Preserve Marriage Statement On Referendum

June 24, 2016

Following yesterday’s referendum, Preserve Marriage released a statement saying they “will remain steadfast in seeking to preserve marriage in Bermuda for the years to come.”

A statement from the group said, “Preserve Marriage, which consists of a diverse cross-section of our community, appreciates the people of Bermuda who came out to express their beliefs about same-sex marriage and same-sex civil unions.

“Although 46.89 percent of the voting population participated, it cannot be ignored that an undeniably clear message has been sent to retain marriage in Bermuda as a special union between a man and a woman for the benefit of society. Bermuda voted against same-sex marriage and against same-sex civil unions almost 2 to 1 on both questions.

Preserve Marriage Bermuda TC June 24 2016

“The purpose of the referendum was to assess the prevailing community interest before implementing any legislative changes in Bermuda. The European Court of Human Rights has stated, “the Court observes that marriage has deep-rooted social and cultural connotations…”, which means marriage has a huge impact on the social and cultural structure of a country.

“It is for this reason the ECtHR has consistently stated, “…that article 12 [right to marry] of the convention does not impose an obligation on the government to grant a same-sex couple… access to marriage.” [Oliari and Others vs. Italy 2015 Judgment paragraph 192].

“In addition, in the most recent Chapin and Charpentier vs. France case of June 9, 2016, the European Court unanimously found that Article 12 [right to marry], taken together with Article 14 [prohibition of discrimination] and Article 8 [right to respect for private and family life] were not discriminatory. The European Court affirmed once again that there is no discrimination if the State denies the right to marry to two adults of the same-sex.

“We can only conclude that the Center for Justice in their passion to bring same-sex marriage to Bermuda is misleading the people of Bermuda to state that preserving marriage is preventing human rights to same-sex couples. They are out of sync with the European Convention that applies to Bermuda [Page 3 HRA 1981].

“This was clearly seen in the most recent case before the Chief Justice when they tried to quash the referendum on the grounds of it being against the Constitution, against the Human Rights Act and against common law; however, they lost on all three challenges. It has been our objective to simply ensure that the people of Bermuda understood the undeniable truth surrounding this topic so that they can vote intelligently, with both mind and heart.

“As Preserve Marriage, our uncompromising goal has been to respect all people of Bermuda regardless of their sexuality. We understand, along with over 90 percent of the countries of the world and the majority 13 European states that have constitutionalized the definition of marriage as strictly heterosexual and monogamous, that preserving marriage is not bigotry nor hate speech [Same Sex Unions and the ECHR, Gregor Puppinck, PhD, Director of the European Center of Law and Justice, April 20, 2015].

“As Rick Warren has stated, “Our culture has accepted two huge lies: The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”

“Despite the tremendous hate speech Preserve Marriage has endured during this debate from some of those who support same-sex marriage, we have made it our mandate not to retaliate, nor to be intimidated by it, but to share the truth in love.

“We will remain steadfast in seeking to preserve marriage in Bermuda for the years to come. It is clear that a great deal of work remains to be done in this area and throughout our community. We all want what we believe is best for our country as a whole, and we will keep this in mind in our dialogue with each other, especially when we disagree.

“So where do we go from here? Benefits are available to all people without having to introduce same-sex civil unions or same-sex marriage. In fact, “more and more countries are moving on from what has been labeled as the ‘failed experiment of civil unions’…” [Australian Marriage Equality 2010]. This is because a same-sex civil union is the engagement ring to same-sex marriage. All countries that have redefined marriage started with a same-sex civil union.

“Hence, if the current Government truly does not want to implement same-sex marriage in Bermuda, it is conflicting for them to continue to push for same-sex civil union legislation.

“Article 8 of the Convention can be applied in Bermuda as there are benefits available to everyone, whether two sisters that live together for economic reasons, married or single persons who need medical decisions made for them through a power of attorney, hospital visitation rights by persons stipulating who they deem as their next of kin, property rights by a will, medical rights for dependents who require it, or beneficiary rights in a pension. Rights can be enjoyed without redefining marriage.

“Finally, we would like to state that the LGBT community is not “them”, it’s us: our loved ones, our family members and our friends. Although we disagree on this current topic, we are confident that we can continue to love and respect one another as we live in peace and harmony together.”

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  1. Torian says:

    Honestly if you make this shorthand it basically says:

    “I’m not racist but black people don’t need equal rights. I’m not sexist but women are fine with the current wage gap. I’m not homophobic but LGBT people are perfectly alright without getting married.”

    • Terry says:

      Guess you don’t live in (as an example) Hungary / Germany.


      • This is weird says:

        So this whole thing is weird.

        Basically it is a middle aged/older church influenced vote.

        The very people who moan about discrimination and intolerance, those who talk of their rough deal.

