home, employment and all that I owned, and the real deal, is that it took me loosing everything to make me understand, that the emphasis was not on what I lost, but rather all that I
      now have to regain and on purpose and with a greater purpose, so I am glad for the lesson I learned and that my children had to go through for 5 years, because it has prepared us for this period of our lives, to go after that which is rightfully ours and don’t let nothing stop us, with a severe vengeance of getting what is rightfully ours.

      How many will take their eyes off of their material wealth and fight for the one thing that really matters the most, then the material wealth will and shall be regained.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Crowd seemed to have peaked at 100; I am left to wonder though, where were these people when the PLP took away the right of their children to marry a foreigner and be able to own a piece of the country. That ‘immigration reform’ hindered the right of Bermudians more than this one will.

    • Dontworryboutathing says:

      I would of thought with 3000 Bermudians unemployed, everyone of them would of been there!

  2. Chateau le Roof says:

    How will allowing status for people who are currently employed and have been for 15 – 20 years, take away jobs from the 3000 Bermudians who are unemployed today?

    • @ Chateau le roof, because if you stop long enough not just to make a comment that holds no weight, and do some real research. You would know that Bermudians have been overlooked for employment longer then the last 15 to 20 years, and folk have been allowed to come in here as far back as the U.B.P days to take jobs that Bermudians can do, there was a time that we had more jobs then people to fill them, back in our booming period of the mid 80′s, and upward toward the end of the 80′s, but after that period jobs became a increasingly serious issue, because Bermudians began to be overlooked, let go and a number of other issues, while the foreign worker was just continued to be be rolled in here and over a period of time, be as we are today.

      folk ask some real questions and make comments, but do you really know our history and do you take time to research our past, that brought us to were we are.

      • JD says:

        I knew it. So there was a bunch of foreigners here who were sneaking in and “taking” jobs from Bermudians. Those sneaky foreigners, maybe we should build a wall.

        Don’t despair Duane. I’ve got some good news for you! Between 2008 and 2014 3,500 of those sneaky foreign workers left Bermuda, so there are now plenty of jobs available for Bermudians right? Right??

      • ! says:

        Many Bermudians have no education or certification to do these jobs. The education in Bermuda is the biggest* problem! Forty year old women who have the reading and writing skills of a eight year old will not cut it in the real world. Stop trying to shelter Bermudians! You want a job? Get an education, earn it and apply for a job. If you as a Bermudian are qualified for a job and they still pass you up for a expat – then there is an issue.

        We are not entitled to jobs that we are not educated for!

        • I see you says:

          Seriously! Are you as ignorant as your comment? I know many educated, qualified, professional Bermudians who have been overlooked for jobs that were later filled by foreign workers who in some cases had lesser qualifications. The deck remains stacked against Bermudians. We need immigration standards that are enforced and work for Bermudians. Now go back to your lala land! Acting like you are educated!!

      • bda says:

        No, Bermudians were not overlooked. It’s because Bermudians have become complacent, did not update their skill sets, and still expected to get these jobs. They wanted the position but not the actual work. And you can’t blame employers to hire foreigners who are more skillful, competent and have better work ethics. You hear stories upon stories of employers complaining about the quality of their Bermudian employees. It has become a real problem for them and they are just thankful that they have these foreign workers who do the heavy lifting for the business. There is your answer.

        • Akil Darrell says:

          You are crossing the line… you must not be bermudian because you are disrespecting so many Bermudians. I am so trying not to be rude and disrespectful. Please stop

          • The Original Truth™ says:

            What’s sad is that our own Minister of Immigration is proponent to this type of thinking.

          • Mixitup says:

            These people have gotten far too comfortable on this island to spew that trash… I’d love to invite you to my workplace for you to see the hard work bermudians do…. Lay off the stereo types please… It’s insulting to me and every other real bermudians.

          • Cmkbda says:

            I am Bermudian…born and bred, and completely agree with bda. Bermudians can be lazy and self-entitled. Thinking that the status of ‘Bermudian’ should guarantee them a job over other people. Rather than putting in hard work and effort, they want everything handed to them. Smh…Bermudians need to wake up and start taking responsibility for why they’re unemployed, rather than continually blaming other people.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          “You hear stories upon stories of employers complaining about the quality of their Bermudian employees.”

          Actually I see stories upon stories in the news about the exemplary Bermudians who get awards, certifications, pass the bar, get promoted and so on and so forth. OH Wait! Sorry my bad! Those are facts not stories.

          Carry on with your stereotyped stories but I suggest you put some dragons and wizards in to make them a bit more interesting.

          • Yourjoking says:

            Yes you do….and those Bermudian have and will always get jobs….unfortunately they are a smaller percentage of the population……in my 30 years in the work force I’m finding there are good Bermudian workers but for every one there are about 5 that are not

            • The Original Truth™ says:

              So your saying there’s less than 2000 good Bermudian workers in the work force?

              The country would come to a halt if that were true.

              Drink on the job much?

              Must be doing something to see these fairy tales.

      • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

        You’re quite accurate on the history of employment in Bermuda over the last thirty (give or take) years.

        However the question you don’t explore is ‘why?’

        Why were Bermudians let go and overlooked?
        Why were people given work permits to come in and fill the jobs?

        Yes, there were instances where employers manipulated the system, but it’s not like the Government was oblivious to the practice. They could have stopped it. And when I say ‘the government’ I’m pointing the finger at both the UBP and the PLP governments as they both had their time span.

        But what about the rest.

        What about the employers who would have happily hired a willing and able Bermudian? Why did they end up spending the time and money bringing in expats? How did they get through the procedure of bringing in an expat if there was a willing and able Bermudian?

        Is it possible that Bermudians had grown complacent during the golden days of employment, that they’d nurtured a feeling of entitlement during those days, and that they didn’t see the writing on the wall when things were changing? And that maybe some still haven’t grasped it?

        By suggesting that the fault is with the employers and Government allowing this to happen, you age suggesting that a large portion of Bermudians are either anti-Bermudian, or complacent.

        Think about it.
        The Anti-Bermudians: Bermudian employers. Bermudian government (UBP, PLP and OBA). Government immigration workers.

        The complacent:
        Government immigration workers.
        Bermudians who knew they’ve been overlooked for a position in lieu of an expat and never spoke up.
        Bermudians who knew an expat coworker has been hired when there was a perfectly acceptable Bermudian who should have been hired and never spoke up.
        The opposition for not bringing situations they knew about to the attention of the government in power.
        The unions for not speaking up for their members when they had proof expats were being hired over Bermudians. Not just by protesting, but by actually going through the appropriate channels.

        Bermudians, all of us, need to accept responsibility for the position this island is in. We need to stop pointing fingers and blaming each other.

