Referendum Turnout 46.89% So Is “Unanswered”

June 23, 2016

[Updating: The votes were finalized at around 4.00am, however as the turnout was below 50%, the Government said the “referendum question shall be taken to be unanswered.”

44,367 people are registered to vote, and 20,804 people or 46.89% turned out to vote in this referendum.

The Parliamentary Registrar Tenia Woolridge said, “Based on the Referendum Act 2012, a referendum question shall be taken to be unanswered if less than 50 per cent of the persons registered in the parliamentary register vote at the referendum.”

While the referendum is technically “unanswered” due to the under 50% turnout, looking at the votes that were cast shows 14,192 “No” votes for same-sex marriage [6,514 "Yes" votes] and 13,003 “No” votes for Civil Unions [7,626 "Yes" votes].

This is approximately 68% “no” to same-sex marriage and 63% “no” to civil unions.


The polls are set to close at 8.00pm this evening [June 23], with voters having headed to the polls to weigh in on two questions:‘Are you in favour of same sex marriage in Bermuda?’ and ‘Are you in favour of same sex civil unions in Bermuda?’.

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The referendum question shall be taken to be answered in the affirmative [Yes] if 50% or more of the persons who are registered in the Parliamentary Register vote, and more than 50% mark their ballot ‘Yes’.

The referendum question shall be taken to be answered in the negative [No] if 50% or more of the persons who are registered in the Parliamentary Register vote, and more than 50% mark their ballot ‘No’.

Referendum 2016 Ad 2-Polling Stations June 23

This referendum is non-binding, meaning that it has no legislative requirements attached.

There has not been an official announcement as to when the results will be released, however in all past elections and by-elections the results are released the same evening. We will update as able.

Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates:

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  1. Daylily says:

    Looks like the NO, NO vote was strong today. Don’t forget our seniors, ask your neighbors if they need transportation. Don’t take anything for granted.

    • Lualaba says:

      Yes yes!!! I don’t think they will make 50% of the electorate so will be a waste of money!!! Oh a waste of money anyway!!!

      • George Patton says:

        Tes. A complete waste of money. The turnout is a pathetic less than 15% of registered voters. What that means is that the vast majority of people simply don’t care about the issue one way or another.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Or they are just to stupid not to vote.

          • Char says:

            Or away in school!!!

            • Happy says:

              Not sure who disliked your comment, I’m in the same boat stayed for a summer course and I’m not back til next week.

            • ROGER LAMBERT says:

              Away in School Students can’t be blamed, the other 20,000+ who didn’t vote much more.

          • swing voter says:

            Onion Juice yur callin me stupid? I’d like you to meet stupid …. in a dark alley, alone

      • No Laughing Matter says:

        50% or not, the huge number of “no no” votes speak VERY VERY LOUD. If it’s less than 50%, at least see it as a real-time quasi-scientific poll. It’s not an unscientific internet poll so the government cannot simply turn a blind eye to these results…

        • No Laughing Matter says:

          Correction: If it’s less than 50%, at least see it as a real-time quasi-official poll.

        • Smile says:

          Radical Islam is dangerous ideology. So too is the apparent Radical Christianity problem we have in Bermuda.
          Lemmings voting No No who can’t think for themselves and follow preaching of Biggotry.

          Look at all the Hero’s who fought for Human Rights. MLK, Malcom X, many black Bermudian human rights advocates…… and then look at the Hatred and bigotry in the voting box today.
          Disgusting that Bermuda is oppressing the rights of others in this day and age.

          Freedom of religion is Freedom of Religion. BUT not a means to Oppress and take another human beings Basic Human Rights away from them…..

          Disgusted with todays vote.

          Small Island. Small Minded….. Big up Next Generation and lets progress

          • sure. says:

            Do you think that Christianity is the only reason people are not in favor of SSM?

            • Mike Hind says:

              Has anyone given a reason other than religion?

              • rightt says:

                Yes because humans didn’t evolve to become homosexuals. Homosexuality is a mistake/mutation that is unwanted. An anus was not designed for penetration. Homosexuals cannot reproduce. There is nothing right or valid about being gay. It’s a lifestyle some choose based on their life experiences.

                Obviously more Bermudians voted NO, NO. So many people share a similar opinion as me. Whether you choose creation or evolution, both don’t support homosexuality. It’s pointless and doesn’t benefit society.

                • ron,b says:

                  homosexuals really need psychiatric help
                  its a mental issue , something is definitely wrong, they can sugar coat it all they like, it’s easier to say they was born that way so not to face the real roots of the problem, there is definitely a agenda using homosexuality. what i don’t understand is why homosexuality was taken out of the mental health book,,

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    Your lack of understanding is very obvious.

                    It was taken out of the “mental health book” (seriously?) because what you are saying is wrong and false.

                    You are wrong. You don’t understand anything about this.

                • Just the Tip says:

                  First off being gay is not a choice, hat is the dumbest lie ever told. Who in their right mind would choose to be something that is scorned, hated, abused verbally and physically? No one that’s who.

                  Second reproduction has nothing absolutely nothing to do with marriage and the rights that go with it. There are plenty of couples that can’t or won’t have kids for any number of reasons, it doesn’t stop them from getting married.

                  Third being gay isn’t a mutation or abberation and if you believe it at the very least understood a small part of it you would see the lie in what you said. If it was a mutation or an abberation it would have been long bred out of the gene pool but as history shows that gays have been around for as long a people have been around. Also looking at other animals we see that they too have homosexual tendencies which would suggest that it far more apart of nature then you want to admit.

                  Fourth your comment about the anus reveals two things, that you are basing your views on religion and to don’t know human anatomy. By say the anus wasn’t created for sex is a way of saying ‘we were made by god’ with out actually saying and then the male prostate which is also known as the male g spot is accessed via the anus which is why anal sex can be quite pleasurable.

                  Fifth you state that homosexuality is pointless and doesn’t benifit society is a personal view and lie. It is seems that way to you because you want it to be that way, it’s the same way a racist will say that blacks never contribute to society when in fact they did a lot. If you want a perpose for homosexuality then look at nature where homosexual animals have been known to take over caring for a young one. Penguins so this as there are documented cases of male couples taking an egg and raising it because the one of the parents has did and the other is going to abandon the egg to survive, but the ‘gay’ couple save the egg and the surviving parent lives to find a new mate and breed. All that to say that perhaps if society wasn’t so wrapped up in religion they see that is the ‘purpose’ for homosexuality in humans.

                  But as Mike would say none of that really matter because none of it is a requirement to get married and we shouldn’t be blocking people’s rights because of people’s personal religion. (Might have paraphrase Mike there, sorry Mike)

                • CoffeeCoffee says:

                  So before marriage, everyone should have to be fertility tested then, right? If infertile, that’s a “mistake/mutation” and they can’t marry according to your logic.

