OUTBermuda Statement On Referendum

June 24, 2016

Following yesterday’s referendum, OUTBermuda released a statement saying they “do not view yesterday’s outcome as a defeat, and are resolute in our commitment to raising awareness of issues affecting LGBTQ people.”

OUTBermuda said, “The number and diversity of people adding their voice in support for LGBTQ people in past weeks is unprecedented in our community, and we celebrate their affirmation and public commitment to equality for Lesbian and Gay families.

“While the number of people voting ‘Yes’ to Civil Unions and ‘Yes’ to Marriage Equality may not have reached the level we had hoped for, such an outcome is not without precedent in recent history.

“We recognize that before there was Marriage Equality across the United States there was Proposition 8 in California, which had been supported by the majority of voters there.

“Proposition 8 did not create a permanent barrier to LGBTQ equality, but instead galvanized support for it. The outcome of yesterday’s referendum will equally not create a permanent barrier to LGBTQ equality in Bermuda.

Out Bermuda TC June 24 2016

“We do not view yesterday’s outcome as a defeat, and are resolute in our commitment to raising awareness of issues affecting LGBTQ people, which includes continuing to advocate for Marriage Equality.

“We are thankful for the people who sought to engage openly to better understand what it means to legally recognize the Lesbian and Gay families living on our Island.

“OUTBermuda also recognizes that the decision of less than 51% to vote in the referendum demonstrates the majority of Bermudians do not believe they are personally affected by issues affecting Lesbian and Gay families.

“Instead, it underscores that the majority of Bermudians have more pressing concerns which are not at present being addressed.

“OUTBermuda rejects the suggestion that Bermudians lack the will and sophistication to address the multitude of issues affecting our community in a unified way.

“Equally, we do not believe that by supporting LGBTQ equality the community will neglect to address issues such as violence and anti-social activity, unemployment, and economic inequalities, to name a few.

“We recognize and celebrate the work which is already being carried out by LGBTQ people to address these issues. Moving forward as a unified country requires moving forward together with all of us, LGBTQ people included.

“OUTBermuda’s work continues. Anyone wishing to join us should get in touch via our website, www.outbermuda.com.”

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  1. paperboy says:

    Well said – stay with the positive expressions of love and tenderness voiced by members of our Bermuda Community. There is evidence of a shift and it is encouraging – be of good faith and be fierce with your love for each other.

    Continue to practice patience, forgiveness and kindness.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Accept de defeat.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Wonder if you’ll be saying this when the law changes… Hmm.

      • Sage says:

        Stop posting messages showing what a narrow-minded bigot (and racist) you truly are. Don’t you have a bridge you can go live under??

  2. Terry says:

    What is being shoved into the darkness is that many don’t want to let they folks know that it is going on but are in complete denial.

    I saw a wedding thing today; (I just happened upon it from some family member). The photo/s showed people who have been gay for 50+ years but the church and family let it go and it was accepted by at least 1000 people.

    Now where was I.


  3. Touche says:

    You wont view it as a defeat and you will not rest until you have turned upside down the religious and spiritual foundation that our island was founded upon and built upon. Thank you for trying to alter our cornerstone and make it your own design.

    Go to the middle east and try and do it there. See how fair and accepting they are.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Nope. Nothing here is true. Your “cornerstone” will still be there. Your religious and spiritual foundation will still be there. No one is trying to touch your religious stuff.

      As for the middle east? Is that REALLY the best thing to compare yourself to?

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Not true mike …everything you just said is unfounded…just like everything that comes out of your mouth on this subject is in correct…

        • Mike Hind says:

          And yet, you don’t show why.

          Who is trying to stop people from practicing their religion? Who is trying to attack the “spiritual foundation”? How will marriage equality change ANYTHING for religious people?

          No one will be able to force them to marry them. We know this because they’re already protected.

          How will ANYTHING religious be affected by marriage equality?

          How am I wrong? What did I say that was unfounded?

        • Mike Hind says:

          The silence is deafening. As usual, you can’t back up your claims.

    • Peace says:

      I would imagine the same comment was said about interracial marriage a while back. If you’re spiritual cornerstone will be crushed by giving someone basic human rights, then I am sorry but your cornerstone needs to be sorted out!