        We need to stop arguing and protesting and judging and complaining about how things are and actually do something about it.

        The PLP needs to learn how to be a political opposition, instead of just plain ol’ opposition.
        The OBA needs to learn how to talk to the people.
        The people need to learn how to listen.

        Everyone needs to learn how to advance ideas, how to express concerns, how to debate without animosity.

        You know how Bermudians are during and immediately following a bad hurricane? How we all work together?

        How about we all just look at the island’s present situation as the biggest storm we’ve ever faced and act accordingly?

      • Empty Barrels says:

        Hey Santucci. stop defending these noise makers. How many “Bermudians” do you employ?

      • Islander says:

        Mr. Santucci, you mention Jesus and his disciples and that they changed the World. The Lord’s instructions were go into all the World and spread the Gospel – the Good Word of God. You Sir as a “Christian” are not doing as the Lord said. Instead, you are being unkind, unloving and disrespectful to our children and their families. Father gave us Jesus, you supposedly accepted the Lord who supposedly changed your life loved, encouraged, touched, healed and delivered. The way you are speaking now you are sharing hurt, pain and discouragement and you need to turn all of that over to the Lord and let him work things out for you.

      • Cmkbda says:

        Oh yea…let’s relate this back to the UBP from over 18 years ago. Let’s completely overlook the fact that the PLP were in power for 14 out of the last 18 years, and if there has been ‘overlooking of Bermudians’ why are they not equally to blame?! I’m sorry…who do you think approved those work permits over the course of 14 years. Yea…it’s all the OBA/UBP/Dunkley/Fahy to blame. Smh.

        I seriously cannot believe how short-sighted some people can be.

    • Loquat Juice says:


    • SANDGROWNAN says:

      it wont.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Well I suppose it reduces the opportunity for Bermudians who have acquired experience and expertise to take over jobs from expats.

      Furthermore I am not sure how these people being already in jobs are going to create any more jobs either?

      • hmmm says:

        No it doesn’t the immigration process and OBA led full disclosure and on the jobs board ensures that Bermudians get proper access.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          Please explain how an unemployed person be able to afford ISP and a computer in order to look on the jobs board?

          Many permit workers find jobs in Bermuda through government services in their country that help fit them to a job because there are employment services here advertising to then governments in the permit worker’s country.

          • Jus' Wonderin' says:


            • The Original Truth™ says:

              Cablevision is free now! Why am I still getting a bill Cablevision?

              • Sunfish says:

                I wouldn`t hire you for nothing, your useless TOTRUTH!!

              • Jus' Wonderin' says:

                Well guarantee you have a cell phone as most of the rest of the world does including struggling people so check on there! Dummy! Or maybe take a walk up to the government building/s where they can inform you of the jobs that are available and posted, etc. It’s not that hard to find the information you seek…just got to get off your lazy *** and do it! Seek and you shall find!

          • hmmm says:

            It’s on Cable too and in the building on the Parliament grounds.

          • it says:

            By going to the Library.

            … Though, like Immigration, I note the Bermuda Jobs Board website isn’t working too well

            • The Original Truth™ says:

              Does the government expect this to be common knowledge? How do they advertise this option?

              There are countries that will not give financial assistance unless their citizens work in a job placement they provide for a few hours a week. Maybe we need to start this. I tried to find the budget for financial assistance this year without luck but I’m sure its in the millions.

              Anyone know what the financial assistance budget this year is?

          • OnionX says:

            The library has free internet access or at least at a cheaper price. Also, you can actually walk into the job board and ask.

            Please reference this fact: “Many permit workers find jobs in Bermuda through government services in their country that help fit them to a job because there are employment services here advertising to then governments in the permit worker’s country.”

              • OnionX says:

                Thank you for providing the articles. First website you sent is the Philippine government stating that migration and remittances are important for the economy of the Philippines. It also states that they go through proper channels. Also, your statement is true for every country. Companies and governments advertises their jobs and are accessible to everyone around the world to apply. That’s why Bermudians can apply and find work in the UK, Canada and the USA. The article just states that the government supports it more. The second article has no relation to your statement. This was not to support applying for jobs it was to renew their passports, to review their rights as a guest worker in a country and where to go if they are having issues in their adopted country. Although, the article does not state this. I know cause this was advertise to some of my filipino coworkers. I am also concerned about how much you target filipino workers, it seems like you have a grudge or hate to say this – racist.

          • scoob says:

            “Please explain how an unemployed person be able to afford ISP and a computer in order to look on the jobs board?”

            This is a very good point. Is there any help for people in this situation? You would think it would be quite simple to hold a morning (once a week / once a month) at the library, or somewhere similar, where people could come with their CV and have some help to apply for jobs on the jobs board.

            We need to start thinking about solutions and not just repeat the problems.

          • Chateau le Roof says:

            The library has newspapers and computers connected to the internet that can be used for free.

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      It’s the way OBA is putting the law forth. They are not saying those here since 2001. What OBA is saying is anyone in BDA for 15 – 20 years. Every year a permit worker gets to their 15 year mark they will be able to apply. It’s gerrymandering and non comprehensive. Other countries plans are more comprehensive and require stipulations that allow a filtering through process that picks key permit holders that are a necessity to the country on a whole not just to an employer who wants to only hire cheap foreign labor or those prejudice of Bermudians.

      OBA like PLP are all about lies, lies and lies. They took away term limits under the guise that we need to compete with places like Cayman but Cayman has term limits and a smaller population. IB still moves their business to Cayman despite their term limits introduced since 2004.

    • Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

      There you go using logic again. Silly person

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Same old rent-a-crowd.

    • It was back in the day a small crowd who fought for the right’s to be unionized, and they won, and yet the majority of the population benefits from the act’s of so very few, oh how we forget.

      Eventually Justice will prevail if what you are standing for is truth and justice.

      • Noncents says:

        @ Duane Santucci,

        If anything, most people on this island don’t benefit from the unions. The unions are self-serving, and the “majority” of Bermudians are left to pay their salaries and suffer when they decide to strike illegally.

      • well done says:

        Uhm, the difference between the two: one was fighting for rights and one is fighting AGAINST rights. Context is key my friend.

      • it says:

        “Eventually Justice will prevail if what you are standing for is truth and justice.”


      • Ed Case says:

        How odd Duane that today you are fighting against someone else getting equal rights. Oh how we forget indeed.

        Justice will prevail – even if you ‘close the island down’. Is this what religion teaches you really?


  4. joe says:

    Looks like one person wrote all the signs.

    • wahoo says:

      I noticed that too and they used the same crayons they used last time.

      • Harry Buttle says:

        To their credit the person writing the signs has excellent penmanship. Looking at the signs it’s obvious that the same person made a lot of them.