                  As for your fixation on homosexual sex — sounds like you’ve got some thinking to do about your own preferences.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Nothing in here is either true or relevant.
                  And ad populum arguments are false.

                  This whole post is false and hateful.

                  You should be ashamed of yourself.

                • Livid Lesbian says:

                  Homosexuality has been around forever, the first recorded gay couple were Egyptian royal servants (circa 2400 BC), and homosexuality has been written about in fiction for centuries (e.g. Achilles and Patroclus from Homer’s ‘the Iliad). Homosexuality has also been recorded with animals, therefore proving that it’s natural.

                  Also “it’s pointless and doesn’t benefit society” is so ignorant, harmful and untrue. It will benefit the members of the lgbtq community, who are people, and members of society. Just because it doesn’t benefit you doesn’t mean it’s pointless.

              • Mike Hind says:

                Sorry. Let me rephrase…

                Has anyone given a REAL reason other than religion? Not some nonsense they made up, based on lies.
                A real, factual reason…

            • Ed Case says:

              Let’s call it the belief in religious mythology. There will be much thanking ones imaginary friend today.

              • Its me again says:

                But some who are against it arent religious at all.

                • Just the Tip says:

                  Yet if press them on their views you find out the are falling back on religious reasons that have been made to look non religious.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  And yet, their reasons are nonsensical gibberish pulled from outdated beliefs from last century, none of which is based in reality or facts.

                • PBanks says:

                  You may be right, and many had thought that PM was coming from a non-religion point of view in the first place, only for it to be revealed that it was based on faith.

                  Problem for several marriage equality supporters is that the arguments against their mission come down to either the faith-based angle, the procreation angle (which was debunked) or the ‘men kissing men is gross’ angle. The ‘society will fall apart’ angle hasn’t really been expounded on from supporters of the status quo.

          • frank says:

            the results are in the premier has said that the government will now consider the next step that reflects
            the views of the people and the majority of Bermuda’s
            people have said no no hell no
            so I suppose you will be leaving the island

            • Mike Hind says:

              Nope. I won’t be leaving. I’ll be staying and fighting against ignorance and bigotry as best I can.

          • ron,b says:

            you can’t be comparing the gay struggle to the black civil rights struggle

            because one is fighting to to practice a sexual behaviour,, and one is fighting to be treated like a human being

            • Just the Tip says:

              Lmao, really … you really just posted that? They are very similar cause as gays we are trying to be treated the same as every boy else and get the same rights as every one else in other word we are trying to get treated like a human being.

              And how dumb are you ‘practice a sexual behavior’ if it was only about that none of this is need why? Cause being gay is not against the law and what I do in the privacy of my own home is for me to know and you not to bother with. What is going on here is a fight to have the same rights as heterosexual people because that’s what is being denied to us.

              • Ed Case says:

                Ron b must be a wind up. Nobody could be that myopic. But then this is Bermuda.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Wow. Do you REALLY not see it?

              They’re both fighting to be treated like human beings. How do you not get that?

              Unless you maybe think the the LGBT community don’t deserve to be treated like human beings?

            • Livid Lesbian says:

              there’s more to being gay then having sex with the same sex/gender. but whatever

    • Come Correct says:

      You are so simple. Let me explain this simply…your vote didn’t matter. Everyone who voted…didn’t matter. When two words and a comma became law, this referendum became irrelevant. Church and state should be seperate, the church just got schooled lol.

    • Mike says:

      Let me know when the referendum is for legalising cannabis or for the casinos…..who cares about the gays!

      • Mike Hind says:

        Nobody, obviously. Sadly.

        • Snowballs says:

          I thought you did?

          • Mike Hind says:

            I do. And many do. Sorry. Just disheartened by the results.

            I honestly thought we were better than this.

            I honestly thought that lies and dishonesty wouldn’t win.

            I guess I live in a dreamworld.

            • rodney smith says:

              No Mike, You live in Bermuda. It is another world. Get used to it. One love. Peace out.

              • Mike Hind says:

                One love… unless you’re gay. Then you aren’t worthy of equal rights.

            • LOL says:

              No you live in Disney World.

            • Rhonnda Oliver says:

              I know how you feel, Mike.

              The no on marriage doesn’t surprise me, but I had hoped that there were enough people who believed in equality to bring in civil unions.

              It amazes me, equality for some, but not for all. I have no idea how that works.

              • ron,b says:

                a lot of people don’t want to hear about equality because when a whole race was looking for some “equality’ they never got it, but now it’s an important for gays

                • Mike Hind says:

                  So… because someone else treated you bad, you get to treat someone else bad?

                  How is that ok?

                  And are you saying that the same people that are pro-equality for gay folks are against equality for black folks?

                  If so, can you please show some evidence of this?

                  If not, why are people being punished for someone else’s actions?

            • frank says:

              you got that right

        • Red Hind says:

          Yes you are! Go cry in a corner and play with your little instrument. I told you already, you and your opinion are irrelevant!!

          • Mike Hind says:

            Yeah. You told me, alright. Hiding under your hood of anonymity, an internet tough guy too scared to show his face.
            You told me… then you ran away like a coward when I responded and showed you where and how you are an idiot.

            You gonna threaten me again? Oh, wait. You didn’t. You just implied one. You don’t even have the courage to do that right.

            As for my little instrument? It’s given me a career that far surpasses ANYTHING you could ever do, coward.

      • Come Correct says:

        Who cares about casinos and weed? I smoke weed, no problem finding it. Casinos cause more harm than good. You think Bermudians are hard done by now? Wait til they start betting with their houses and property weed? Weed hasn’t hurt a single person since it sprouted.

        • Jim says:

          Betting with their houses and property? LOL, that’s like saying that everyone who smokes weed will eventually shoot heroin..

          And I disagree that weed has never hurt anyone..It’s held a lot of people back who started smoking it at a young age, it makes some kids not care about school anymore, lower grades, lack of motivation, fighting with parents, etc.

          I’m not saying that’s true of everyone, but it is very common with kids.

          • sage says:

            A-motivational or brainwash antidote? You ever consider that ganja makes you think for yourself, realize money is not every thing and don’t just accept the status quo, seeing more to life than economic slavery? Oh and kids start drinking as early as nine here but since all the respectable adults abuse it too, it’s ok, doesn’t hold back a soul.

      • PBanks says:

        Blame the OBA for reneging on the casino referendum.

        As for cannabis – would the people who ‘don’t care either way’, vote on that issue if it ever came up for a referendum?

