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March 21, 2016

Following the Government’s agreement to withdraw the Bill and engage in further consultation, the Immigration Reform Action Group [IRAG] said they plan to keep the public informed and have set-up an email address for submissions, questions, and ideas for the comprehensive immigration reform working group that is due to be formed.

IRAG’s comments follow after a five day long protest over the proposed ‘Pathways’ immigration legislation, which saw people gather on the House grounds for five days, and resulted in the Government agreeing to withdraw the Bill and “enable further community input” into immigration reforms.

The group said, “The Immigration and Protection Amendment Act 2016 will be withdrawn in it’s entirety. A working group to perform genuine comprehensive immigration reform will be set-up.

“We understand that there are many questions about what comes next. We do plan to educate you and keep you informed via town hall meetings, information sessions etc.

“In the meantime, we have set-up an email address for submissions, suggestions, questions, concerns, ideas etc. for the comprehensive immigration reform working group that is due to be formed.”

You can email submissions to

A copy of the agreement about the immigration reform working group is below:



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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Now the Airport and same sex confusion.
    Don’t celebrate now people, its just starting.

  2. get real says:

    So you agree to let the OBA give status, just not this week but in 6 months… why did we protest again?

  3. Disappointment says:

    Now this process just needs to move forward. Too much in Bermuda ends up being kicked around and never really getting anywhere. A fully diluted outcome is just as useless as nothing at all.

    Bermuda is dwindling. Those Bermudians who have left are going to be hard pushed to return unless the country gathers some economic pace. The population is in decline. Left alone the population will fall off and then Bermuda will be left with a very old, very stagnant population. Change needs to happen and unfortunately that means some very difficult decisions will need to be made and decisions and agreements reached.

    I hope that this working group and government can arrive at some tangible outcomes as failure to do so will not be a longer term good result.

  4. serengeti says:

    What and who is IRAG? Who is behind it and financing it? Because up until two weeks ago I had ever heard of them. Suddenly they come out of nowhere and think they can negotiate things on my behalf.

  5. Noncents says:

    I look forward to seeing how much response they receive from the public on this.

    I fear that those protesting on the hill are less concerned with providing alternative approaches and more interested in taking any opportunity to protest the OBA government.

    The fact that a select few are back on the hill after the OBA completely capitulated to the demands of the combined opposition shows that many just dont like who is making the decisions and it is less about actual policy.