      • Paperonion says:

        Sadly also has a problem spelling one of the most used words in Bermuda.

    • So Tired says:

      Who cares who wrote the signs??? SMH

      • Nanny Pat says:

        It speaks to the fact that most are there as mere puppets…or perhaps they are earning a paycheck to just stand there and breathe.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          Unless you can prove your allegations then they are not facts.

    • scoob says:

      There’s an employment opportunity for somebody here:

      Civil Disobedience Sign Writer

      $2 per sign, 100 people. Not bad for a morning’s work

  5. enough says:

    I do always enjoy the signs at these things. Sad to see so many people feel ‘disrespted’.

  6. Frustrated Student says:

    If these ‘gatherers’ had read the Attorney General’s explanation of the OBA’s immigration reform, which was published on Bernews, they might have noticed the polls he quoted in efficient more supported status for long term residents than did not support it and realised that, actually, they don’t fully represent “the people of Bermuda”.

    • Tank Rain says:

      If you aren’t going to take the time and make your own sign you certainly aren’t going to take time to read the facts and logic behind the policy.

  7. THE MAN! says:

    WHAT A JOKE. Walton you are waaaaaay off base here. the community gets it. the rent a crowd does not!

  8. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Don’t these people have jobs?!

  9. Tank Rain says:

    That is an awesome display of People Power. That 13 people would disregard their lunch hour to hold up pre-made signs. I sit here inspired!

  10. Mr Stevens says:

    Walton Brown has de-escalated his rhetoric. Before it was “the majority of Bermudians don’t want this”, not its “a number of people who remain deeply concerned”. A number…, yes, 12.

  11. hmmm says:

    PLP are targeting Fahy, because they know he is an asset to Bermuda and Bermudians….they are desperately trying to discredit him.

    • Onion Juice says:

      He’s doing a good job by himself doing that.

    • Oh mhm says:

      Asset? More like issue.

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      Take the e and the t out of asset and your statement would be true.

    • Trisha says:

      A paper man will never care about Bermuda or the people that live there

      • Anon Ymous says:

        …..even the great Trinidadian, Mazumbo???? Come better please.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      YOU ARE FUNNY!!! :-D

      “…he is an asset to Bermuda and Bermudians…”

      Drop the ‘et’ from asset if You really want to know what he is to Bermudians ;-)

      • hmmm says:

        That is a shame , that you can’t see the work of one man for so many Bermudians because of misinformation and opposition propaganda.

  12. Mr Stevens says:

    Listening to the periscope, first thing I hear is “We are not xenophobic, we are kind and welcoming!”, “Use your African minds, get rid of the European philosophy”, and “75 million dollars for the America’s Cup, they took my money. I want that money! Put that in my paycheck!”

    • hmmm says:

      Sad, those speakers have been brainwashed and don’t understand what they are talking about.

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        It’s you who doesn’t understand what they are talking about because you don’t have the knowledge of Bermuda’s history.

        It’s like those who hear about black history month and scuff at it saying, “There isn’t a white history month so why should there be a black one” Answer to that is that whites have saturated the globe with their history for centuries so having a month of the story of someone else besides whites is quite moderate.

        Another prevalent saying is towards slavery saying, “Why don’t they get over it?” The word it shows that those who say it can’t even comprehend what it is.

  13. somuchless says:

    You always find Peggy burns in the mix.

  14. So Tired says:

    Who cares who wrote the signs!! SMH

    • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

      It gives the impression that it was an ‘organised’ event. Meaning only one person was trusted to write the slogans, and the rest were told just to show up and chant what they were told, perhaps for payment.

      And I know I’m going to get a lot of dislikes for pointing out how it appears but I do think these people really do believe what they’re protesting.

  15. Bermuda Expat says:

    Wish I could be there. Busy working, at the job that no Bermudians applied for, which in turn got my work permit approved. clearly as the crowd is the same old paid crowd. Hey, maybe they should knock the number down to 2,980 as the PLP employs Peggy and Crew. Here’s a tip, APPLY FOR JOBS. I look forward to getting my work permit renewed!

    • Really says:

      Busy working? Not too busy to be hanging out on Bernews are you?

    • trisha says:

      That alright no Bermudian wants your job right just don’t keep crying and winning why you don’t get status ;-)

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Oh…so you’re admitting that no bermudian wants his job huh. .

  16. Curious Bermudian says:

    So I am curious. Once this immigration law is passed (if it is) will these expats that have way more benefits on the job (housing allowance, school fees paid, car allowance) than the Bermudians sitting next to them (with the same job)will they be put on par benefit wise? After all if they are all of a sudden Bermudian shouldn’t they be treated like a Bermudian?

    I agree that there are many people here who deserve to acquire status. However what about the Bermudians with more senior positions in higher paid jobs. Right now they are somewhat stalled in progressing as they have Jack from the UK holding the higher position whom now will more than likely acquire status. What about our Bermudian children who will now have a much harder time securing entry level work after college due to the new amount of foreigners children which will be granted status after 10 years if they are born here?

    • True Lies says:

      Why would they be put on par? Not all employees are equal. You have the power to negotiate your own compensation and benefits. Sounds like the expats at your job are better negotiators than you are.

      Why should Bermudian status children have an advantage over children who were born here with foreign parents? Having Bermudian status should not be a job qualification. If they were born here and lived here for 10+ years, then it is the only home they know. They should be allowed to seek work.

    • wahoo says:

      I think only a small number of those eligible have those perks now since that is something the very senior business boys negotiate when they start.

    • Curious too says:

      I’m an expat, where can I get one of these jobs that will pay my housing, school fees and car?

      • AbbyG says:

        CEO, Underwriters, CPAs. The big money brings the big benefits.

      • skytrain says:

        Same here. All I do is pay nearly $75,000 per year into the economy.Not a whole lot left after that. But I like the beach!

    • well done says:

      Make sure your children study hard and get a good education if you care about their employment status in the future. Why do so people have an attitude so heavily filled with expectations instead of going out and getting things done for themselves. Am I missing something here?

      • AbbyG says:

        Thank you! Someone else gets it!!! Unreal how some Bermudians expect to be handed everything.

        • smh says:

          like how expats EXPECT to be handed status. See how easy it is to generalize? Now stfu with the “Bermudians” comments!

          • well done says:

            Expats don’t expect. They are grateful to be welcomed by this country. But if you want people with high salaries to leave this island then expect quite a few businesses to be shut down. Learn the concept of the “trickle down effect” and basic economics please. We depend on long term expats and citizens a lot more than you think.

    • Jus' Sayin' says:

      I know of a case of an expat married to a Bermudian who gained status through the usual channels. The day after becoming Bermudian, his housing allowance and other perks were removed.