  2. Coffee says:

    Hurry up and shut the door on SSM for good in Bermuda !

    • Onion says:

      A “no/no” vote will almost certainly lead to the Courts legalising same sex marriage.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Nothing in here is true or reasonable or fact based.
        There are many, many species that do that. It IS natural. Marriage, however, isn’t. We’re the only species that does that.
        Procreation is not a requirement for marriage. The ability to have children to gather is not a stipulation.

        You are completely wrong.

        And calling it an abomination does kind of make you a “zelot”.

        • Onion Juice says:

          So do you know any other species that have de intelegence enough to know what marriage is.

          • Mike Hind says:

            What nonsense is this now?

            YOU are the one making the “it’s unnatural, no other species does it” argument!

            How can… this is…

            I can’t believe you. How are you this idiotic?

            • Come Correct says:

              He was denied a decent education because of his skin. Said so himself yesterday.

            • shutthemdown says:

              People really want to see your point of view, they just have to get past your nasty attitude.

              you make it easy to vote no-no

              You are not a very good Ambassador

              • Mike Hind says:

                MY nasty attitude?

                Are you even a little bit serious?

                First off, what’s nasty about my attitude and how is it any nastier than someone like Daylily, who lies in EVERY post, or Onion Juice, who posts horrible, disgusting things about gay people?
                It’s ME with the nasty attitude for asking simple questions that you can’t answer?

                Secondly, if my nasty attitude is what made you vote No No, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

                If you support the outright denial of equal access to rights to Bermudian citizens because you don’t like how I write? That’s just pathetic.

                Shame on you.

                Not that you’ll reply to this. Hit and run away like a roach is more your speed, isn’t it?

                • Samantha says:

                  The words you write are nothing but gutter smuck on here. Please don’t try to represent us until you have dated the same sex. Last I checked you’re married to a woman. Stop stirring the pot.

                  • Mike Hind says:


                    When have I EVER claimed to represent anyone but myself?

                    You’re lashing out for no reason.

                    It’s ugly and it’s dishonest.

                    Please stop.

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    I love how MY words are “gutter smack” (which.. what?)

                    But this childish tantrum is just fine.

                • Sheila says:

                  Now that’s funny vote yes

              • Mike Hind says:

                Oh, and I’m not an Ambassador.
                I’m just a person trying to stand up for what is right.

                • Red Hind says:

                  LOL that’s coming from a gay person mike! Now your attacking them and calling them names now!!

                  • Just the Tip says:

                    They didn’t give their full name so it could just as easily been you posting under a different name

          • Lone Wolf says:

            Geese! They mate for life, like a marriage without the priest or whoever else. And they do know they are married.But I’m sure they probably have a different name for it. IJS

            • Mike Hind says:

              That’s not a marriage. Not as we define it.

            • Un-eon says:

              Gay geese:

              ‘In geese you may find a very strong homosexual bond between two malegeese who behave like a [mating] pair even though they cannot copulate. They always forget that the other refuses to be mounted and they try again every spring. Each behaves in a perfectly normal male way and if he could speak he would say, ‘I love my wife very much, but she’s definitely frigid.’…

              “There can be no moral objection to homosexuality. Many people, however, have an aesthetic, emotional aversion to homosexual behavior. I once saw two boys embrace in a bathroom. The sight was slightly repulsive to me, but in moral terms, why shouldn’t they kiss? In an overpopulated world, it would be a good thing if there were more homo-sexuality.”

              –Goose behavior expert Conrad Loren, November 1974.

        • Red Hind says:

          No idiot procreation is a requirement for LIFE!! While there are some heterosexual couples that cant have children,the majority of the worlds population can! THERE ARE NO SAME SEX COUPLE THAT CAN PROCREATE FROM HAVING RELATIONS…..ITS A REASON FOR THAT!! Its not natural for a man to….. another man you weirdo! I guess some people are so desperate they will take what the can!!

          • Mike Hind says:

            You’ve lost your mind… again. You been drinking?

            Nothing in here makes sense. It’s just ignorant, idiotic, completely false ranting.

            Not every couple has to have kids. You admit that.

            But because some of them can’t, together, they should be barred from equal rights?

            How does that make sense to you? To anyone?

            Your hate is showing and it’s not pretty.

            And it’s hurting people.

            And it has to stop.

          • just wondering says:

            what has marriage got to do with procreation? Here in Bermuda we have a huge number of kids on one parent “families” (ie un married) – people get married for all sorts of reasons – elderly people get married – couples marry despite the fact they cant have kids – to lik marriage with procreation is doing a dis service to what marriage is all about

      • Come Correct says:

        Lol either the courts ruling stands or everything you own is mine because I have the ability to take it from you since laws don’t matter. Care to take a step back or you gonna take your protein shakes to parliament lawn?

      • dancing troll says:

        y r an ignorant f!!!

      • Ronnie Viera says:

        Your comment about it being a mental health issue is particulalry ignorant. You should consider that one of your children/grand children or some family member could well be gay..would you really accuse them of having mental health problems??

      • Cara says:

        Perhaps you should spend some time on your own mental health and why you have such hatred for something and people who have no impact on your life. what difference does it make if two people who love one another and are strong enough to be themselves in the face of hatred want to spend their lives together? I cannot have children due to a medical issue, does that mean I shouldn’t get married because marriage is only for procreation?

      • contours says:

        Wow. So retarded.

      • Jim says:

        Actually it is a human rights issue, at least according to the rest of the civilized world.

        • Onion says:

          It is. The European Courts found that the access to a legal partnership is a right, even if it isn’t called “marriage”. Preserve Marriage has been lying to people about the European Court’s rulings.

    • Lualaba says:

      Trolling again?

    • I hope for your sake... says:

      That any of your future Coffees don’t come out a gay. If so they can thank you for the discrimination they face.
      Well done to you!!!

      • dancing troll says:

        word has it grinding beans to make coffee is longer gay? now they are fluid , dl, msm but not gay!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      You really have no grasp of reality, do you?

      Like, at all…

    • Daylily says:

      Hey Coffee, now that I’ll say yes too.

    • Hurricane says:

      @Mike Hind, the people of Bermuda are better than this. You can narrow this down to the spineless OBE for a non binding referendum

      • Mike Hind says:

        I hope so.

        And you’re absolutely right.

        Shame the alternative is unthinkable.

    • Hurricane says:

      @Coffee, silly of you to think the door will be shut after the results are final. It will be in your face until it happens. Like cream in your coffee!

  3. dick francis says:

    I heard a radio ad for the first time today for the no no camp. I was very surprised at the content which told me that 90 percent of people were against SSM without referencing the source or even which county it represented (it was made out to sound like Bda.)