        But still discriminating and intolerant. Sad and depressing that we have such small minded people.


        • Daylily says:

          90 % of the world has not redefined marriage. 90% of the world is not limited old church people. The world understands that marriage is a unique relationship with a specific definition.

          One thing for certain, the nasty people who attack those wanting to Preserve Marriage are not in the majority in Bermuda or anywhere else in the world.

          Talking loud does not equal speaking truth. The world will not believe the lie of SSM.

          • Mike Hind says:

            You wouldn’t know anything about speaking truth.

            This ad populum argument of yours is invalid.

            As I said to you the last time, “Everybody’s doing it!” is an argument for teenagers, not our society.

      • Daylily says:

        Torian. You forgot a quote. I’m not anti-children but want to legislate that children are perfectly fine with being manufactured for adult whims and they especially love having no rights to the mother and father it took to create them.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Are you really trying to pull the “Children will have no rights to their mother and father” nonsense again? After all the times you’ve been shown to be wrong?

          A. Children’s “right” to a father and mother ends at, in order, fertilization and birth. After that, no one has the “right” to anything.

          B. Marriage equality won’t stop children from having parents.

          C. The study you’ve used in the past to show that homosexual parents are worse than heterosexual parents has been thoroughly debunked.


          How many times do people have to point this out to you before you stop spreading this lie?

          • Daylily says:

            Mike. You must be mistaken, the debunked study is the Melbourne Australia survey, where the same-sex parents were questioned about the welfare of the children in their care. Surprise, surprise they said everything was great.
            Another study that was never done was the one when the American Psychological Association changed its classification on homosexuality with out a shred of evidence. Past president and author of the bill, Dr. Nicholas Cummings said they were bullied into the changes by gay activists and the Leona Tyler principle was thrown out. Check it out on you tube.

          • Daylily says:

            Mike. That’s a lie, I’ve never said that homosexual parents are worse than heterosexual parents. I have said that children fair best with the parents it took to make them.

            You must be mistaken, the debunked study is the Melbourne Australia survey, where the same-sex parents were questioned about the welfare of the children in their care. Surprise, surprise they said everything was great.

            Another study that was never done was the one when the American Psychological Association changed its classification on homosexuality with out a shred of evidence. Past president and author of the bill, Dr. Nicholas Cummings said they were bullied into the changes by gay activists and the Leona Tyler principle was thrown out. Check it out on you tube.

    • YADON says:

      There is no real wage gap. When women start working 60+ hours a week in dangerous trades, we will see the gap disappear. NOBODY pays women less. For the SAME work if they are equally experienced and qualified and produce the same. IF they did there would be no reason to hire men.

      • Livid Lesbian says:

        There literally is, there have been many credible studies on it. Read those before you say garbage like that. Many businesses pay women less, and the whole “there’d be no reason to hire men” is unoriginal, debunked rhetoric. Come up with a original argument next time.

    • Ash says:

      There isn’t a wage gap…….in America they have an earning’s gap but that’s a lot different from a wage gap, I’m not even sure if we even have an earnings gap here, because we certainly don’t have a wage gap because Bermuda’s much more pro-women than America, and if we do have an earnings gap it’s possible that woman actually make more, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised because professional settings are flooded with women. Rarely do I see men in the corporate world at least in Bermuda.

      • Livid Lesbian says:

        “Bermuda’s much more pro-women than America” that’s so not true. If we were, we’d have abortion rights, and actually, statistics state that although women in Bermuda are more employed than men, they annually earn less than them.

  2. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Quoting the lunatic fringe Rick Warren says it all…

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      Attacking the person saying the quote doesn’t mean that quote is not true. That quote applied to many situations is VERY TRUE! And on this subject, it is very true.

  3. Opinions Matter says:

    So when are they going to deal with the increasing single parent households, under aged births, affairs galore and many broken home? Shouldn’t something be done to “preserve” the marriage they fought so hard for?

    • Family Man says:

      The bible says we should stone them.

      • blankman says:

        We should also stone disobedient children as well as any bride who isn’t a virgin when she comes to the marriage bed. But no-one seems to want to follow old customs – just a sign that civilization is declining

      • Onion Juice says:

        At least they have de right ingredients to pro-create and keep mankind existing.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Procreation isn’t a requirement for marriage.

          Your argument is invalid, wrong and hateful.

          Marriage equality won’t stop mankind from existing.

          If you think it will, you are an idiot.

  4. Ha! says:

    Now, let’s see how much money and energy this group puts into actually trying to “preserve marriage.” How much will be spent on ad campaigns encouraging people to actually get married rather than just living together. How many ads will we hear and see fighting against divorce lawyers and the law surrounding people’s legal ability to file for and be granted divorce. How much time and energy will go into counseling all married folks about how marriage is sacred, adultery is a sin and goes against the sanctity of marriage and how people should forgive their spouses, no matter what, so that marriage can be preserved?