      • Franklin Jr says:

        So why doesn’t that company ONLY hire Bermudians and save themselves a whole pile of money?

        Oh that’s right, it’s because it didn’t happen

    • Franklin Jr says:

      Car allowance! baaahahahah, I haven’t heard that one in YEARS!

      Here’s a little secret from someone who’s seen “behind the scenes” on several payrolls: Bermudians and expats are generally pretty equal, and they actually get MORE more often than they get less

      WHY would that be? Well… Bermudians are mobile, no work permits! Find a better job = check ya later! Solution: pay Bermudians more to keep them around

      If Bermudians are getting as TERRIBLE a deal as so many people like to insist they are, and CEOs are money grubbing greedy sociopaths, then why hasn’t one of them figured it out and just hired all Bermudians for slightly more money than the allegedly unpaid victims were getting before? After all, CEO should be SAVING money without all the big expensive expats around if that were the case! But yet, it doesn’t happen… for some strange reason…

    • Catherine Dalziel says:

      This is infact one of the main issues – the people who have been here for 20 years are solid in their job, and likely not preventing a Bermudian from working. The children of those people being able to come back and work, that is where most of the hurt will be felt I believe.

    • Islander says:

      How many Bermudian children born of Bermudian parents were told they had to apply to be Bermudian. Yup, fill out a Status form, pay $11/12 and collect your certificate in a matter of two weeks and You get a label to put in your passport.

  17. inna says:

    Looks like a bunch of old people to me!

    Except the “cool” guys with their leg up on the wall holding the number 3,000.

  18. Just a matter of time says:

    Never underestimate the power of the People. For the so-called claimed ‘few’ at the protests who are courageous enough (and have my utmost respect) to get in front of the camera to make a stand that those of you here are mocking with your disparaging remarks, multiply that by a thousand times over to represent those who share the exact same sentiments watching from a distance who are also angry. Don’t let the camera shyness fool you. Bermudians will express when they vote in the next election. Keep underestimating OBA. Keep being arrogant as you’ve always been, keep not listening and keep undermining the Bermudian people…

    • Up D hill says:

      @just a matter of time,, why don’t you say what you mean! “The People” ? Just who are you referring to? And by the way the very small numbers in your protest is because no one else wants to be affiliated with “your people”!

  19. What Grinds My Gears says:

    So, the signs mention job losses to foreigners, and that 3000 Bermudians are unemployed…Ok, that is true.
    Than someone says, and gets an applause after saying “if its not about votes, wait to after the election to do it”…..
    Ok, just a question, so what ur saying is that if the idea is stalled until after 2017s election, than u wouldn’t have an issue?
    I doubt that the unemployment rate with decrease dramatically by then; or that some ppls situation will change between now and then.
    MY POINT, which is it? what is ur problem with the proposals as u have just made it a political/voting issue by saying the above!!!

    • Rummy says:

      Better yet, what are they going to do if OBA wins in 2017? Are they going to be happy then or are they going to want to wait again until the election after that??? lmaooooo!

  20. Terry says:

    Again…..’evil’ hands are at work here.

    More socialist propaganda from the right wing of the PLP

    The people who are being offered have been here for years.
    They are employed.
    They took no ones/knowones job/house /apartment/seat at the bar.

    More spin to cause upset and turmoil for a purpose by those sitting in the wings for the next election to roll around.

    Rent a disruption.

  21. Rita Realistic says:

    Happy to go to live in other countries and get jobs there/reap their benefits!

  22. Questions says:

    Not sure I believe the lady’s story about her qualified accountant brother not being able to work. All of the large public accounting firms here are constantly looking to hire qualified Bermudians. A simply call to the recruiter at any of them would yield a job in their next round of intakes, if indeed he is qualified. Fact.

    • SANDGROWNAN says:

      Correct, there’s a shortage of qualified accountants.

    • Bermy says:

      Yes some people seem to mix up “qualified accountant” and “took accounting for 2 years at Bermuda Collage”

      • Franklin Jr says:

        This needs to be printed on the side of a bus, maybe every bus

      • Cmkbda says:

        This is SO true! Or…they’ve gone to some no name university, and taken a basic ‘business management’ degree, thinking that should qualify to work in IB and insurance. Don’t bother to research what these positions actually require.

    • Franklin Jr says:

      Big 4 firms fall all over themselves to hire Bermudians, they need them to be partners someday!

      • Cmkbda says:

        Couldn’t agree more. My Bermudian brother and sister both work in the accounting firms, and are constantly attending events to promote Bermudians to join the firms. Can never get enough Bermudian students to fill all of the positions they have. They bend over backwards to try to encourage young Bermudians to enter these companies.

  23. Van Martin says:

    Is the Minister of Home Affairs on the right “path” with his immigration initiative?
    Don’t know
    Total Votes: 8029

  24. jahstice says:

    Wow, just the plp diehards there. Most of us are not xenophobic and realize we need more people to save our children from the destructive years gone by.

  25. Peter says:

    Bermudas looney party boy don’t make me roar

  26. No_Hope says:

    Aint you lot got jobs?

  27. Just a matter of time says:

    @Curious Bermudian. In this society, as has been done for centuries, the goal post will always be shifted to continue displacing the average Black Bermudian. I say that because the elephant in the room that no one is really discussing fully is that the fall out and disparities inevitably fall along racial lines. But of course one is called a ‘racist’ for even mentioning such. Go figure.

    • Double S says:

      Most of you are upset because you believe, and keep stating, that too many white people will benefit from this legislative amendment.

      Thus you are the true racists in this island. You can give some manipulated definition of racism to try and excuse your intolerant mindset but in the end you are only against this legislation because of the color of some of the affected people’s skin.

      Hence you are a racist. If white Bermudians were against a majority black immigrants being granted status imagine the uproar from you and others.

      Now tell me how people who have been here for more than two decades are displacing any Bermudian, much less black Bermudians? They were here during the boom times and no one complained.

      In the end, as most fascists do they blame all their current ills on some boogeyman demographic. Idi Amin did it with the Indians in Uganda, Hitler did it with the Jews in Europe, the Hutu did it to the Tutsis in Rwanda, Venezuela does it with the US and business owners etc and now Bermudians are doing it against foreigners in Bermuda.

      So go ahead and write some long contrived response (as you do), but ultimately your are against this act because of the skin pigmentation of some of the benefactors. I imagine if it was only extended to people of West Indian origin there would be no march and there be no comment from you or any of your colleagues who share the same mindset.

    • AbbyG says:

      Just a Matter of Time – what do you mean by “continue displacing the average Black Bermudian”. Can you elaborate a little on the point you are trying to get across? Generally interested.

