“Calling For Island-Wide Withdrawal Of Labour”

March 10, 2016

[Updating] The People’s Campaign said they join with Enda Matthie, IRAG, Union Brothers & Sisters and all people of goodwill in “calling for an island-wide withdrawal of labour on Friday March 11th, 2016 as a show of people power and island-wide solidarity appealing to the Government to withdraw its intention to table the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 2016.”

The statement calling for a withdrawal of labour comes shortly after the Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that meetings took place following correspondence from the BIU indicating that unless Government withdrew the proposed immigration legislation, they would call on “people to protest” by withdrawing labour on Friday.

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A statement from the group said, “The People’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs, and Justice are issuing this statement to join in solidarity with the Immigration Reform Action Group [IRAG] and the people of Bermuda in calling for the Government to reconsider it’s intent to move forward with the “Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 2016.”

“In 2014 in response to the “PRC’ issue, the People’s Campaign joined with others in calling on the Government to undertake a process of comprehensive Immigration Reform. As part of this effort the People’s Campaign held a series of public meetings to both educate the public, and solicit support.

“As a result approximately 2500 people joined us as we marched on Cabinet urging the Government to make a commitment to pursue a policy of comprehensive reform.

“This action was followed by a limited dialogue with the Government. On December 19, 2014 the Government reaffirmed its commitment to comprehensive immigration reform which included the following items;

  • “That the Government undertake a process that would include ALL stakeholders including the Opposition PLP.
  • “Comprehensive Reform would undertake a “review of the Act section by section.”
  • “A review of the sections dealing with ‘status.” This would provide a clear outline addressing the issues surrounding long-term residency.
  • “Incorporate the underlying goal of keeping the island competitive as an International business jurisdiction.
  • “A clearly defined framework and timeline for review, adoption, and implementation.

“The Government’s failure to uphold this commitment marks the latest in a series of acts that reflect a flagrant dismissal and refusal to hear the concerns of the people of this island. We understand the challenges confronting the Government and that they are faced with difficult choices but we believe that Governments are entrusted to serve the people who entrust them, not to rule over them in tyrannical or dictatorial fashion.

“This Government in pursuit of its ends has engaged in a systematic attack on fundamental Human and Constitutional Rights. [Attacks on Free speech, undermining Freedom of Assembly, and engaging in intimidation and suppression of the Free press.]

“We are extremely concerned and saddened by the fact that Sister Enda Matthie feels that the only recourse to getting the Government to hear the people is to engage in the extreme yet heroic act of undertaking a hunger strike.

“Having exhausted every effort to find a amicable resolution to this issue we are left with no alternative but to reaffirm our call upon the Government to fulfill its commitment to undertake Comprehensive Immigration reform that will include a bi-partisan comprehensive approach, inclusive of all stakeholders.

“We join with our Sister Enda Matthie, the Immigration Reform Action Group, our Union Brothers and Sister’s and all people of goodwill in calling for an island-wide withdrawal of labour on Friday March 11th, 2016 as a show of people power and island-wide solidarity appealing to the Government to withdraw its intention to table the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 2016.

“In spite of the Government’s promise to listen, the people cannot be heard. Listening should lead to action. Withdraw the bill!! Demonstrate that more than listening, you have heard.”

Update 8.47pm: We have asked if/how much this will impact public transportation and will update as able. If we do not get a formal response, we will physically check the bus/ferry terminals early tomorrow, and update first thing in the morning.

It should also be noted the call for labour withdrawal is not just for buses/ferries, it’s an island-wide call, so there is the possibility of other services being impacted.

We will update on all developments as able, and will also send out any key breaking news alerts directly to your phone for those who are subscribed via our app.

We have moved to a live updating format going forward.

Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates:

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  1. Truth says:

    Let’s be serious… all you people want is a three day holiday.

    You have no idea what you’re objecting to and your idea of oppression is having your cable signal drop during rain.

    • Meredith stapff says:

      Not so it’s about rights for you to

      • Tank says:

        …about rights for you two… No to. Sheesh.

      • drunken ursula says:

        Meredith these people (foreigners) are showing how real nasty an anti Bermudian they are ! What you don’t like about us just book the next flight back home. clowns

        • rodney smith says:

          Change your name. We will find you.

          • Its me again says:

            And do what?

            • smartest person says:

              lets be real the only true natives were the wild pigs we all stem from somewhere else half of you lots great grandparents probably foreigners so just go sleep

              • Just the Tip says:

                Actually the Pigs were foreigners too

                • Ringmaster says:

                  Correction. Not Meredith but drunken ursula

              • u have been lied too!!! says:

                BS that’s what u was taught to believe.. indigenous peoples was on every piece of in habitable land on earth LONG before Europeans started to sail in the 1400′s.. that is a perpetuated lie repeated over and over..

                • hmmm says:

                  So you are saying the island had people living on it … you know it came from a volcano right ?

                  Were people living in the volcano …volcano people….

                  Get a grip on reality and stay off the weed !

          • now I remember says:

            Is this the same Rodney who some years back through his tenant out and place their furniture outside the apartment?

          • drunken ursula says:

            Rodney are you looking for all the other bloggers that also post negative comments at the PLP n unions or just at the OBA? CHOSE TODAY WHOM YOU SHALL SERVE.

        • Chateau le Roof says:

          That’s a great idea! Why not start with all the foreign workers in the medical profession? Then we can move on to all the people working in the insurance industry. Who would feel their loss? Just think of all the rental vacancies they would free up if they left! Maybe they some of them own a home and could put it up for sale. There would be tons of office space available too.