    How much will go into educating young people about the privilege and merits of marriage. How many families will you truly try to save? What about single parents? Will you condemn them for not having both a male and female parent in their homes to raise the children?

    Other than to fight against same sex unions and marriages, what do you really plan to do to prove you were worthy of the “charity” status.

    I am so completely disgusted with this fake organization with obviously very deep pockets.

    • OBSERVER says:

      TO Ha!!:
      Nothing MORE disgusting than a deceitful, negative and vicious group of people ….oba/U.B.P.
      Ha!! Since you are sooooo fed up, pack up and whoosh!!!!!

      • Ha! says:

        Ovserver, you assume I am not Bermudian. Why would I need to leave me own country? Very interesting.

    • Daylily says:

      Ha! Your absolutely too late. This group and its members have been working on ALL of the issue you raised for decades.

      Now, since your such a great citizen and can point out all of our societal ills why don’t you call Preserve Marriage and see where you can help. No need in sitting on the sidelines pointing fingers when your not lifting a finger to help.

      • Mike Hind says:

        This group has been around for decades? I don’t think so.

        Could you be stretching the truth again, “Daylily”?

        • Daylily says:

          Mike. No need to stretch anything. PM is a cross-section of the community, including those who have spent decades of their lives and careers keeping marriages & families together & counseling children/teens, prisoners, etc. These people have seen the results of not honoring the human rights of children to have both a mom and a dad.

  5. GetOverIt. says:

    Don’t really care what you think it says.

    But I say, Thanks to the group Preserve Marriage!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

    • OBSERVER says:

      TO Get Overit::

      Agreement here. Those negatives need to put up, shut up or WHOOOSH!!!!!(leave)
      ….coming into OUR country and attempting to dictate their values on us!!!

      • Ed Case says:

        My people arrived here in 1609.

      • bee says:

        you really are ignorant. everyone who votes was a BERMUDIAN you moron. unlike the PM crowd who had to import liars at great expense to spew hate and crap all over MY COUNTRY

        • Daylily says:

          bee. According to Change/Rainbow group, their Petition to redefine marriage was admittedly signed by non-Bermudians. Perhaps you send the same message to the Rainbow group to stop importing liars to bully their beliefs on others.

      • Daylily says:

        Observer. My like button is not working. Just want to point out that the nonsense being spewed out by the abolish/redefine marriage group obviously does not reflect the values of the wider community.

        They think they if they talk loud and long enough people will eventually believe what they are saying us true. We will not fall for it.

        • Mike Hind says:

          The only ones spewing nonsense is you lot!

          You’ve been exposed as a liar and a propaganda merchant time and again.

          And now you’re glass-housing, accusing other people of your own behavior?

          That’s just sad.

          You are hurting people. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Daylily says:

            Mike. Calling me a liar certainly doesn’t make you a truth teller. People can read, it’s evident that the only talent you’ve mastered is name calling.

            I’ve come to expect nothing more from you. Fire away.

      • blankman says:

        Observer, what makes you think that SSM supporters came to “your” country and attempted to dictate “their” values on us.

        For the record, SSM supporters are not all expats and the values they espouse are not foreign.

  6. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    You may have won the ‘battle’, but you will not win the ‘war’.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      There will be no ‘war.’

      It is simple, at this time, Bermuda does not want same-sex marriage. The only ‘war’ will be if the courts of this government try to force this on the people who have overwhelmed rejected both referendum questions.

      • Ash says:

        Yeah, at this time Bermuda isn’t ready to allow SSM, but I guarantee somewhere in our future, when I’m still alive because I’m only 20, Bermuda will be ready and it will become legal.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Force what?
        What will be forced on people?

        How will anyone’s life be changed by marriage equality, other than the people who will now be allowed to get married?

        How will us ceasing to hurt people for no reason be forcing anything on anyone?

      • blankman says:

        we the people – sorry, the people of Bermuda did not overwhelmingly reject SSM – fact is, over half of the people didn’t think the question was important enough to even bother voting. Add those to the people that voted in favour and it’s clear that the majority of people don’t see any reason to oppose it.

    • Legalgal says:

      They did not “win” anything. The majority of the 44,000 odd registered voters either voted YES or weren’t concerned enough to turn up to vote “no”. They failed. Thank God. Now the government needs to get a move on and comply. Not look for more time and money wasting measures to ensure someone takes the matter out of their hands.

      • Sincerious says:

        seriously you presume to think that the people that did not think this important enough to them to make their opinion known support the questions . Talk About fantasy.
        They did not care enough so that’s all you know, others could be as delusional as you and claim those that did not vote were aligned with those not in favor and that would mean the small minority are those in favoir.
        Just accept that about half of the island doesn’t care enough to speak and of those that did made their opinions known.