  28. lea says:

    kinda ironic they are singing “this land is your land” ect…

    • papers please says:

      Yeah, who scripted that one.

    • L Furbert says:

      …..and that they dont know the words, the context, or really what they are doig. Same people who showed up to “Preserve Marriage” (whatever that means). A bunch of xeno-bogits who are unfortunatly undereducated, misinformed and being played like puppets. They have my sympathy!

  29. Trisha says:

    OBA needs to get Michael fahy out, his decitions are causing damage to the island, he has been 3 or 4 years in power and there are people that qualify for status, still waiting, being denied under fahy ruling, don’ t fool yourself status are not for everyone but only the ones on fahy’ s list. I feel sorry for the ones who believe he will help them but is a distraction, he got plans.


    I don’t support party politics, but what if the PLP tried to push this through will they get the same resistance?

    • Double S says:

      Of course they wouldn’t.

      They unilaterally amended the Immigration Act to actually discriminate against Bermudians married to foreigners.

      No cries of injustice, bipartisan reform or injustice.

      And that nasty piece of legislation truly discriminated against born Bermudians.

      But you never heard from any of these objectors.

      The funny thing is that they had to reverse this discriminatory piece of legislation because, as was the case for most of their half-assed protectionist policies, it adversely affected the Bermudian economy.

      And yet some will still follow them off the cliff.

      • Cmkbda says:

        THANK YOU!! As the child of a Bermudian and a non-Bermudian, it pisses me off that this is the policy that supposedly ‘discriminates against Bermudians’. Nevermind the policy the PLP pushed through which required my parents to pay extra money simply because my mom married someone from off the island. BS policies…yet, something that is basic human rights, and we have this nonsense. Can’t knock sense into some people.

    • wondering says:

      i wonder the same ting myself because as a party they were not historically “better” than the OBA but what they (supposedly) stood for was appealing to the People and still appears to be.

      Bermuda is a microcsmic reflection of my experiences in Africa where the populace seem clueless when it comes to getting things done and the system of politics keeps them in that state NO MATTER which faction or government is in power because at the end of the day these same groups are really self-interest groups available to the highest bidder supposedly FOR THE PEOPLE but definitely of the people (just splinters of the group called the PEOPLE) and never serving of the multitudes just the minorities

      almost akin to tribalism but essentially another leopard with similar spots is still a leopard – even jaguars switch between a beautiful black sheen to spots…..know your animals people!!!

    • Harry Buttle says:

      There’s the rub. The PLP will likely introduce some sort of other half-measure solution which still makes sure that the evil foreigners can’t vote and buy up all the land, thereby re-inventing the idea of PRC (or whatever they decide to call it).

      I’d like to hear the oppositions proposal. It’s not surprising that they are remaining silent on the subject because anything they come up with will have to include elements of the current proposal. And anything that give those foreigners rights will make someone angry and shouty.

  31. Two Cents says:

    As a young bermudian whose family has been in bermuda for generations, I really cant wait till that generation of old bermudians are gone. Our political advances will not be thwarted by over-opinionated angry bermudians who are stuck in their ways.

    • Ed Case says:

      Most of the Bermudians in the ‘gathering’ probably have a 12 – 3pm lunch anyway so they won’t be late back.

      They still got time for all two dozen of them could go up Vasco to spread the love. Such loving and welcoming people they are.

    • yes! says:


    • OnionX says:

      One can only be hopeful. However, the Old Bermudians influence the young. So, there will always be “over-opinionated angry bermudians who are stuck in their ways.”

    • Toodle-oo says:

      If you really believe that it’s all going to end with the passing of ‘that generation of old Bermudians ‘ then you are incorrectly categorizing all ‘old Bermudians’ of having the same beliefs and you fail to understand how the ‘hate’ is being instilled in younger generations.

    • Happy says:

      Hallehluer !

    • smh says:

      Well while we’re pulling the young Bermudian card, I’m a young Bermudian who knows that this generation of ‘old Bermudians’ are the same people that marched and rioted so that young Bermudians like me could have equal opportunities in my own damn country. By the way, they’re still fighting for them today. Please read your history, lest we all get stuck in our ways.

  32. Enough says:

    It’s pretty clear from this that the protesters have no idea about what is going on. Signs saying that the OBA wants to invite foreigners to take jobs from Bermudians? Newsflash, they are already here working and have been for a minimum 15 years. This is the basis of the immigration reform! How about you all go home, educate yourselves on what it is you think you are protesting over and then make some informed decisions, rather than throwing around buzz word like “bipartisan” that you have heard from someone. When the PLP won’t allow talks and suggest upheaval you can’t have a bipartisan solution…..

    I’m not sure I even know where to begin about the sign saying “disrespted”……jeesh…..

    • Ed Case says:

      When these people become Bermudian they probably won’t show up for work anyway – so they will create a job. So what are these fools complaining about?

  33. AbbyG says:

    To the lady holding the “Bermudians are DISRESPTED” sign…you wonder why companies hire foreigners!

  34. Just a matter of time says:

    @Enough. People who think like you which also reflects the OBA, UBP and early 20th century racist oligarchy MPs will never get it. You will never fully understand the reality of those who are suffering and displaced in their own country. Keep hiding behind the stench of arrogance thinking that Bermudians are too stupid to understand. I guess you’ve never misspelled a word in your life. Thank goodness for the auto spellcheck on your device when you post your comments huh? Your ‘perfect’ ways are blinding indeed sir. Get to the substance of the matter why don’t you? Ask yourself WHY foreigners (the ones who came here to work) have been working here for at least 15 years and more? Are ALL Bermudians as stupid as you make them out to be as to why they don’t have these jobs in the first place? No wait, it’s that all Bermudians are lazy right?? It’s always…something. This is EXACTLY the pompous elitist mentality that has displaced Bermudians, particularly Black Bermudians away from job opportunities for decades and decades in the first place. Yes I agree it’s enough. Enough is enough.

  35. papers please says:

    Why did that one lady feel the need to give us her uneducated opinion of the America’s Cup?

    Damn that whole thing was pretty embarrassing.

  36. Terry says:

    Noam Chomsky is correct. What a mind I can relate too.

    “Shut the island down”.

    ‘Home grown……………………..’

  37. St Kool says:

    Chanting “shut the island down”?! That just speaks to the maturity level of this lot. Absolutely ridiculous.