    • Okay... says:

      “You people”? Nice. #sippingmytea

    • Your mother says:

      Beautiful example of privilidge

    • Onion Juice says:

      Dunkley, you expect the people to listen to you now after you have not been listening to them.
      But don’t worry, we have America’s Cup.

      • Truth says:

        You’re right…his words…”We’re just doing what we have to do!” Now the people are just doing what they have to do.

    • Who's Askin' Jus' Askin' says:

      @Turth Who are you referring to by saying “YOU PEOPLE”????? Be very specific!!!!

  2. Tom Cooke says:

    Well.. I for one am going to work tomorrow. .. anyone else.. ???

    • KJ says:

      They are NOT the union!!!

      • jt says:


      • N says:

        Yet bosses in government aren’t allowing workers to come in, not even a skeleton crew. People need the work! It’s unfair; not a union strike, can’t work or get paid. HARSH…

        Glad to see unity but sadly its pulling down the people.

    • Legalgal says:


    • Wow says:

      I am Bermudian and I DO NOT support the Peoples Campaign.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Count at time of this, petition against the Pathways reform – 1332, petition for Pathways reform – 3238… tell me again how the PC and BIU can say they are representing the people or how the PLP can say they respect democracy and represent the feelings of the majority of Bermudians, by this ratio, this means that even some of their members think that there should be the Pathways.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Been about 18 hours and the against has garnered another 44 signatures to total 1382, while for has received an additional 170 for a total of 3408. Edging even closer to a 3:1 ratio for the Pathways, yet the PLP/PC/BIU/IRAG still claim they speak for the people???

  3. Education, education, education says:

    Unions hiding behind the Peoples Campaign.


    • CCT says:

      For sure!!

    • No Longer A Memeber says:

      Unions are the peoples campaign, let by a false prophet that mixes church and state which Christ Jesus would have never done. He did not get involved is any politics of this nasty world.

  4. Ha! says:

    Thanks, but no thanks. The slient majority are not in support of shutting down the island, period.

  5. Sunfish says:

    There goes the work permit holder tweed calling for work stopage,,again. Any of my people show up, their fired!

    • Its me again says:

      Yup and guess what.

      You would be breaking one of the fundamental rights of the Bermuda constituion the freedom of association.

      So you do that.

      Good look on ya

      • .am says:

        Not so, as it means they would be withdrawing labor too. Nothing to do with association. It’s the act itself.

    • So Tired says:

      Before you fire anyone Sunfish, get them to show you how to abbreviate “they are”

    • mixitup says:

      Go ahead and fire them – sure all off you do it actually.. And watch this Island go to hell in a handbasket. very fast

  6. I think these people are sick says:

    ya, now convinced there is no way to stop these crazy people from ruining our island….

  7. Pookie Boo says:

    Go FY .Time to stand up to your crap TWEED you have an obvious ulterior motive I passed you in the street the other day, your disdain only matches Beans self centered motives. Withdraw your labour, you guys don’t work anyway, and BRO CHRIS…..scoundrels only want one thing a fourth world country run into the ground with debt and led by a bunch of self centered self serving drunk with power fools.

  8. Expat says:

    How about all the expats take a few days off and then see how businesses are impacted.

    • jasmine says:

      why not? sounds like a good idea.

    • CCT says:

      Good one!

    • Flattsboy says:

      oh you mean almost the entire hospitality and food service industries ? Tell you mate, the restaurant and kitchen I work in would be empty.

      I honestly don’t understand the fuss over this,most ex-pat’s I’ve met working in the hospitality and food service industries work harder than the Bermudians in it.

      If you put in the time and toil like everyone else and pay your taxes and stay out of trouble why shouldn’t they have a right to become Bermudian god knows there are enough people on this island who were born here and don’t deserve that right.

      • Nightlilly says:

        I’ve worked in jobs where they tried to hire Bermudians for the lower (i.e. unskilled and uneducated) positions and they were horrible! Wouldn’t show up to work on time…sometimes at all…and didn’t do a great job. The skilled Bermudians I worked with who were hard workers and good people have since left the island to work overseas and make more money and have a better life than they can achieve here.

    • LOL (Original TM) says:

      don’t know why you think your so important to you job they would just fire you on breach of your contract and replace you you know we are in a global market they’ll fine someone else to replace you asap.

      LOL imagine that contract workers trying to strike the whole concept is stupid.

    • Izzypop says:

      Ow about the expats stop supporting our charities. Clean ups. Helping feeding breakfast in the morning. Etc. I know how but the IB companies just leave. Then where would we be. Continue to pick on the expats and that’s what’s gonna happen

    • Next election says:

      How about you return to your broke a $$$ country and jump in a hole

      • Expat says:

        I did that with a heavy heart. I am very humble and was blessed to spend time working in Bermuda. I love the country and the people. I returned to the US where I bought a 4 bedroom house and own 3 cars. Can you say that? I’ll jump in a hole, but I’ll hire someone to dig it because I want it dug before lunch, not next week.

        • N says:

          Yeah all you lot do is take our money! Nothing against you as a person but the motive of taking all our money to other countries is hurting us Bermudians…
          Your comment is rude.

    • Expat says:

      I know it’s not a fair comparison in size, but why not kick out all Bermudians working or attending university in the US or Canada. Isn’t that a fair comparison in principle.

      • So Tired says:

        Not really, they come back home…somewhere you should go!

    • Nanny Pat says:

      While you’re at it Expats, you should also take a few days off from spending your money on the island. Let’s see what no business lunches for a few days does to restaurants’ bottom lines…and don’t gas up your cars, don’t buy wine, don’t pay your kids’ school tuition or music/sport/dance lessons….need I go on?