    I wonder if the broadcast commission should take a look and I wonder why it was ever broadcast as it was so misleading

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They actually state that 90% of countries don’t support SSM…what they don’t say is how many of those countries have it criminalized, resulting in people going to jail or being executed for being born who they are. They also state that those 90% of the countries recognize that marriage was created by God and was solely between a man and a woman… the issue here is that marriage as an institution pre-exists monotheistic societies. In fact it existed before even Yahweh or El and their pantheon from which Judaeo-Christian religion sprang. It exists in virtually every culture and has also existed as more than just between a man and a woman throughout human history to even this day. You may have a marriage ordained by God, but it won’t be created by him, as it is older than him.

      They also go on to claim that the ECHR doesn’t SSM… what they leave off is that the ECHR ruled that countries have to provide legislative framework that still grant same sex couple the same legal rights that marriage offers.

      The Preserve Marriage “truth” ads are nothing more than selectively sampled facts devoid of their complete content and context, rendering them to warped lies. Not a very good position for those that proclaim to be representing moral family values and integrity.

      • Bermy Girl says:

        They also left of that the 90% of countries is in actual fact only about 65% of the world.. especially when you look at it on a map and factor in that Canada, the Until States, the majority of South American countries, Australia and the UK all have laws that allow for SSM and civil unions. So that 90% in actual fact isn’t as large as they falsely made it seem… just saying..

      • Hmmm says:

        Arrest them.

    • Daylily says:

      D Francis. Wait for the ad to come on again, I’m almost certain that it says 90% of the countries. You can also check the website, most of the quoted statistics are on the preservemarriage website.

      • Mike Hind says:

        An ad populum argument isn’t valid.

        “Everybody’s doing it” is for teenagers, not a society.

    • Voted says:

      They were allowed to campaign on the polling day?

  4. Ed Case says:

    Even if the bible thumpers win this, SSM will be legal and normal in a few years. Shame nobody could come up with a no vote that doesn’t rely on religious mythology.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Prove what you say is true…If the bible is a fantasy story book written by MAN…fill me in on WHO wrote your TEXTBOOKS…thanks.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Human… which is why they are a skewed to certain stand points as the Bible… same authors, different times, different social agendas.

      • Pride says:

        I think you will find that, like the bible, textbooks were also written by man.

      • Its me again says:

        The bible was written in 323ad at the concil of Nicea. Known fact.

        What does science have to do with this? Just because someone discredits the bible it doesnt automatically make them an astrophysicists nor does it make them anti religous.

        The bible has unicorns in it.

        • Daylily says:

          It’s me again. Not sure what your point is. Science didn’t know about the germ theory, they should have asked the Jews that avoided plagues by following Godly principles on hygiene. Science also proved the world was flat, but that was before science proved the world was round. The only thing that science proves, is that it requires just as much faith to believe in it as it does to believe in God.

          • 32n64w says:

            “The only thing that science proves, is that it requires just as much faith to believe in it as it does to believe in God.”

            Completely untrue.

            “God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance.”
            ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

            • uiq says:

              “Some of us in the North are jealous that 100 percent of the world’s population of free Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere.”
              -Neil deGrasse Tyson

              “Spheniscus mendiculus. I believe you were saying something about a pocket of scientific ignorance?”
              -God, probably

          • 32n64w says:

            Another insightful Tyson gem:

            “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

            • Daylily says:

              32n64w. The good thing about truth is that it is true whether you believe it or not. God does exist.

              • 32n64w says:

                Ok, prove it. Cite actual facts not just opinion.

          • Mike Hind says:

            And again, nothing in here is true.

            It’s amazing how dishonesty seems to be par for the course for you.

            • Sayso says:

              And what is truth.
              That some people are born gay…
              It’s the act of being gay that is so wrong and repulsive. It’s all about fulfilling one’s desires in a very unnatural way. Even science contradicts it.

              • Mike Hind says:

                But… what?

                You’re talking nonsense.

                YES. Some people are born gay. Just ask them. Seriously. Just ask them.

                And “the act of being gay”? What are you talking about? Anal sex?
                You DO know straight people do it, too, right?

                As for it being unnatural? This has been disproven so many times, I’m shocked you have the gall to try to bring it up. That’s a complete fabrication.

                But, most importantly, here’s the salient point…


                Do you. Live your own life. Stay the heck out of other people’s if they ain’t hurting you.

                • Red Hind says:

                  Yes mike we all know now you are freaky! Thanks for confirming it for us all!!

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    What nonsense are you talking?

                    You don’t even have the courage… or intelligence, apparently… to insult me properly.

                    Why are you even posting if you have NOTHING to say, you pathetic clown?

              • PBanks says:

                Shoot, in that case the call should be made to ban any and every sexual act that isn’t directly designed to make babies – because it’s not natural.

        • ron,b says:

          not true

      • bluwater says:

        All books are written humans. They’re just not all fairy stories….thanks.

        • dancing troll says:

          yes some are history books and with mass information today from the internet many could now be discredited!

      • reality says:

        Uhhhh – man did write the bible stories. Who did you think wrote it?

        • lalal says:

          Ahh….yes the Chinese whisper book….. wonder what it really sead before all the “translations”

      • Cara says:

        prove it’s the word of the lord. you cannot, can you? wouldn’t it stand to reason that if there was one god who wanted us to think a certain way he’d create us all thinking the exact same way and there would be no need for the book? or that there wouldn’t be so many different religions and beliefs?

    • Ash says:

      My grandfather did, he voted no, no and he’s very anti-religion, at least to the extent an elderly person can be, he reasons for voting that way are not religious in the least, not everyone who voted no, no are doing so for religious reasons. God damn it stop being so intolerant to other people’s opinions, now that voting is over I can say I did vote yes, yes but the intolerance coming out of some of the mouths of the people who agree with me is sickening.

      • Um Um Like says:

        So what are the non-religious reasons why he voted no-no? Please tell me. I have yet to hear one!

        • Sad Man says:

          NB. No Christians are fighting or calling those who differ names. At least I haven’t seen any… We believe that people can differ without being hateful. We are the ones often called intolerant…

          • Mike Hind says:

            Because you’re being intolerant!

            And are you just not reading the posts saying that homosexuals are nasty and an abomination and unnatural and… and here’s the important one… not equal citizens of this country and not deserving of equal access to rights and privileges the rest of us have?

            Name calling? Please.

          • Cara says:

            no, you yourself are not calling people names. you’re just treating them to inequality. whatever lets you sleep at night.

        • Daylily says:

          Um um. Your rude post is reason enough for people to vote No. People have seen the abuse handed out by those calling for tolerance. Ash voted yes for his own reasons, now you want him to explain why and how his father voted No. You should at least ask in a respectful manner.