  38. wondering says:

    there are many comments on here about “apply for jobs” but I will simply say that when the odds are stacked against you, who is for you?

    i have said it before and will say it again:

    when certain segments of OUR community realise that the ODDS are stacked in a particular fashion, they will have a better understanding of the feelings of the protesters.

    i have been in settings with the haves and have nots and heard the haves speak of the have nots like dirt in private and are champions of those same have nots in public…….

    i have been in settings where locals take advantage of foreigners for economic gain and allow 6 ppl to live in a 2 bedroom apt. no bermudian would be allowed to live like that…

    there are stories of real exploitation in these lands by Bermudians and the answer that Bermuda has is to give status away?

    go to h#ll is my gut response to that, but my educated “jiminy cricket” tells me that the reform that is needed is one of an urgent nature and to put out flyers selling your agenda which is NOT the Bermudian people’s agenda is wrong and akin to stealing…

    hand picked ppl that are sad sad cases but to tug at the coattails of Bermudians with these sad sad cases is a marketing nightmare and weak at best if this is your attempt to win the Hearts and Minds of the People.

    Go back to the drawing board and have the reform that we need for this contentious topic

    stop feeling pity for the failure of MULTIPLE GOVERNMENTS to properly regulate Immigration Policy in these lands

    some people do not and will not ever have the depth of knowledge or real life experience to make these decisions but unfortunately in a democratic society that is how things go if left alone

    it is NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO in the way that you want to do it Min Fahy.

    the caucasian lady said that she understood how her parents’ status grant disempowered some people….that is a reality that some of Bermuda would rather not hear publicly…

    i have been in settings where people refer to me as being “okay” because i was “not like everybody else” (I am black by the way)

    i used to wonder in amazement (now disgust) at the stories my grandmother (who was white) used to tell me about racism in her time.

    she came from a wealthy family who still has money and property to distribute amongst our now mixed family (nobody is struggling unless by choice)

    she struggled because she chose to – she married a black man and that was the end of it but i digress……

    the point i am making here is that these new implementations have a far reaching conclusion that is not good for Bermuda in one foul swoop….Rick Woolridge said it best but you have to watch the video…..PEACE

  39. Um Um Like says:

    Wow, what a diverse crowd!

  40. Mr. Meoff says:

    yeah, lets all keep bashing the expat workers here, then one day when they’ve had enough of our BS and suddenly say, “to hell with this place, lets close up shop, lets leave Mr. Joe Blow’s building here in Hamilton to rot and fall apart along with our homes that we pay big rent for along with the others that have been vacated by the many other ex pat companies who also jumped on the “lets get the hell out of this backward place and set up our business elsewhere” train, then we have ourselves to blame and when thousands more are unemployed, cant feed their families, get evicted from their homes and have to sleep in the derelict buildings and houses that have been left to rot after the exodus of foreign companies .
    Remember this my fellow Bermudians, our bread and butter comes mostly from IB and if you think these executive’s aren’t sitting back with their hands on their chins thinking, “do we really want our people subjected to this narrow minded selfish behavior by a few dozen uneducated fools who in turn poison the minds of other uneducated fools?
    Let’s keep it up fools, one day the S#!T will hits the fan and when we’re all left scratching our stinking assets wondering “what the hell do we do now”, I hope that we all remember that we have on one to blame but ourselves.

  41. Empty Barrels says:

    WB new venture, rent the same old and I mean OLD crowd!

  42. Had Enough says:

    This is a hard topic but I have to say that theses long time residents have made cointributions to the Bermuda economy and I am assuming are working or are now in a position that they can retire here. If they have been here that long they are entitled to receive a pension that they have paid into. On that note maybe Bermudians should stop going over to England, claiming all kinds of support from an economy they have never paid into. An old age pensioner who has worked all their life in the UK gets less than someone who is claiming on benefits. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  43. Granting Status to All Classes of Bermudians says:

    A Human Rights violation can be the non-granting of citizenship to long-term residents of Bermuda that Belong to Bermuda and are Considered Bermudians under the Law.

    Bermuda despite common believe actually has in the legal realm/sense; four (4) classes of Bermudians/Citizenship: (1) Bermudian Status Holders (BOTC Naturalized and non BOTCs in some instances) all entitled to British Citizenship/EU rights, (2) PRC, (3) BOTC Belongers and (4) Spouses of Bermudians and Children of any of those categories.

    Under the Constitution of Bermuda, the Bermuda Human Rights Act and Immigration and Protection Act all four are considered Bermudians some albeit can not vote making them second class citizens of Bermuda which is contrary to Human Rights and essentially makes them second class citizens. This also goes against the Right to a Private Life Article 5 of European Convention Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Declaration.

    In a 21st Century Democracy it is un ethical to with hold full citizenship and voting rights to people based on sex, race and national origin particularly who our legal citizens of a country/territory. Bermudians know all to well what can happen when one group holds back the right of vote to ensure their power over another group. So restricting a type of Bermudian from fully having Bermudian status is a human rights violation no different from Apartheid South Africa “Whites” not allowing “Blacks” to vote purposely blocking full citizenship/ability to vote in order to ensure their specific group keep control of political power and preferential treatment under their system of Governance.

    But before discussing how a society can continue to allow some of its citizens and in some cases family members to have second class citizenship to have no or limited status under the law affecting their ability to vote and fully participate in the society they were born in, lived most of their lives in. Lets consider the effect it has had on siblings where one is full enfranchised and the other has the inability to work or vote (a horrible contravention of human rights) lets discuss who under the law is a Bermudian, what classes/types of citizen we have in Bermuda and what is a status holding Bermudian.

    Who is a Bermudian and is that different than holding Bermudian status? Actually under law their is 4 types of Bermudians including status Bermudian. Huh what you on about???

    The term “Bermudian”; however, is defined by the Human Rights Act, 1981 as being “a person having a connection with Bermuda recognized by the law relating to Immigration for the time being in force”.

    So all of the pathway long term residents, PRCs and belongers have entered and remained legally in Bermuda. No provision to sent them away. Particularly, Belongers belong forever to Bermuda. PRC is a Permanent resident.

    So What? Why is it a human rights issue? Why do we need pathways?

    The pathway becomes a human rights issues as Bermudians (non status) ones are being treated differently due to their qualifying connection to Bermuda, their national origin, and type of citizen class and because their is no pathway. Lets be honest that theirs is a discriminatory systematic reluctance and refusal to grant classes of Bermudians and PRC or full status, which in itself is a human rights concern.

    The argument that they can go somewhere else or Bermuda is so small does not fly for Belongers…they now Belong in Bermuda and a type of Bermudian under Bermudian law…. end stop! The argument Bermudians cannot go anywhere else is false. I understand they may not ever wish to leave their Island home but they have options. Bermudians are not stateless as they are British Overseas Citizens and British Citizens/Commonwealth Citizens; they just as an expats can go somewhere else such as the UK if they so wish. In fact they as a British Citizens can live and work in the UK, European Union and have some opportunities with other Commonwealth Countries as well.