  9. Bluwater says:

    Another flop in the making. A few dozen old folks living in the past.

    Bizarre to have people protest AGAINST human rights.

    • LOL (Original TM) says:

      actually that’s just it there is no rights in question here.

      LOL Bermudians should demand rights in your country.

      • just wondering says:

        ummmm- that’s just the point if Bermudians do go to another country they DO have the right to become a citizen of that country (after a period of time of course)!! And yet here you are denying the very thing that you are entitled to in “their ” country!! What hypocrisy!!

        • LOL (Original TM) says:

          maybe you should look in to the court right now and find out what cases are happening to find out what is happening behind the scenes on this island and why I claim that QUALIFIED BERMUDIANS are not getting a fair shake when it comes to jobs here but like I said bellow its people like you that need to suffer alittle so that you can learn compassion and wtf I have family that live in other countries and guess what those countries hire their own first then look for labor elsewhere (ex. Canada and the US) unlike here where jobs in the paper are just there as a formality as someones work permit is about to be renewed..

          LOL must be nice to not have to work hard or struggle like you clearly! I don’t even know why I respond to you in the first place clearly you did not get anything through any sort of hard work or personal merit. How can you even think of yourself as an upright independent person…but I’m sure you do….tipical

  10. Unusual Suspect says:

    Bonus furlough day for Government!

  11. Stay home you lot says:

    Do it. Stay home. The commute will be easier.

    Do you folks know how silly you all look.

    You have an issue? Take action where is should be. With the courts that made the decision. Don’t inconvenience law abiding citizens that need to go to work to support their families and children that need to get to school.

    You folks are really so self centered it’s beyond belief.

    This will do nothing to get the majority of the country supportive of your arguments.

    Knock yourselves out withdrawal your labor. Just don’t get in the way of law abiding people.


    • Jus suis Bermuda says:

      Totally agree, let’s call their buff, I am so tired of being bullied, and I can remember being bullied at Gilbert!!! Am sick of bullies who do not speak for Majority. Just being louder and more vocal does not mean YOU WIN!!
      Just suis Bermuda

    • Legalgal says:

      And put bull bars on the front of your car to clear the way into work. This place is becoming a banana republic, without enough bananas to go around.

  12. BdaGal says:

    Well this should lead to a whole slew of job openings.

    • Wicked leading the ignorant says:

      They fire every single one of you fools that don’t go to work tomorrow!

      • CCT says:

        They should!! Seems to me that they are more concerned with expats actually working than they are about working themselves!!

        • Nanny Pat says:

          Withdrawal of labor = withdrawal of paycheck and job. Make your choice wisely employees.

    • Ha! says:

      One could only hope. Lord knows I need a full time job. I’ll be ready with resumes in hand!

  13. Yahoo says:

    So many things wrong with this. First, the “leaders” calling for this (i.e. Furbert, Tweed) don’t actually do work of any kind so withdrawing their labor any day of the week is meaningless – just another day at the trough. Second, the hunger strike lady is delusional and has no idea why she is fasting so she’s far from being heroic. Looks like the unions want a three day weekend!

    • edwin says:

      I guess you say that Rosa Parks didn’t know why she sat at the front of the bus.

  14. Tosha says:

    This is not a labor issue

    • Logic says:

      My favorite part about this whole thing.. The silly people who are taking their long weekend are not ‘bermudians’. They go on parading about how it’s ‘their’ island. Wake up. Read a book. Most of the protestors are second generation bermudians at best!

      Fact you were ALL seeking to be bermudian at one point. And we, the people who have been here for 3+ centuries.

      We have a declining population. We need people. They are entitled to join our island of they are willing to work hard, which with this three day weekend hayatus is not your intention.

  15. Smiths says:

    no work – no pay – your choice, simple.

  16. Legal Eagle Wanted says:

    Is there a lawyer willing to answer the question. Can I as a citizen sue the above segments of society PC.PLP.IRAG,BIU in any way for their callous denial of my personal freedom and false claim they represent the common man.

    • Legalgal says:

      …and loss of income, or cost of cab to get to work…

    • Legalgal says:

      Under Enlgish law unions have an exemption under tort and contractual law for any damages. I’m not a labour lawyer and not clear if this would cover illegal/unlawful strikes such as this. I wouldn’t expect so. So sue ‘em. Maybe a class action. Damages may be difficult to establish and you’d be under a duty to mitigate them, so no cabs! But it is about time these people start to take responsibility for their actions.

  17. King Jammys says:

    Funny…nobody was protesting when the two billion went out the door.

  18. Kevin says:

    here go the children lets throw all the toys out of the pram

    Go BIU show how childish behaviour will benefit Bermuda in the future


    in the future

  19. drunken ursula says:

    if buses aren’t running the only positive thing is that I don’t see that nasty bus driver at 1.00pm….TAXI

  20. Terry says:

    April Fools………………………………….

  21. Kevin says:

    If they go out
    They must not be Paid
    Must not be paid
    Must not be paid
    Must not be paid

  22. I WILL WORK says:

    I guess arrogant Tweed is a card carrying fully paid up member of Beans possee and Bro Furbuts followers, must be promised something.

    • Bermy says:

      Yah! Hope everyone is going to be protesting when he gets his status papers!

  23. Lois Frederick says:

    This is sad. The unions can’t do it so the other side of the office is doing it instead. Grow up.

  24. Jus suis Bermuda says:

    Am speechless!!! They would pick weekend, duh! And please, don’t be all offended, you get to determine the ultimate down fall of Bermuda, and the rest is us are supposed to sit by?????? ARE YOU ALL INSANE????
    You have no idea of who the real world works.