          • Mike Hind says:

            And yet, you still haven’t offered a valid reason to vote no no.

            When people’s rights are being denied, there MUST be a reason.

            Why are you so scared to offer one and defend it?

            • SteadyDiShip says:

              No one needs to offer any “valid” explanation to you. Who are you?

              • Mike Hind says:

                Not to me, to Bermuda.

                See.. maybe you don’t understand how this whole thing works…

                Here’s a primer:

                People have rights. They are intrinsic. They apply to everyone.
                Unless we, as a society, choose to deny those rights.
                But when we do, we provide a reason to do so.
                If we don’t, that’s called “injustice” and it’s not fair.

                So, here we have society denying equal access to rights provided by marriage. They’re denying Bermudians access to these rights.

                Are you getting it?

                We need a reason to do so. We need a valid, defensible reason, based in reality and truth and facts why we should continue denying these rights.

                Would you care to offer one? Or is this just a one off potshot?

                Show us the courage of your convictions. Come on. Be brave.

            • Sayso says:

              What about someone’s right to refuse the redefinition of marriage? Besides SSM is not a right?

              • Mike Hind says:

                Do you not understand that marriage affords rights to people? A lot of them.

                That’s the whole point of it. Giving someone outside of your family the same rights as a member of your family.

                Do you not get that? Is that the problem?

                As for a right to refuse the redefinition of marriage?

                That’s not a thing. You’re fighting for the “Right” to discriminate for no reason.

                You get that, don’t you? All this is so that you can discriminate against other human beings and treat them as less than you.

                That’s all this is for. That’s what all these lies and attacks and misinformation and false propaganda is for. So that you… we… society can keep treating people as less than human.

                Well done.

            • Red Hind says:


              • Mike Hind says:

                Moving on to all caps now! Well done!

                Didn’t read a thing I said, just started yelling.

                And it’s ME that’s nasty and has a bad attitude. RIIIIGHT.

                And I will go play my little instrument.

                And I’ll be more successful with it than you ever will doing… wait.. what is it you do?

                Oh, we don’t know because you’re too scared to show your face.

                That’s right.

              • Just the Tip says:

                And here is some one being intolarant with out actually calling names shocking really shocking

        • Grizz says:

          It’s none of your business why he voted No, No! You are entitled to your opinion and he is entitled to his! No one owes you an explanation as to why they don’t agree with you! I am so tired of this shit! PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO DISAGREE DAMMIT!

          • Mike Hind says:

            How many times does this have to be written? This is not about disagreement. It’s about a societal denial of equal access to rights that the rest of us share. There HAS to be a reason to do that. If there isn’t, it’s injustice.

            Do you not get that?

      • Mike Hind says:

        Yes. Stop being intolerant of people who think that their opinions should have an effect on other people’s lives! Stop being intolerant of views that think that LGBT folks are less worthy of being full citizens and sharing access to the same rights as the rest of us!

        How DARE you!

  5. haha says:

    I remain optimistic that enough Bermudians had the strength and morality to vote Yes/Yes or at least Yes/No today.

    • Legal gal says:

      Or better still stay away so the referendum is not only ineffective but defunct.

  6. Raymond Ray says:


  7. dancing troll says:

    I did not vote today !! because who or what gives me the right over the benefits another should or should not have,.

    next thing you know we will have a referendum to only allow land owners to vote???

    how would most feel??? should that right be put at the table??

    • Peace says:

      It is a shame that there was a referendum, but not voting has a consequence as well once it is called.

      • dancing troll says:

        yes, it sets a precedent that will allow for future human right violations in way of referenda . also this was nothing more than an opinion poll to best move forward in the political arena. every yeah or nah vote today gave away freedom to the likes of a mass mub!!!!!

    • Sayso says:

      What happens to polygamists and their rights? Prostitutes too.

      • Mike Hind says:

        What do either have to do with this?

        Is there a polygamy movement in Bermuda? Are polygamists asking for the right to marry?

        No. They aren’t.

        Prostitutes aren’t asking for anything either.

        You’re trying to move the goalposts because you have no argument.

        • steve says:

          Yea mike their is a polygamist movement in Bermuda. Its having different wives,girlfriends(same time) and children from different mothers.Try not to spend to much happiness trying eliminating hypocrisy on the island or you will end up a grumpy old fart like me.

          • Mike Hind says:

            What’s the name of the movement? Why not try to get the word out? Let’s see if there’s any support.

  8. bluwater says:

    Yeah, today’s the day the spiritually vain show off to each other about what they won’t tolerate in the name of the Church.

    • Daylily says:

      Bluwater. Church folks weren’t the only ones voting no. No matter the outcome, we should all consider being a lot kinder to people, even if we will never agree on this issue.

      • Mike Hind says:

        This? From you?
        Kinder to people?

        You, who spreads lies and misinformation on a daily basis in an attempt to keep Bermudians from sharing the same rights as the rest of us, who refuses to give even a single valid reason WHY we should continue denying these rights, is saying that we should all consider being a lot kinder to people?

        You, who is actively working to hurt people, is suggesting we be kinder?

        Take your own advice.

        • Daylily says:

          Hi Mike. I will take my own advice and be kind to you. Mike I appreciate that you stand by your convictions even though I highly disagree with them.

      • bluwater says:

        Spiritual vanity. You feel you have the moral license to judge because you call yourself a Christian.

        You and your group know that you are encouraging hate. Against gay people, their families and their children. Yet everyday you lie to yourselves and each other that you’re loving. You feel you’ve earned the right to judge. I feel very sorry for you. Your conscious knows better and so do you. So sad you can’t let your understanding of love grow because you need to compete for attention.

        Don’t bother answering.

        • Sayso says:

          Just because I dont agree with doesnt mean I dont love you. I should not be forced to accept something just because of love. That wont be true love right?

          • Mike Hind says:

            You love them, but don’t think they’re equal to you or worthy of rights.

            That’s true love to you?

            That’s twisted.

            • Wake up Bie says:

              I love you that’s why I told you the truth NO

              • Mike Hind says:

                Wow. That’s just gibberish.

                Y’all’re real puffed up tonight ‘cuz you think you won, aintcha?

          • Mike Hind says:

            And yes. True love DOES mean accepting. It means that you love that person unconditionally.

            That’s what love IS.

            • MPP says:

              Sayso – “I should not be forced to accept something just because of love.”
              Mike Hind – “True love DOES mean accepting.”

              This is the thing you keep doing, Mike. Sayso is obviously talking about not being forced to accept an opinion you disagree with because you love the person holding the opinion.