    How do they qualify as BOTC and BCs?

    The British Overseas Territory Act 2002

    British citizenship; you automatically became a British citizen on 21 May 2002 if your British overseas territories citizenship was gained by connection with a qualifying territory. Bermuda is a qualifying territory.

    While the “law relating to Immigration” refers to the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act, 1956, it also refers to the Bermuda Constitution Order, 1968. The Constitution, in turn, recognizes the rights of people who “belong to Bermuda” to reside and work in Bermuda while prohibiting laws that discriminate against such people on the basis of their “place of origin”.

    Those who “belong to Bermuda” include Bermudian Status Holders, Naturalized Citizens of the UK Overseas Dependent Territories, Spouses of Bermudians and Children under the age of 18 years whose parents “belong to Bermuda”.

    The Constitution has always protected naturalized BOT citizens as belongers in the same way as Bermudians.

    The Constitution says that belongers should not be discriminated against with respect to entry into employment, or engaging in any business or profession.

    Section 11

    Protection of freedom of movement

    11 (1) Except with his consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of movement, that is to say, the right to move freely throughout Bermuda, the right to reside in any part thereof, the right to enter Bermuda and immunity from expulsion therefrom.

    (5) For the purposes of this section, a person shall be deemed to belong to Bermuda if that person—

    (a) Possesses Bermudian status;

    (b) Is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by virtue of the grant by the Governor of a certificate of naturalization under the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914 [1914 c.17] or the British Nationality Act 1948 [1948 c.56];

    [NOTE by the British Nationality Act 1981 section 51 without prejudice to subsection (3)(c) thereof in any UK statutory instrument made before 1 January 1983 “British subject” and “Commonwealth citizen” have the same meaning and in relation to any time after 1 January 1983 means a person who has the status of a Commonwealth citizen under the British Nationality Act 1981]

    (c) Is the wife of a person to whom either of the foregoing paragraphs of this subsection applies not living apart from such person under a decree of a court or a deed of separation; or

    (d) Is under the age of eighteen years and is the child, stepchild or child adopted in a manner recognized by law of a person to whom any of the foregoing paragraphs of this subsection applies.

    Okay you might get the belongers and PRCs are a type of Bermudian in law and belong and are permanently residing in Bermuda and are stuck in a second class citizen construct. In such an instant the ethical and human rights approach would be to full enfranchise them to full status Bermudian or at least provide a pathway towards it.

    Why are we concerned with longterm residents they are not “Belongs or PRCs and have no qualifying connection to Bermuda and are not considered as a Bermudian under Law.”

    This is a really good questions legally Bermuda does not have to necessarily deal with this. The example of longterm Crown Servant such a Police Officer having to leave Bermuda at 55 or 60 years of age after spending 15-30 years in Bermuda and due to serving faithfully/life on the line and becomes a part of Bermudian community and Bermuda becomes their home. This is also applicable to other expats here after 15, 20, 30 years. Ethically it is the right thing to do and could be a human rights concern but Bermuda unlike the Belonger and PRC and qualifying connection is as legally bound to award PRC.

    Ethically speaking, Also of note long-term British Citizens in Bermuda have been not provided after a period of time similar rights to other types of British Citizens in Bermuda (Bermudian and BOTCs) also a systematic refusal and discrimination to deal with that issue. Particularly, since BOT Act 2002 the UK has awarded full British Citizenship and the right of abode voting to Bermudians/BOTC belongers who choose to make a life in the United Kingdom.

    But when deciding if it’s an ethical or human right item lets look at what some key humanists say on the subject:

    Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself.

    ~ Robert G. Ingersoll

    In giving rights to others, which belong to them, we give rights to ourselves.

    – John F. Kennedy

    Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

    – Robert F. Kennedy

    Commit yourself to the noble struggle for human rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country and a finer world to live in.”

    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.”

    – A. Philip Randolph

    By giving this rights to fellow classes of Bermudians (as defined under Bermudian law [being Bermudian does not necessarily mean you have status in Bermudian law just one of the classes of citizenship held as described above).

    “Bermudian” in law means a person having a connection with Bermuda recognized by the law relating to Immigration for the time being in force (Bermudian Human Act, 1982). Should not all types of Bermudians have status? Should they not all be a BOTC belonger and British Citizenship? That’s the human rights issue and where is the compassion? As Dr. King says above “…make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of [Bermuda] and a finer world to live in.” That’s what the pathway is about. Take the whole PLP and OBA politics out of it…love all types of Bermudians that make Bermuda the best place in the world be proud of all types of Bermudians by doing the right thing for all classes of Bermudians

  44. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Ignore them. Have them go to Alaska hall with the signs as that is where it all began

  45. Happy says:

    “if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change” MJ

  46. Just a matter of time says:

    @AbbyG. We have had so called ‘Bermudianization’ whereby Bermudians were supposedly being trained to take over when a work permit holder’s term comes to an end. I have seen foreigners whose work permits were renewed for less specialized positions ranging from the hospitality to administrative positions in IB. Even jobs in the trades. I have personally seen where if there are any Bermudians to be hired at all, white Bermudians will be favoured over Black Bermudians. If we tally up the displacements overall, Black Bermudians are disenfranchised the most.

  47. Frustrated says:

    smh i wonder if the people who are talking smack about my Bermudian people are here because they can’t cut it in their own country if you feel that way about us why are you here we do not need you as you think if you feel that way about the people here than maybe you should go back home oh i forgot the opportunities are better here huh well those same people you are downing made that way for you and all they are doing is standing up for their futures so like the saying goes if you have nothing good to say you shouldn’t say nothing at all because if it were your country you would feel the same way just saying!!

    • wahoo says:

      Chingas! All that without a full stop! You must got some of dat plp flu.

    • No Brains says:

      No, most of the people here are Bermudian , REALITY CHECK!

    • Lois Frederick says:

      It is my country too and I don’t feel the same way as you. Most want the issues long term residents to addressed and that is what the OBA are doing.

    • Cmkbda says:

      Yea…because when the foreigners leave, Bermudians will be soooo much better off. Forget that the majority of our economy resides in IB (stress on the INTERNATIONAL aspect of that), or that these expats all contribute significantly to the economy every single day. Let’s get rid of them all, and see what you all have to complain about then. I’ll tell you right now, as a Bermudian, I fear the day that expats get fed up of the same old BS, and leave the island.

    • Willsee says:

      I too am Bermudian and some of our fellow citizens just don’t have it,
      Not all but some .

