Group Commends Clean Up After Bermuda Day

June 1, 2016

The Green Cooperative Bermuda said they “would like to thank the people of Bermuda and commend the Corporation of Hamilton’s team for the stellar work done to clean-up the City after the Bermuda Day parade and annual festivities.”

“It is evident that the public is becoming increasingly aware of the need for a cleaner Bermuda as members of the community removed much of their tape from sidewalks and other public areas after the event,” a spokesperson said.

The Green Cooperative said they are “encouraged that most people made sure that their tape and litter was removed and that it also appears that no damaging paint or permanent markers were used, as had been the practice in past years.”

The Green Cooperative Bermuda was founded in 2014 following The Chewstick Foundation’s invitation for environmental agencies to join them in addressing waste management at Bermuda’s Beachfest Emancipation Celebration.

The Green Cooperative Bermuda has maintained the collaboration of a number of like-minded organizations whose vision is for a community where everyone takes responsibility to ensure that public events ‘leave no trace’. The goal of the Cooperative is to help increase public awareness of environmental sustainability and waste management practices at events.

To assist with ‘greening’ public events, the Cooperative has developed a framework for improved waste management with guidelines for hosts, promoters, vendors, exhibitors and waste haulers. The group works cooperatively between environmental NGOs, relevant Government Departments and event organizers.

If you are interested in ‘greening’ your public event, please contact the Green Cooperative at Find out more at .

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  1. Sandy says:

    I hope this group will be as vocal after the end to end walk which traditionally trashes the railway trail. Year after year the participants throw away all the wrappings of refreshments handed out by sponsors, and residents along the route end up picking up the trash thrown away or just dropped by the litter louts who participate. The organizers,and sponsors of the annual end to end walk must live up to their responsibilities

    • Hi Sandy,

      Actually the annual XL Catlin End to End event now has in place Green Water-stop Guidelines and each water-stop reviews and signs a Green Water- stop Pledge form. We pledged to, essentially, Leave No Trace by:

      1. Encouraging participants to fill up the refillable bottles included in their registration pack. Cups were only offered to those without a water bottle that requested water.

      2. Plastic wrapped snacks were not to be offered. (The exception is for the final water stop where small chocolate bars are served as an energy boost to help reach the finish).

      3. Water stop volunteers were actively encouraged to monitor the area between their stop and halfway to the next stop for trash deposited by participants and see that it is disposed of.

      If you participated this year or last year, had a look around after the event or if you volunteered at a water-stop you would have seen the difference . As a water-stop manager and volunteer for the past 5 years, I can offer some insight and am willing to try to answer any questions you might have. Failing that, it’s easy to reach out to the ETE Committee.

      Weldon Wade, Founder
      Guardians of the Reef
      Bermuda Ocean Explorers

  2. I heart 441 says:

    I must admit, Wednesday morning I was astonished at how clean the streets and sidewalks where. I’ve been to similar festivals in the US, and it was evident days after their events that something recently happened on the streets.
    Kudos to all that did an marvelous job on cleaning our lovely city after the parade.