              Which makes your response nonsense. True love means accepting the person, but doesn’t mean wholesale endorsement of every idea they have. That’s the entire point of “unconditional”, which is loving in spite of. In this case, in spite of disagreement.

              • Mike Hind says:


                So, to you, “Unconditional Love” means that there are conditions to the love.

                Got it.

                That makes sense… if you don’t understand what words mean.

                And, here we go again, talking about opinions.

                This isn’t about opinions. It’s about hurting people by denying them rights for no reason at all.

                Unless you’d like to finally offer a reason that we should continue hurting people?

  9. Terry says:


  10. M says:

    PM showed their true colors during the campaign. Couldn’t campaign without a reference to god. IMO that is what it was really about. Even though there are people … Bermudians… who do not share their faith. Someone made the observation that the PM claim that god has a copyright on the word marriage… however when it comes to divorce couple don;t run to the church… they head straight to the courts…. churches can’t grant divorces… so why can they have a claim to marriage.

    • Truth says:

      your makin a ton of damn sense my good man/lady

    • Daylily says:

      M. Actually the government and churches are both involved in divorce and marriage. As the spiritual significance of marriage has been played down, divorce has increased.

      The church has always had parameters for both marriage and divorce, such as dissolution/annulment, etc. Remember, in Bermuda marriages were solely recorded by the church until the 1870′s.

      • Mike Hind says:

        No. They’re not.

        The church has absolutely nothing to do with my marriage.

        You are lying again.

        And what went on in the past has nothing to do with what’s going on now.

  11. Point boy says:

    I’m a Catholic. Went to CCD (Confraternity of Chritian Doctrine) every week growing up. Yes it’s nice to have faith and believe. And to lead a good and moral life…. But that’s it! Who ARE YOU to judge another person’s choices in life?

    • Point boy says:

      For the record, I do have faith. But am also a realist. Everyone wants to preach the bible written by MAN so many years ago.

      BUTT!! You look at science (the real). And it’s evolution that tells the tail.

      • Red Hind says:

        BUTT?? I know whats on your mind!! Got a littlefreak in you too??

        • Mike Hind says:

          You HAVE been drinking! Frisky tonight!

          Still not saying anything intelligent, though. Shame.

          • Red Hind says:

            No Mike I have not been drinking….Only when I know your playing at my favorite bar…I do so in order to tolerate that noise you make!! what a man has to go through just to show his loyalty to his favorite drinking spot!!

            • Mike Hind says:

              This is gibberish.

              And offers nothing to the discussion.

              You’re just trolling.

              This is too important for your nonsense.

              Do you not understand that you are hurting people?

              • Coffee says:

                @Red Hind ….stop attacking Mike , he is a strummer of great import , and because he cannot convince you to change your position on an issue that obviously you feel strongly about , he will doggitly pester you like an irritant mosquito .

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Awesome. Yet anothe completely useless, content-free ad hominem from yet another coward hiding under a hood. Well done.

  12. Kevin says:

    I voted yes /yes and i will go to sleep with a very clear conscious . hope those who differed can do the same i treat every man ,woman and child the same and give them the same level of respect

  13. Bermudian says:

    Good day, I’m curious as to what was explained to the innocent children at the government schools who assisted in today’s referendum. Yes, I’m assuming it was explained that we should not discriminate against anyone whether race, religion, sex, etc. It sounds good, but what do you say to the same child who then ask, well how come “uncle sonny” can’t vote, if he was granted parole/probation/or discharged from custody altogether, and led to believe that he was fully reintegrated back into society. See we as adults should be concentrating on concerns and issues for our future generation.

    May GOD be with us ALL.

    • Mike Hind says:

      At least there is an argument offered for “Uncle Sonny”…

      There hasn’t been for the No No vote!

      • rodney smith says:

        Mike, Please accept the fact that everyone who wanted to vote, had the right to say yes/ yes or no/ no. Many church people feel that this should not become law , so they voted no/no. Please accept their right to vote.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Nothing to do with the right to vote.

          Funny how you’re talking about rights when you’ve made it VERY clear that you are opposed to Bermudian citizens having equal access to rights. Hypocritical much?

          People DO have – as I’ve said to you MANY times, but you just completely ignore, it’s not about their “feelings” or whatever. It’s about denying people rights.

          You are hurting people. And you won’t even say why.

          • Wake up Bie says:

            I said it today!


            • Mike Hind says:

              Yeah… we heard you. You hate gay people. You think they’re less than you. You think they don’t deserve equal access to rights.

              We heard all that.

              What we didn’t hear from you was a single reason why what you think about them should have ANY sort of effect on their lives.

              What we didn’t hear was any sort of courage of convictions to let us know why we should continue treating them as though they were less worthy of rights than the rest of us.

              What we didn’t hear was any sort of decency or honesty.

              Shame on you.

              • Where's the positivity says:

                Mike, take a chill pill. Just because some people voted no no doesn’t mean they hate gay people. Everyone has a right to their opinion so whether you agree or disagree don’t make the situation worse but advocating hate yourself against people who disagree with your views. You made your point and so sorry it didn’t work in your favor but this will come up again and maybe votes will be different.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Nothing here is true.

                  Now you’re telling me to stop posting and “take a chill pill”?

                  And I’M advocating hate? Not the people who call gay folks unnatural. Not the folks who are gloating that they get to continue discriminating. Not the people posting lies. Not the people making nasty personal attacks here on this page.
                  It’s me that’s advocating hate.

                  I don’t think you understand what words mean.

                  And I don’t think I HAVE made my point, because you lot keep proving that I didn’t by misrepresenting the truth when you say this is about not agreeing with me.

                  You are hurting people. You’re not disagreeing with them. You’re actively hurting them.

                  • Where's the positivity says:

                    First of all Mike, who the hell do you think you are telling me I hurt people when you know nothing about me, if I voted and what I voted for. You sound like a lonely man who needs a life because you “have” to comment on all those that disagree with you.

                    Relax and again take a chill pill. You are working yourself all up and seems to be more than those who it really affects.

                    AND you did make your point, we all know that you support SSM and civil union. Some people will not agree with you, so they are wick people out to hurt?

                    I don’t agree with people who eat meat but I’m not going to blast everyone that eats meat because I feel it wrong to eat God’s creatures. I will simply agree to disagree and hopefully one day a change will come.

                    AND if your views are that strong, have faith that one day a change will come.

                    • Mike Hind says:

                      You don’t agree with people who eat meat, so you don’t stop them from eating meat.

                      But I’m in the wrong – given that you’re yelling at me and not at others – for pointing out that Preserve Marriage are trying to stop people – to extend your metaphor – from eating meat.