      The religious foundation has been wrong in the past. You need to start thinking for yourself. In the Middle East, look at their religious foundation. You would not want their cornerstone changed…

    • Ash says:

      If Bermuda was built on religion or not, it doesn’t matter, involving religion politics is always a bad idea. Religions and politics don’t mix, leave the separate.

    • OnionBird says:

      And you call yourself a Christian???

  4. rodney smith says:

    Hi, You can still be apart of our community without having your life style legalized .You are respected in the community, and valued on your job . You are a part of Bermuda . But when put to a vote, accept that the majority of Bermudians will vote against your life style .Come and join us this weekend at the Southampton S.D.A. church where we can talk more about these topics . Please bring your friends. Ask for me, Rodney.

    • Zevon says:

      So Rodney. What part of gay people’s “life style” are you suggesting is not legal?
      Or are you talking crap as usual.

      • rodney smith says:

        If it went to a vote , the majority of Bermudians would vote against it . What is it that you don’t understand?

        • Mike Hind says:

          Which is why the minority should ALWAYS be protected from the majority.

        • OnionBird says:

          There were quit a few of us that we’re off the Island on both the absentee ballot day & referendum day . . . Many were university students who would have voted for yes yes. If it had been a binding vote, then many would have come home for it or changed their travel plans, but it wasn’t worth it!

        • Zevon says:

          What “life style” do you think is illegal?

    • jt says:

      The courts will sort this out for you Rodney. It’s not a majority kinda thing.

    • Mike Hind says:

      You can be “apart” of our community as long you you don’t expect to be treated like an equal human being.
      As long as you don’t mind being treated like you aren’t worthy of rights, you can be “apart” of our community.

      But if you get uppity and want equality, we will fight you on that, tooth and nail, using lies and misinformation and evasion and whatever we can to make sure we can continue to treat you like you aren’t equal to us.

    • Peace says:

      Why would they when you can’t even spend the time to understand their predicament.

    • Rich says:

      The referendum had nothing do with ‘legalizing’ a ‘lifestyle’.

  5. dancing troll says:


  6. Martian Alien says:

    We Bermudians are low life, blind, self centered,self serving, want everything given to us for free.NIMBY arrogant bunch

  7. takbir Sharrieff says:

    A resounding ,,,,,no,,,,,no,,,vote ,and a yes, for Preserving Marriage between a male and a Female and rejecting the Sneaky same sex Civil Union which is an engagement ring before approaching Same Sex Marriage again. We know that you are dyed in the wool Sexual Perverts, homosexuals, and have no intentions to change your lifestyle. That is why we ,,,,no,,,,no, ,,no, voters are sending a strong message to the future Bermudians,and ejected you, We are protecting society from this nefarious behavior and standing up for G-D and his laws .Congratulations Bermuda and thanks for your moral stance…….. Blessings abound.

  8. Roger Lambert says:

    Animals go to the opposite and some humans go for their same. No twice!

    • Mike Hind says:

      This is a lie. You can’t just make stuff up and then use it to hurt people.

    • Sage says:

      Is there any thread of sanity in your post?

  9. hulk_too says:

    what about fathers rights – have baby go court – judge tell you you can see child ( your Child ) every other weekend – oh lets not forget the price tag that comes along with it. where is our equal rights as fathers. We need to address this sooner than later – where does get of thinking that she owns the child once it is born and a interesting system allowing her to believe this shit. You have responsible fathers just as you have irresponsible mothers. but the law sticks to one side. Fathers rights fathers rights fathers rights …. next referendum … vote . vote vote ….

    • Toodle-oo says:

      That’s why you make sure you both have a ring on your finger and have walked down the aisle before making babies !

      The root of 98% of all our social problems on this island .

      Now let’s see if Preserve Marriage has the sincerity and fortitude tackle this one after all their claims about children needing a stable 2 parent home .

    • Zevon says:

      Why don’t you get Preserve Shackup to help you.

  10. Ash says:

    I don’t understand why Bermuda needed to know what these two groups have to say now, I frankly don’t care. It was Bermuda’s vote, not these groups.

  11. rodney smith says:

    To be fair, the courts must allow opposite sex couples to have the same protection under the law, as gay couples, without the need to get married. Other wise , it is discrimination all over again.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Exactly. So why not just let them get married?