  25. zario says:

    The people’s campaign are definitely not campaigning for me.

  26. Triangle Drifter says:

    No work, no pay for union members but you can bet that Tweed & Furbert will get paid.

    Another wildcat strike. Bounce them into court, quickly.

    • Legalgal says:

      Yes, after this week’s court decision their actions may be seen to be in contempt of court.

  27. Mark says:

    Furball and Tweed will stoop to anything to undermine the ELECTED Govt. Once the PlPoopers get back in it will ruin the islaand!

  28. Mark says:

    Also, while you’re all making noise around Parliament I hope you take some KFC to that lady.

  29. Lol says:

    Bermuda becomes the laughing stock of the world!!

    Let’s protest human rights. Oh sweet baby Jesus!!!

    You just can’t make this stuff up. You would think weed is legal here and we are all wasted!!!

  30. Kevin says:

    If a stand must be made then lets draw a line in the sand how is this a Labour issue

    Those who fail to show for work better call in sick and have a doctors note or have the process begin


    • CCT says:

      So sad! I feel for all Bermudians being held hostage by these few outspoken ones, fueled by the PLP and BIU!

  31. Hmmm says:

    This is a rushed letting from Furbert being emotional and in a chaotic mood. Just look at the letter. Not once was it proofread. the first date is 2015 and the second date is Friday March 12. Yes do Please strike on March 12, its the weekend.

  32. King Jammys says:

    The PLP had 14 years to sort of the immigration issues they did nothing…..nobody protested

    • Izzypop says:

      They did. Many of these eligible came to Bermuda under their watch. Remember more work permits were approved.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        And while the work permits from the higher skilled labour force declines, the PLP buoyed the number with more work permits for lower skilled jobs.

    • edwin says:

      No, it rolled over from the UBP.

  33. Ann says:

    I am hoping that they do strike, get fired and we can finally privatize and get on with it! Do these small minded people realize if we continue acting like idiots, tax paying citizens WILL leave and when they do there will never be enough tax dollars to pay your UNearned benefits!

  34. ok den.. says:

    Hunger strike?? Man im not starting on that…

    God save the Queen! Just remember kids the Queen can step in at any given time the there will be NO PARTIES to vote on.. actually looking forward to that

    • obasellouts says:


      now that’s the stupidest thing I can ever recall seeing on these blogs

  35. The Facts says:

    This is getting out of hand, and i hope no one shows up tomorrow. The peoples campaign need to be marching around PLP headquarters and asking wheres all the people money that went missing

  36. LaFerne Sherb says:

    Oh cha! 3 day weekend!

  37. stand for something says:

    I am getting tired of the People’s campaign etc. Calling for an island wide shut down. What for ? The government has been elected to lead and make decisions. People were not acting like this when the island was thrown into debt but yet every thing the current government tries is just shut down by the opposition etc. This is getting sick!The wool is not pulled over my eyes and I have a mind to think for myself. No form of hate or discrimination is right and it seems like the opposition uses this to get people worked up in order to follow them. I’m black, and I know what the right vote at the polls will be in 2017! Oh, let me mention that I was born in Bermuda and had to get Bermudian status. Oh, one last thing, I was born out of wedlock, so good thing I was born the year and time I was born because getting Bermudian status would have been harder for me otherwise. Tired of all this nonsense !

  38. Noncents says:

    Utterly pathetic. The combined opposition using the nuclear weapon of an island wide strike because a small section are unhappy and the majority must suffer. You are despicable group of individuals. I am a proud Bermudian but ashamed of some of my compatriots.

    And you know what it all boils down to, the guy in the unenviable position of handling this ministry doesnt share your views. And it irks you.

  39. Ann says:

    Isn’t Reverend Tweed on a work permit? Are there NO Bermudaians capable of doing his job?

    • Newly Registered Voter says:

      They should just revoke his work permit tomorrow and send him on his way!

    • Sick & Tired says:

      You sound real stupid!!! He’s Bermudian . . . check your facts!!!

      • Bermy says:

        No he is not! At least he wasnt when he came here a few years back

  40. george says:

    “This Government in pursuit of its ends has engaged in a systematic attack on fundamental Human and Constitutional Rights. [Attacks on Free speech, undermining Freedom of Assembly, and engaging in intimidation and suppression of the Free press.]”

    So, help me understand how allowing unruly idiots to protest unmolested is attacking their free speech? If I recall correctly, it was the opposition’s call to arms which undermined our Freedom of Movement, and they are the ones threatening to overtake Parliament and threatening to burn the Island down

    As the Supreme Court has determined, we need to pass this act in order to abide by our Constitution (as the current law is unconstitutional). How is making the changes required to uphold our Constitution an attack on Constitutional Rights?

    How is treating people fairly regardless or origin or skin colour an attack on Human Rights?

    How the heck is any free thinking person supposed to take these lot seriously? They can’t even give a simple list of demands. If they can’t use their words, how are we supposed to try to accommodate them?

    They are opposed yes. They are opposed to progress, they are opposed to long term strategy, they are opposed to open dialogue, and they are opposed to anyone that doesn’t look like them or think like them.

    They are an embarrassment to Bermuda.

  41. ffs & smh says:

    I guess ppl will not be happy until we have ideas like the Hustle truck coming back instead of these broad multi million dollar deals that OBA is doing that will help everyone.

    oh well

  42. Bermudaboy23 says:

    Any person attending this and not reporting to work should be fired on the spot by their employer for unauthorized absence. The sheer audacity of the so-called People’s Campaign beggars belief. This is not an employee issue, this is not a union issue – you cannot simply go on strike whenever you want, it’s illegal.