                      And, AGAIN, this isn’t about agreeing with me. It’s about denying people equal access to rights, which, yes, is hurting them.

                      If you support this denial of rights, you are hurting them.

                      If you want me to stop posting the same thing over and over, stop making the same specious arguments that I then have to point out are not what we’re talking about.

                      And I DO have faith that it will happen.

                      But in the meantime, I will keep on fighting.
                      I won’t be “taking a chill pill”

                  • pa says:


                    It seems to me no answer will satisfy you from the people who disagree with you. This debate can last forever in this forum as people will have different views. And that is ok. We cannot force our opinion on others. We have the right to disagree. From the religious perspective, some people feel it is morally wrong for people of the same sex to be married. That is a difficult point to argue as it deals with morals. You see, it is easier to discuss science than morals. I am a Christian. Many people think that I am foolish to believe in God. That is their opinion. I can never fully explain God to them. The day I fully explain God, He ceases to be God. At some point, the arguments will simply go back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth….. I believe we can state what is on our minds, AND DISAGREE without hurtful words.

                    • Mike Hind says:

                      Sigh… Here we go again.

                      The first thing you said? It isn’t true.

                      I’ve explained this many, many times.

                      This isn’t about a disagreement. It’s not about denying Bermudians equal access to rights for no reason.

                      Marriage equality isn’t forcing anyone’s opinion. Opposing it IS. Opposing it hurts people.

                      You are more than welcome to keep your religious beliefs, but, it has to be asked, would you be ok with other people forcing their religious beliefs onto you? Would you be ok if you were being hurt because of someone else’s religious beliefs?

                      Believe in God all you want. No one wants to stop you. But that’s your personal choice and shouldn’t hurt anyone else.

                      As for hurtful words? Which of my words is more hurtful than calling someone “unnatural”? Or “nasty”?
                      Which words are more hurtful than denying other human beings equal access to rights that the rest of us share?

                      “No answer will satisfy me”?
                      I wouldn’t know… No one has offered one that they’re willing to defend.

  14. Peter says:

    a no vote sets Bermuda back years and frowned apron by the world as intolerant people Britain will remain Donald will never be President and Bermuda is a big NO NO to the world

    • Voted says:

      Britain didn’t stay ………

      • Just the Tip says:

        What does that have to do with marriage equality ? And Britian already has marriage equality as well

  15. Common says:

    I voted no no and I have a clear mind as well..with my creator. I dont please or put my faith in man. I look to higher ground.

    • Mike Hind says:

      And you expect everyone else to do the same in your personal choice of “higher ground”.

      That seems fair.

    • Animal Lover says:

      God loves unconditionally no matter who you are and what you stand for. Our purpose in life is to learn unconditional love.

  16. Clarity says:

    Answered part of the question – 1st counts are starting to be posted on the website, region-by-region.

  17. sandgrownan says:

    Listen kids, it’s irrelevant. This will be decided in the courts, and religious stupidity and intolerance will ultimately fail.

  18. jt says:

    It’s all irrelevant. Non binding referendum and the courts will ultimately decide the matter anyway. Complete waste of money.

  19. Dude says:

    What difference does same sex spiritual/legal marriage make in a world where premarital everything happens and is allowed to happen? This whole referendum makes no sense…

    • Mike Hind says:

      You got that right. But we should all still participate in the process.

    • sandgrownan says:’s purely political. If it goes YES, then the OBA push it through pre-election, if NO, then post election. It’s actually quite clever as it’s non binding.

  20. James says:

    Seriously how long can it take? The UK has already counted MILLIONS!

  21. 21st Century says:

    Wow. Can all of you No No people imagine living in a state that made or upheld laws based on a religion different than yours?

  22. 21st Century says:

    Who, if anyone, was validating these counts? In a general election both parties and an independent validate each vote.

  23. George Patton says:

    I’m astonished, considering all of the ink and electrons that have been expended on this issue that the turnout is so pathetic. What this tells me is that the vast majority don’t care about the issue one way or another and are willing – maybe not enthusiastic, but willing – to let gay people live their lives and participate in society equally.

    So despite the results of the referendum, I believe SSM will be legal in Bermuda within the next 5 years.

    However I’m confused by the counting process. What are Count1 Count2 and Count3 all about?

    • Billy de Kidd says:

      Think of Count 1 as first quarter count, Count two as half count, etc.

  24. Truth says:

    it’s really funny that you fools are going against (referring to ppl who voted no upon religious reasoning) ssm because the bible says so, because the bible also says that incest is perfectly fine, so shouldn’t incest be legal just wondering because we all came from 2 ppl so how did everyone else get here. Come up for a good reason for that one please.:)

  25. stillgaytho says:

    Civil Unions will still be legalized no matter what. this referendum is not legally-binding. Denying the BASIC rights of a minority bc of a bigoted majority is shameful and disgusting. no matter what, LOVE WINS.

  26. Legal gal says:

    Or better still stay away so the referendum is not only ineffective but defunct.

    Looking good – so far only 6000 odd seem to be against out of 44,000. That is telling. And thats not including the guest workers!

    • No Laughing Matter says:

      Not including the guest workers??? This referendum is a Bermudian matter. With all due respect to guest workers, you don’t get to decide in Bermudian politics nor try to redefine Bermudian traditions, norms and values. You are guests. Bermudians who are guest workers in other countries don’t have a say in the country’s politics, so why come here and be so rude and disrespectful, even on social media, ridiculing the majority of the people’s values and morals?

      • Preview says:

        These guest workers help afford the lifestyle Bermuda has today. Whether you like the current state of affairs or not, Bermuda still remains a wealthy and generally stable country. Without them the main contributor to the island’s economy would not exist. When I say main…I mean disproportionately and unequivocally the main contributor.

        They are residents in a community and do have the right to express their opinion. They should not be told to shut up and sit in the corner. They may not have a VOTE however their opinions do matter. You might actually learn something from them…they might actually learn something from you. That’s how a society works. Alternatively, you too could build a wall, a great wall…put yourself into self imposed exile from the world and live off of onions and sea water.

  27. No Laughing Matter says:

    Bernews, do you know what is going on with region 11′s count? Not even their 1st count is showing.

  28. Will says:

    50+ years ago bermuda ended segregation because we felt that a minority was being heavily discriminated against. Its funny to see that the demographic of the no voters has been the same minority of the past. Can someone please explain to them what the word hypocrite means!!

    • question????? says:

      How do you know it the demographics of the vote? That’s like saying all white people vote OBA UBP and than they try to front a few blacks to help them

    • No Laughing Matter says:

      Wrong! 50+ years ago in Bermuda, the minority (whites) were heavily discriminating the majority (blacks).