  48. To the HUNDREDS of outsiders living here in Bermuda, YOU would never fully comprehend and understand what BERMUDIANS have had to deal with, live with and cope with.
    What is currently happening is clearly beyond your scope of understanding of what the masses have had to endure.
    Frankly, we are not going to just lie down and have you tread on us.
    You are all of the WRONG perception about BLACK BERMUDIANS.
    You are ZENOPHOBIC in your approach to BERMUIDANS.It is visible, your have been indoctrinated with rubbish about BERMUDIANS, and you all need to accept the FACT that we are going NOWHERE.
    We built up this island, along with others, from the ground up, and it for ALL to enjoy…….. FAIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Democracy for ALL will prevail!!!

    • wondering says:

      let’s just remember the days of mortgages being called in a the banks because of personal influence by certain segments of the community or the loans given to underqualified indivduals yet not given to other qualified persons based on their race or political affiliation.

  49. Wahoo says:

    I’m yelling at my TV right now! I do not know why but it feels good… can you hear me now?

  50. Time to move on says:

    Today’s event clearly demonstrated that times have moved on in Bermuda.

    With a group of protestors exclusively consisting of what appears to be the 55plus generation it showed that the next and progressive generation – no matter what race – has understood what the Government’s initiative is all about and that its short, middle and long term effects will for the very most part have a positive impact on Bermuda’s future.
    No matter how loud the few individuals continue to shout “no, no, no” and no matter how many posters Warren Brown drafts and hands out behind the scene to those that blindly follow his guidance to further stir “civil disobedience” – times have moved on.

    Today has signified that Bermuda will not be held back by a minority of bullies that live in the past.

    What a great day for Bermuda!

  51. Cmkbda says:

    Anyone else find it ironic that one of the main complaints is that these people shouldn’t have been here for 15-20 years, because the government continued to ‘illegally’ renew work permits? I’m sorry…who was in power for the majority of those 15-20 years! The PLP!!!! Really wish people would think before they opened their mouths sometimes. Watching the coverage on Periscope, and I honestly cannot believe the short-sightedness of some people on this island.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Well presented, and I totally agree, “Cmkbda” Quote: “Anyone else find it ironic that one of the main complaints is that these people shouldn’t have been here for 15-20 years, because the government continued to ‘illegally’ renew work permits? I’m sorry…who was in power for the majority of those 15-20″

  52. OXO says:

    i am a bermudian or am I? i was born here .i hold a passport. my parents and their parents were so called bermudians. in fact I can go back many many generations on one side. my biggest cross to bear unfortunately i am white, i worked for various companies that employed bermudians and others. am i proud to be bermudian NOT A CHANCE, do i want to be here NO but i can’t just leave. one thing I am not blind nor stupid.i have worked with some of the salt of the earth but this sick ignorant way of thinking we are so far above the rest and are OWED is lot want to be lead by a bunch of idiots that think the world owes them and can’t see their own party and unions have literally led them down the garden path like a bunch of stupid lemmings welcome to the real world. oh i am not going to work tomorrow because i have a hang nail, get stuffed and the union will condone it as will your party but we are bermudians a SHRINKING number that are so easily led and baffled


    to the blind. what is the population make up black to white??percentage or ratio?? related to either parties perceived racial makeup. and you fools think this will sway the vote if passed. it shouldn’t be a black or white issue anyway rather a issue of GROWING the island

  54. Widget says:

    Signage all manufactured by BETTY”. Can’t you tell. That makes everyone that is holding a sign a puppet.

    You do not represent the majority.

  55. Unbelievable says:

    The irony of many of those protesters is that they are hypocrites and don’t even know it! Quite a few are married to non-Bermudians and have children by non-Bermudians. Many have children and relatives living and working abroad. They simply want their rights but can’t see others having rights. Today I’m embarrassed to be known as a black Bermuda because of these narrow minded crazy bigots!

    • wondering says:

      ^^^ so true – even some of the pundits who are spear heading the movement are of foreign parentage going back only one generation….

      i don’t support the manner in which they are miseducating the Bermudian public but neither am i in agreement of how the OBA is going about it either.

      good to see all races represented as well so it can’t be said to be a black (or white) thing.

      Bermuda is changing – before the breakup of the UBP and the formation of the BDA/OBA – can anyone tell me when they saw a white person protest publicly?

      can anyone tell me when a mixed group of blacks/whites of the proportions seen at that time had been seen before?

      albeit as self-serving as any other protest – it was good to see that during the BDA/OBA formation phase.

      it appears that more and more BERMUDIANS of whatever race are now willing to stand next to each other for a common(-ish) goal

  56. Concerned says:

    What’s funny is that there isn’t a such thing as a native Bermudian because we all where bought here one time or another and we all call this home so I guess this comes us all immigrants

  57. Expats Care says:

    I am one of the white European expats that are feared. My story did not feature but is no threat to anyone.
    I have been here for 15+ years. I never took a job from a Bermudian. I actively promoted the industry to young Bermudians. I attended career days at Berkley. I took work experience students under my wing. I tried to guide younger staff towards my role as I needed a successor. It was always my plan to stay at home once I started a family. I tried.
    My partner is a senior executive in IB. We have known it wasn’t for ever. We have saved. We have married and had our family later in life which has been as financially beneficial as our educations.
    We volunteer and give back to the community because we want to. PRC or Status will not change that.
    These new reforms will not change our future as it was the PLP who have enabled Job Creators to have PRC which might be our pathway, perhaps that has not been widely known.
    If we choose to do it and invest savings and property here then yes, we would expect to have voting rights.
    There are no floodgates being opened. There are so few of us after the term limit policy and few who felt comfortable with the uncertainty of living permit to permit especially after having children.

    Don’t fear us, we live and work alongside you, we want to stand by your side and see this country thrive, we are raising our children with yours and although we are not expecting it………would love grow old with you too.

  58. Concerned says:

    This discussion is probably over and done but I am sitting here with questions and I am sure others do as well:
    a. how many have had ex-pats renting their apartments?
    b. how many have sent their children off to school/college/university because of this rent
    c. how many enjoyed having the US Services living in their homes and their friendship and hardships followed when they left the Island
    d. how many seniors are suffering because their homes/apartments are empty because of the expats leaving and them having to decide medication over BELCO, food, clothing and other things
    e. how many have had children marry expats and thus, have grandchildren
    f. how many have befriended expats and are great friends
    g. how many have looked after expat children’s in their homes and considered them family
    h. how many have been able to live happy because of the monies ex-pats have spent in this country
    i. how many have travelled abroad to spend time with their expat friends and their families
    j. how many expats have you entertained in your home on vacation as family
    k. how many afforded a new car every three or four years because of the expats renting your homes
    Sooooooooo, what’s all the fuss about. We are all expats and we should all embrace each other and those that enter our shores as everybody benefits, you, me and them in the end.