  43. obasellouts says:

    The strike is only a start.

    Much more needs to be done to cleanse Bermuda

    • Runner says:

      You are a big part of the current problem in our Island! Sleep well.

    • Bullseye says:

      You think you are so tough. Try busting your tail at work and ensuring jobs for others in the face of decline after decline after decline. Try your wages down and your costs up year after year but you keep working because you always fight on and you know others are trying too. Then you see people like you who want to take it all away for nothing. I have work to do tomorrow. I have to try and make something happen tomorrow and you and your fools keep destroying hope. You think that when it is all burned to the ground you will rise up and be the strongest. You have no idea. You don’t fight the fight, you complain and point fingers. I will fight my fight at work tomorrow and when you burn it all down do not think I am done. You cannot stop me from succeeding and providing for my family. You have no idea how weak you reveal yourself to be.

    • Legalgal says:

      Fine nazi language being used there. Leave the hate speech wherer it belongs, in the past. And use your real name.

  44. Ringmaster says:

    I am disgusted with the OBA if they give in to this threat of illegal action. Do not give in and let the PLP back into Government to finish their destruction of Bermuda. Remember Ronald Reagan, and fire all those Government employees who partake in illegal action.

  45. jasmine says:

    “calling all people of goodwill” to join the strike? i hope you know the meaning of the word goodwill???

  46. Island Chica says:

    This is getting ridiculous now. Every time this group doesn’t get their way they pull stunts like this. Seriously where was the PLP when these people’s permits were being renewed year after year. Now they’ve been here for 20 years and we are trying to do the right thing. What happened to term limits…clearly they didn’t work.

  47. youngandeducated says:

    This is why we’ll never get anywhere. As a island we are divided and never stick together. Us as people have to come together and fight for our island . I’m not saying striking is the right thing but at least we working together. The old people had it right work as one even if we don’t agree. Let’s stand strong and fight against this government and get our island back.

    • It's my Island too says:

      And I do not agree with this action or the cause for the so called call to action. What?

      I am Bermudian and I DO NOT AGREE with the current stance of the Opposition in this regard and by extension all that follow it.

      It’s human rights. Really?

      Why do you insist on doing harm to this country when we are just beginning to see the beginning of an economic recovery.

      Have you all lost the plot???

  48. Debra says:

    This is getting old…people are getting tired! Sooooo realistically, this is a strike right?! Aaaaaand people will still be getting paid while they “withdrawal of labor’? Will they? Should they? I THINK NOT!! ANd if they dont get paid, will they freak out about that and strike and “withdrawal of labor again…and again? Honestly, you all are hurting the general public, the kids, the hard working parents who HAVE to go to work to provide for their families, voters….what if those same ‘non -bermudians’, you are actually trying to stop from getting any benefits stop work…what would you do? Lets see, Doctors, Dentists, pot washers, farmers, butchers, admins etc…what would you do? What if the non Bermudian Business owners said to hell with this…Bermuda is a joke, and shut their business down and moved to another Island (which may mean hired Bermudians may lose their jobs) WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? AS far as I am concerned Bermuda is divided into 3 – People who think Bermudians were up-rooted from the soil and are mentally stuck on they are better, people who know better and have an open mind to change , and people who just dont care. What the heck are you teaching our children? To have a hissy fit when things dont go their way? to hold the country hostage while they get a paid? Dont give me this if Martin Luther king or rosa parks line….no disrespect to them. But they werent selfish people. You all are being SELFISH!

  49. Realist says:

    First of all I must say it is completely unprofessional that every time the public begins to protest or disagrees with any of O.B.A.’s policies P.L.P. are the first ones to back protesters and and fuel the fire of unrest. Any political party that has to do stoop to such low levels in order to gain the upper hand should not represent Bermuda on the world stage. Secondly, people are being ignorant to the fact that there are laws in place that state that if there is a qualified Bermudian capable of doing the required job the must be hired and or assessed before companies can even apply for immigrant workers. These laws give Bermudians every possibility of getting a job they just simply have to work hard and prove they are better than the competition which is something that happens all over the world in many different ways. People also, fail to realise that making immigration laws any stricter could cause foreign businesses to leave Bermuda after O.B.A. has already fought hard to bring a good amount of them back so Bermuda can begin to make money and reduce this large debt the country is already in Thirdly, everyone has seem to have forgotten that P.L.P. are the ones that put Bermuda in this position and O.B.A. are simply doing their best to try and dig us out of the massive hole caused by P.L.P. I am by no means an O.B.A. supporter but I do not want to see my country run by a pot head to be frank and neither do i want to see the people that caused this problem to be running the country without giving a proper chance to those who are trying to fix it. As I am a young Bermudian I fear what may be become of my country if the so called people’s party where to win next years election because if the government chooses to listen to these older Bermudian who still continue to make the politics in Bermuda all about race and ethnicity it will only potential reap short term benefits and in the long term cause real harm to Bermuda’s economical structure.

    • Runner says:


    • LOL (Original TM) says:

      That’s politics on this island for you one trying to score points with those they see as the majority and hens votes. However if all those on here where actually honest they might see that its the practices of employers on this island that need to be addressed before we just make things even harder for the average Bermudian. That is all I’m advocating for. I’m not for all the racial stuff happening with this but I’ve seen to many qualified, hard working Bermudians passed up because of perceived stereotypes for a work permit holder. Like I said not mad at the foreigner just think the employers need to held to account (really held to account) for not hiring Bermudians first.