      Similar to Apartheid in South Africa….ring a bell?

    • Red Hind says:

      And the same 99% demographic still votes white/oba/ubp. Do you see a Hypocrite when you look in the mirror?

  29. Raymond Ray says:

    I’ve members of my family who are’gay”and there isn’t anything anyone can point out that is abnormal with them…

  30. No laughing matter says:

    I think it was very wishful thinking of the SSM campaigners to expect an Irish SSM referendum results here in Bermuda.

  31. Dangel says:

    A Resounding No!! However the fact that this referendum was non-binding may have deterred the voters from casting their votes.

  32. Red Hind says:

    Thanks Bernews, great job in keeping us informed!

  33. Peter says:

    Lots of stones cast

  34. Citmin says:

    It undeniable – although 47 percent voted. Bermuda has spoken. No to same sex marriage and no to same sex civil unions. We need to be fair about that fact that no government in their right mind will ignore this.

  35. Citmin says:

    You’re right. Agreed. When the government calls for a referendum and then states it’s unbinding. Many decided not to vote. Add to that the leader of the country tells people how to vote, however, it came through as a resounding NO NO vote. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES! One cannot deny – to ignore this assessment will be political suicide.

    • Starting Point says:

      over 50% of the country felt this is not an issue that the people should vote on. Seems like a green light to start the civil union and then SSM legislation.

  36. Char says:


  37. Coffee says:

    England voted out of the EURO , as it stands now SSM will never be legal in MY BERMUDA !

    • Matthew Sousa says:

      Coffee that is also a None Legal Binding Referendum. It will be decided in Parliament. It has noted that most MP are in favor of staying in the EU.

    • Mike Hind says:

      As usual, you couldn’t be more wrong…

  38. Flywheel says:

    What a huge and utter waste of time and money :(

  39. Kathy says:

    Now that you are not part of Europe any more, the European Courts are irrelevant!

    • Just the Tip says:

      Except that Britian has marriage equality and it be their courts the cases would go to from here

  40. Zen says:

    Like Cameron,Dunkley should now resign!

  41. Starting Point says:

    Yet another radical theistic decision, same process that gave us the twin towers and most recently the Orlando shooting.

    Radical and literal theists are the biggest threat to this planet, end of story.

    note: most of those who voted no will have to look up what theist means, that part of the point.

  42. Oh,I see now says:

    Mr Hind you show great fortitude and much passion for your beliefs and I can appreciate that but the people have spoken.Those that took the time to vote are not in favor and I have and idea but correct me if I’m wrong those that didn’t vote aren’t giving it any much credence.

    • Mike Hind says:

      No, The people haven’t spoken. That’s why it’s “not answered”.

      And those that didn’t vote did so for various reasons, not just because they didn’t give it “any much credence”.

  43. Preview says:

    Government took a controversial decision to the public so they could express their opinion. It gave voters the opportunity to have their voice heard. Politicians are supposed to represent the people and yesterday they showed that is what they are trying to do. I applaud that. Will the outcome stand in the courts…who knows. Government does not control the courts.

    The public had the opportunity to vote and the results speak for themselves. Many stayed at home which is really a vote in itself. Preserve Marriage aggressively lobbied for its cause and got the outcome it hoped for. They were well organized, well funded and sent a clear message. They are lobbyist….what would one expect them to do…send a more balanced message?

    Do I think the result supports discrimination…I do. Discrimination in one form or another, whether it involves religion, race, handicaps, gender, beliefs, etc. has been rationalized for as long as human beings have been on earth. We generally always look back and ponder…how did our ancestors allow that to happen. We can see how it happens…much of it is through apathy. We might not support discrimination but for many we don’t feel strongly enough about it to get involved and do something about it. We are simply observers. The extremists (I don’t mean this in a derogatory sense) therefore swing the pendulum and many of us just watch and then get up, live with the outcome and go to work the next day. Like it or not as a species….that is who we are. We evolve and opinions change…albeit sometimes not at the pace we would all like…but maybe at the pace we can handle. Regrettably there is damage done along the way and it can take generations for the recipients of discrimination to recover.

    I beleive that SSM will at some point become a reality…just not today. Preserve Marriage says that it will continue its campaign regardless of the outcome. They appear committed. I have more respect for someone who voices their opinion, whether I agree with it or not, than someone who couldn’t be bothered. I would suggest that the LGBT campaign do the same. I suspect that if this same referendum was held 50 years ago the results would have been much more exaggerated than they were yesterday. Maybe that can be seen as progress.

    I truly feel bad for those impacted by the outcome and would say to them to keep fighting for their rights; there are many who support you and over time that number will undoubtedly grow.

  44. aceboy says:

    Let’s face it, the churches could not allow their power over their congregations to be diminished by this vote. They need their people firmly under their thumb.

    I attended a service a couple of years back at one of these churches. The sermon was all about how the congregation should stop trying to invest in the world in which they now live in and should instead invest in their afterlife. In other words….GIVE US YOUR MONEY. Nobody in that Church could afford it but they all reached into their pockets.

    Keep ‘em poor and dumb.

    But make sure the preacher has a nice suit, nice watch and nice car to drive…..

  45. Daily Reminder says:

    It is so sad to see so much separation & so much judgment in such a small island like Bermuda. We the people of Bermuda preach one love but most are very selective in where they feel that love, peace & freedom should be directed. This post is not to offend or breed more negativity I just wanted to shed light as a daily reminder that we serve one GOD who has said Mathew 7:1-2 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Please people of Bermuda we will NEVER have change if there is NO unity. I am not saying this will fix every issue we face as an island but I am saying so much more can be accomplished if we have more positive leadership rather then the same old labels being placed on race, sexuality ect. Stop following suite and being sucked in by the conspiracy of churches and politics which are all designed for control. Church should be what we perceive as a worship center to give thanks and show unity as brothers and sisters of all color race and gender to give praise to our GOD. It should not be used for readings that have been revised & edited based off of the leaders perception/opinion of what he or she thinks GOD is saying which is corrupting people’s outlook on life and judging thy neighbor! Gay marriage, why should this effect you? God clearly states Love as one of his important laws and it DID not clarify race, gender or color. Love is a purity of the heart, living a conscious life helping others-thy neighbors we are suppose to be ONE! The issues we have are created by us, the people! Snap out of it people everyone deserves freedom! Stop the judgment and let people live their lives in peace. Stop adding to the control of these false preachers and all the lies. Seek GOD through your own eyes and then you will be at peace and something like gay marriage you would then understand is not your battle.

    There is so much more to life then waking up and being economically enslaved with the same routine and same mindset. Take the time to reflect on your life purpose.

    God Bless our Bermuda.