“All Options On Table” For Future Of Cross Island

March 31, 2016

“All options are on the table for the future use” of Cross Island once the America’s Cup is over, according to Andrew Dias, the General Manager of WEDCo.

At a public meeting designed to invite feedback for any use of the landfill area, Mr Dias also said the intent was for the any new use to be long-term, and to be financially viable.

The original plan for Cross Island, which included a marine college, the relocation of Marine and Ports, the relocation of West End Yachts Ltd and a yacht marina has to be reconsidered due to the Minister’s decision to overturn the approved use.

As a result, WEDCo has now set up a sub-committee to examine new options for the site, and as part of the process, has also launched a public consultation process to get feedback from the public.

Mr Dias said WEDCo was investing $39m into the reclamation project and that any use will require additional cost.

“All options are on the table, but it must be financially viable and it must fit in with the overall WEDCo plan for Royal Naval Dockyard,” said Mr Dias. “This is ground level day one and we have no predetermined usage at this point.”

He said that WEDCo, which is investing millions of dollars into The Royal Naval Dockyard this year, is spending $39m on the creation of the nine acres and the debt has to be serviced so any new development will have to generate considerable revenue.

There will be further public meetings, added Mr Dias, in order to get more input and we will also look into holding meetings in Hamilton and not only in Sandys.

In addition people will be able to contact the sub-committee by email on marketing@wedco.bm to propose ideas or to ask for any further information.

Mr Dias added: “It will be an on-going process to get to a point where we have some definite ideas to review and we will assess them. We will then go back to the public and say ‘this is where we are headed’ before proceeding with the planning process.”

The ‘Land Reclamation End Use’ presentation shown at the meeting follows below [PDF here]:

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Comments (7)

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  1. Terry says:

    Typical Bermuda.
    Damn area and infrastructure is no where near complete.
    A race has not even been held.
    It’s not even near completion.

    RIP Bermuda.

    • Terry says:

      Thanks for the dislikes a holes.
      $39 million.

      $800 + missing.

      Who gonna get this 39 million.

      Marine and Ports or the Bouys again.


  2. archy says:

    Actually, it’s on schedule and on budget

  3. Had Enough says:

    Already destroyed part of Dockyard when they got rid of all the walls and buildings tha had the different ships embalams painted on them. Talk about destroying history.

    • archy says:

      but they are not destroying anything? Surely they are creating?

  4. sage says:

    WEDCO should seek independence, they’re flush with cash up there.

  5. voltage says:

    Encouraging to see a commitment to community consultation.

    I wish them well with engaging our Bermuda Community about the end use of our new nine acres of of land created as our Americas Cup legacy of Americas Cup.

    Having a clear definition of what constitutes community consultation and outlining the process of community engagement will help everyone involved.