  50. Wtf says:

    Hell bent on destroying our island SMFH

    • Honestly says:

      Must be speaking about the OBA! They are the only people who are ruining this country!!

      • lalalalala says:

        you are right on one point… The OBA are running the country… But, the PLP and BIU have been hell bent on destroying us for the last 17 years.. If the PLP had stayed in power we would be in worse shape than Jamaica (but then that was always the PLP’s plan destroy and pocket)

  51. Island Musings says:

    I am Bermudian (many hard working generations) and I love this island. I believe in the proposed immigration policy – I have read a lot of information for and against. The reasons behind it are sound and the reasons against it seem to be so politically driven and don’t have a lot of merit. In order for us all to survive we have to do things differently, and by giving the chance to people who are already heavily invested in the island it is a no brainner. Most of the people I know who are potentially eligible are staunch supporters of this island – not only hard workers, spending money, supporting charities with dollars and time, bringing in visitors and so proud to be a part of the island.

    As I hear all the negativity towards this policy I think of all the Bermudian friends I know who have traveled to the US over the years to have their babies so their child gets US Citizenship – some are those who I hear speaking out against this policy. How lucky are all Bermudians who can go and live in the UK to study, work and in many instances be supported by the UK. Why is it good for us but not for others.

    We need to get over ourselves, realize change is upon us otherwise we will fail. We need to work together things will never be as they were in the hey day – it will look different but Bermuda can get there again if some hard decisions are made. One Bermuda.

  52. Bermyman says:

    Good excuse to start cutting the civil service? Justifiable dismissal tomorrow if you fail to turn up for work!

  53. little girl says:

    Tomorrow I will be exploring how myself and many of my friends can cancel our BPSU contributions and donate to a charity of my choice.This union does not speak for me or many others , I have had ENOUGH !!

  54. Jus suis Bermuda says:

    Layoffs are coming. Be careful what you wish for. No business, no need to have employees. No people renting homes? No one Buying goods and services, Can’t pay mortgages. No restaurants no service, no homes, no landscaping, no insurance, no medical care, no hospital care?? No funding coming in to pay. Collapse of banks and insurance and infrastructure. Happy now???

    • Nanny Pat says:

      Well said and a very real possibility.

    • Honestly says:

      Only if you really understood what is really going on in this tiny island. You and your annoying comments can pack up n go where ever you like!! Beat it!! Sick of these stupid comments by ppl who don’t understand!

  55. Charlly X says:

    WoW !!!! All you blogger should be ashamed of yourself !! You must have a lifetimes supply of KY or heavylube or vasilene in arms reach !!!
    Equal Rights n justice !!! Smh !!!!!! Brain washed !!

  56. what a shame says:

    All the ex-pats should stay home also.This happens this island would be in trouble.Ex if all the ex-pats at the hospital stayed home who will do their work.

  57. Bill says:

    They have absolutely no idea of who is watching all of this.

    IB on Pitt’s Bay, Bermudiana Road, the Waterfront, and the AC sydicates.

    But, when you get down to it, they could care less.

    Very, very sad for Bermuda.

  58. Wow says:

    Every person who doesn’t show up for work should be fired and let the unemployed who do want to work take over. Utterly ridiculous! GO TO WORK! You’re making Bermuda look like a joke. I’m Bermudian and I DO NOT SUPPORT the Peoples Campaign.

  59. DrinkDeWatersFromTheNiyaBingy says:

    Bring out that bass drum?! Go to work people…other ways to deal with this.

    1st, educate our children and don’t close down those schools, enhance them!

    2nd, Bermuda is you and Bermuda is me! I feel like a stranger in my own country. What’s next an expat Premier with expat gov’t?! Protect our own…it’s unique!!

    And a Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistant 3rd, same sex marriage or civil unions is NOT a priority compared to much BIGGER problems we are facing right now, I. E. Education!

    • .am says:

      SSM = additional source of revenue.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      1 – we can’t enhance our existing schools while we have to maintain and hold together more schools than are actually needed. In the long run, and abandoned school could be looked at as a possible site for a new primary school to be built to more modern and long term standards.

      2 – only you can change your perception to your surroundings… why has it taken so long to feel like a stranger here, under the PLP they let in more foreigners than the UBP did or the OBA has, particularly in the lower skill jobs. The PLP also set us on a course to be owned by foreign creditors, so a few more years of them and we wouldn’t have even had a say in our financial matters.

      3 – social/legal equality should never be a secondary, it is also a very easy fix that wouldn’t cost anything in time or money

  60. BDAGIRL says:

    For sure the hired mob squad is intent on destroying Bermuda. Keep this nonsense up and watch the IB companies move on. Stop this I want to go work I have a family to feed. Your only mission really is to destroy any efforts the O B A is trying to make to turn this Island back around.

  61. Give union dues to charity! says:

    Best decision I made. So happy not to be financially contributing to an organization (BPSU) only concerned about hurting the livelihoods of the people they say they represent.

  62. LOL (Original TM) says:

    Are you Bermudians on here so short sighted that you don’t realize that your fellow Bermudians (read qualified Bermudian) are not being given a fair shake by employers in either the blue collar or white collar jobs right now. I encourage you to really look around you jobs and see who is running everything, see who promotions are going to and why and who is not being promoted. I guess you think all Bermudians are lazy too, all except you right…. please get real


    • Bullseye says:

      Well now all the majority of Bermudians who do get a fair shake are being diminished and their children are being diminished and the island is being diminished for what? To go back to those miraculous PLP days? Really? They have the solutions? This is disgusting.

      I hope those righteous and not afraid go to work and keep shovelling coal in the engine to get this island to where it can be. Do not listen to these whiners who tell you you cannot compete in this world and everything is against you. Try to see the light and strive for it. You are offerred nothing by the PLP. They just want power. Everything else is completely unsubstantiated. There is not a grain of evidence that they know how to help you. Right now by shutting everything down it should tell you they use fear and propaganda to control you. Are you better off after them? Think about it.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      What have you done lately to get promoted??

      • LOL (Original TM) says:

        If you must know I have taken additional courses to further my qualifications, worked longer hours to ensure deadlines are met, accepted all work pushed on me while others seem to have free time to shop on the internet, I make time, I spend my day working not talking or on my phone, and I general go that extra mile for my clients. Got any suggestions for anything else I should be doing cause I’ve had co workers that do much less and they are the one picked to chair and work on sample groups for new projects and or different boards within the company I last worked for.

        LOL let’s hear some constructive suggestions now not just trying to insinuate that I’M THE LAZY ONE @ build a better Bermuda

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          Maybe you’re just not the one to get promoted lmfao. You shouldn’t be expecting anything and it sounds like jealousy to me! Work hard and someone will see it, still doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a promotion smh. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD!!

          • LOL (Original TM) says:

            And that right there is why people like you need to suffer might teach you compassion and why I have nothing for rich people….

            LOL must be nice to be given everything cause by what you sound like you’ve never really needed to work and most likely did not reach where you are through any sort of personal merit.

  63. Widget says:

    Message for those that support this agenda and in the words of Donald Trumpit.


    I hope your in the union, they’ll give you $25.00 bucks a week to support yourself until you find new employment.

    Good luck and thanks for making this Country look like a third world place to do business.

  64. lucky 7 says:

    So are public schools in tomorrow or not? Are more kids going to get beat up and robbed because they hanging around all day unsupervised?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Unsupervised?!? No ***** they have parents!!

  65. Here you go says:

    If you were born in bermuda.. YOU ARE BERMUDIAN
    If you were born and live in bermuda.. YOU ARE BERMUDIAN
    If 1 or both of your parents are bermudian..YOU ARE BERMUDIAN!

    How is that hard to understand? At least this is how it should be…

  66. Wow says:

    I am Bermudian and I DO NOT support the Peoples Campaign.

  67. Unbelievable says:





    • Honestly says:

      Take you and your nasty a** comments back where you came from! If you had an issue you would fight for it!! You don’t have an issue….hush! Thx

  68. bermy Bud says:

    Why on earth is the OBA even sitting a table discussing political matters with Tweed!? He on a work permit! Revoke that SH**! Its not rocket science! Since we are on the topic of IMMIGRATION!

  69. GoodIdea BadIdea says:

    Throwing the toys out again. I’d have less issue with this if the PLP listened to a SINGLE thing that their opposition put out during the time they were in power. But all it was met with was accusations and less than savoury comparisons. I can’t take you seriously at this point – this is no more than a targeted, planned campaign of misinformation. Lets see how many days the union can go without pay before it starts to sting in the pocketbook. Remember your leaders have already taken your strike pay and paid themselves with it.

  70. TJ says:

    Are you people serious are you gonna let these foreigners take over your country make voting decisions choosing who runs YOUR COUNTRY. Honestly I am not for giving foreigners status but if they have children who were born hee that’s a different story. If your Philippine and have status and want Bermuda status NO you can’t have bot picese of the pie one or the other Bermuda or Philippine. Thanks.

  71. Rebecca R says:

    My husband and I have been on vacation in Bermuda since February 29th, spending alot of money and now you all want to stop our transportation and other things. My husband and I are about to enjoy our last weekend before heading back to the States. Come on guys please dont make it hard for the visitors because you all want to strike

    • nana says:

      Guess you have no disputes in your country..everything a bed of roses huh…sorry for the inconvenience..hope you enjoyed your stay thus far..

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        No, where they live unions do not go out on strike over something that is none of their business at all.

        Where they live unions struck themselves out of existence long ago & the jobs went overseas.

        I hope that todays activities help to speed up the process of privatising public transport. It is long overdue.

      • just wondering says:

        What an incredibly foolish and selfish comment – I have no doubt if you went on holiday and your hotel workers/transport system shut down you would be screaming in anger. To Rebecca (as a Bermudian and one in the hospitality industry) I can only apologise – I hope you weren’t put out too much by this nonsense.

        • LOL (Original TM) says:

          Who are you calling selfish and foolish (and you work where, so you’re not even educated to my level ……………lolololololololololololololol

          sit down grownups are talking here….

      • M.E. True says:

        You do realize you just slammed the door in their face! I can only hope when you take off visiting abroad that you are not welcomed as the foreigners visiting our Bueatiful Bermuda today have been. We all have put up with your bulls**t long enough. Stand up or shut up! Protests are truly the work of your own beloved idiots.

        Change is a constant. Every second, every hour, every day, week, month, year, decade, bicentinial,centennial and every thousand millennium year have and will always have change. Some perceived as good, some bad. But one thing is certain. If we had all the answers, there would be no discussion. You cannot remain stagnate. You have to understand. Change is inevitable. You can can be part of the solution or part of the problem. We have enough problems. Lets elect to be part of the solution.

  72. DrinkDeWatersFromTheNiyaBingy says:


    What happens when a Bermudian is married to a foreigner and it’s for convenience?

    What happens to local and foregin companies who hires foreign workers and just re-applies their work permits (without training a Bermudian) over and over again…let’s say the foreigner is now living and working for…ehhhhhhhh 15 to 18 years. Do they deserve to have Bermudian status?

    Just asking…

  73. Rada Gast says:

    Remind me again – People’s Campaign are the unelected group who decide arbitrarily how they think the country should be run, right?

    Withdrawal of labor/illegal strikes on March 11th -> ongoing labor unrest -> Bermuda increasingly less attractive for companies to invest in -> jobs leave island -> exodus of guest workers and skilled Bermudians continues -> “we have scored a victory for the Bermudian workers!” says People’s Campaign -> public finances go pear-shaped due to insufficient workers to support ageing population -> “How did we get into this mess, and we must blame someone (else, not us)!!!” says People’s Campaign..

  74. Rada Gast says:

    Those opposed to the Pathways to Status have stated repeatedly that they feel that anyone gaining status and the right to vote is going to support the OBA.

    The People’s Mob, sorry, People’s Campaign, supported by the Union and PLP, is doing nothing to convince them to do otherwise.

  75. justkeepsgoing says:

    These people are real *********** And if they do protest tomorrow they will be even bigger ***********

  76. So Tired says:

    Teachers going out tomorrow. That forces at least one parent out from work….unless they have a nanny, that is

    • Legalgal says:

      If teachers go out they are not fit to teach. Fire them and hire competent foreigners.

  77. Wow says:

    I implore all Bermudians to report to work tomorrow. Calling a strike will not benefit any of us. This is already a country that’s on one bended knee, should we succumb to bending on both knees with no strength left to rise, all of you who protested, striked and disabled Bermuda will hold your heads in your hands in grief. Go to work, be part of the movement that takes Bermuda forward. Dont allow yourself to be brainwashed into thinking that anyone who’s not Bermudian is out to get you. MOVE BERMUDA FORWARD!

  78. Chateau le Roof says:

    YEAH!!!!! Let’s cause more delays going into work. And I am sure all those people who will have to take a sick or vacation day to stay home with their kids who are out of school, will be absolutely thrilled with those behind this move.

  79. Who's Askin' Jus' Askin' says:

    The truth is, that we AS A COUNTRY, on a whole are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  80. Triangle Drifter says:

    And so the offences begin starting with blocking traffic on a public thoroughfare. Has a permit been obtained for a march?

    • Honestly says:

      Does the OBA have permission for any of the crap they are trying to implement?

      • lalalalala says:

        Did the PLP have permission to throw all our money down the drain?

  81. Harold Hamilton says:

    I Protest the Protest! #iprotesttheprotest

  82. Jen says:

    We need to turn back to God. Deut.28:44 speaks about the curses of God and how foreigners will rise and take over. Verse 33 states a nation who we do not know will eat the fruit of our land and they will suppress us. I am totally supporting our brothers and sisters, but I am pleading to turn back to God. We need Him.Keeping Bermuda in constant prayer.

  83. M.E. True says:

    I understand the matter of immigration and citizenship is of the up most importance to this country, and I understand how the few can impact the minority. What I cannot understand is why the groups, which apparently are not the majority is assuming that they be serviced and catered to exclusively. How can it be asked of Parliament to do as these small minded minority groups request and at the same time call Parliament as the servants of the people when the “People” are in fact the majority! Locking and even blockading Governments as a so called right is foolish. The House belongs to all of the people so why do some take it to mean literally “only the people with you and that are unhappy with what Parliament sees fit as the service to the people.”

    It can’t be one sided. If Parliament serves these petty and disrupted groups then their jobs are meaningless. It is apparent that the PLP is responsible for running this country into the abiss and it is apparent that the OBA has committed itself to climbing up out of the mess the PLP placed it in.

    So these groups have decided to shoot themselves in the foot by protesting and bullying the government and withdrawing labour and transportation services. Not only allowing garbage to pile up. Businesses and individual workers to suffer because having no transportation services. Losing tourism dollars from guest who want nothing more than to spend but can’t navigate to do so. Let alone, not being able for some to attend their own protests due to no transportation. Come on “People”! Think! Enda don’t need a ride, she is not spending a dime on anything and she is causing harm to her health. She comes riding in from the US like she is somebody and takes the stage and suddenly she is a pawn of these small minded groups. It’s apparent a ” hunger strike” will do her a lot of good. Certainly looks like it.

    So, by protesting you manage to keep Parliament from doing what they are elected to do. Delay other official business. Keep children out of school since you have somehow snookered their teachers into your deceptive plot. You have delayed the “jobs” you are seeking, the services you require and at the same time managed to make paradise hell for our quests.

    Just look at yourselves. I hope you are happy. I hope that when you are looking for transportation you find exactly what you requested. None. I hope you like the smells of your refuge instead of the fragrances of the flora. And most of all, I hope you continue to blindly follow the very “leaders” that encouraged this mess in the first place. Tweed, Bean, Furbert, Enda and the groups they represent and are connected to are getting exactly what they want. Attention! It seems so easy for you to reference Bermudians having to go away to make a living to the UK or the United States of America. At least these places welcome you and will put you on a pathway to become citizens in a timely manner. Assist you with housing, job training and placement and most importantly give you the right to vote, marry whom you love in freedom and allowing you to practice your religious faith without the blessings of the small minded “Peoples” groups that organize at the drop of a hat.

    You’ve done it before and yet still refuse to learn the lessons taught by continuing only to see a one way street to a dead end.

    Not insulting your ignorances but definitely insulting your lack of intelligence.

    Grow up, go to work and start living with the rest of society. Find positive ways to get your points across instead of ways to disrupt and burden the rest of us with you meaningless tantrums. You are not children and this is not a game!

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