        Accept there are differing views and move on

      • So Tired says:

        The majority of the people didn’t bother waste their time with this nonsense when there are more pressing issues facing the fabric of this country and its sustainability.

      • Daylily says:

        The Premier sabotaged the outcome by advertising for a specific outcome and then saying it was non-binding. That’s why some people didn’t vote.

        The government undermined the referendum by reducing it to an opinion poll. Well they got their opinion, Bermuda said NO.

  7. Mike Hind says:

    “…we are confident that we can continue to love and respect one another as we live in peace and harmony together.”

    As long as they know their place and don’t expect to be treated like equal human beings under the law…

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Works for me :)

      • Mike Hind says:


        You don’t have a problem with treating Bermudian citizens like they aren’t equal human beings under the law?

        Shame on you.

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          Wait till you’re under Sharia law…think you are so down trodden now??

          • Mike Hind says:

            Wait… you think Sharia law is coming?

            And, more importantly, you think that someone imposing their religion’s laws on other people, folks that don’t follow that religion, is bad?

            NOW, you’re saying that?

            You don’t have a problem when Preserve Marriage and the rest do it, but when it’s Sharia Law, you have a problem with it?

            Do you not see the flaw in your thinking?

          • blankman says:

            Don’t know what you’re worried about – when Sharia law comes just wait and see what it does to Christians.

    • steve says:

      This group asks us try and understand their reasons/opinion. Well i have a full understanding because I used to know a younger me and I had a similar mindset. Its part of my youth and am ashamed that I was once so ignorant. Can you not see the people you hurt? Do you feel blessed?
      I am one of many strait christian that are sickened by this.

    • Sincerious says:

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion and their own understanding Mike even you .
      You don’t have to like or understand but if you are going to spout the words that we must accept all of our diversity that includes those that do not agree with you.

      • Mike Hind says:

        And again… This isn’t about their opinion. I support them being allowed to have their opinion.

        But this is about that opinion being used to hurt people for no reason.

        They can believe whatever they want, but people are being hurt because folks think that their opinion trumps other people’s right to equal access to rights, and that’s just wrong.

        Isn’t it?

        • blankman says:

          Exactly, the problem is not what they believe. It’s their attempts to force others to live their lives according to those beliefs.

  8. Food for thought says:

    Highly disagree with the statement that “a great deal of work needs to be done within the community”
    Who are you to go around and change the mind sets of indivudals as far as i am concered this is a close minded group! we are beyond behind the times and this legislation is well overdue.
    This group looks at it from the standpoint that the majority voted “no” however fail to realise that the majority just doesnt care enough to vote being the poll is considered as unanswered due to the lack of voters! It is disgusting in my eyes that these individuals are fighting to deny a basic human right.
    The irony is once women were fighting to be equal with men. People of colour were fighting to be equal with whites and now that those issues are settled you want to be hypocrites and deny these people the right to what you have.
    And let me tell you please do not go around telling those how much you value marriage when half of you that are behind or support this campagian are either divorced or having an affair so please dont!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Well a great deal of work DOES need to be done… to find a valid reason to keep treating the LGBT community as inferior human beings. All of the ones that they’ve come up with have been shown to be false, over and over again.

      But the work they’re talking about? Yeah. No one needs that.

  9. Um Um Like says:

    What a load of s*&^!

  10. Not so Safe says:

    I said it before – if this group is so concerned about preserving marriage in Bermuda – they need to worry more about the high rate of divorce in such a small island and also the amount of co-habiting couples.

  11. Onion says:

    They are lying about the European Court and deliberately misleading people. The Courts found that the only reason marriage wasn’t a right was because there was something equal by another name (civil unions).

  12. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    Why do they continue to insist on misrepresenting the ECHR stance on Same Sex couples rights, while the recent ruling did not grant the Same Sex couples right to marry, it was becuase they already had an opportunity available to them in their country for equality under the law, even though it wasn’t marriage. ECHR does take a sensitive view to the cultural significance to the word ‘Marriage’, but have in no uncertain terms stated in previous ruling in favour of Same Sex couples seeking family life, that countries MUST have the opportunity for Same Sex couples to have the same rights and protections of family life under the law that marriage offers under he law.
    They also misrepresent the ruling in the Supreme Court on the CfJ motion, they may have lost their motion to have the referendum quashed, but the judge ruled that it was primarily because the referendum was non-binding and also went on to state that majority will should never be used to deny people equal protection under the law.
    PM also claim that Same Sex families threaten the well being of the children. But rather than yield to the overwhelming consensus from the largest impartial organizations of sociologist, psychologists and pediatricians worldwide, that same sex families have as much chance of successfully raising children as do ‘traditional’ marriage, they continue to offer nothing nothing more than their opinion on this, formed from studies that have been debunked. Then they advertise these opinions as ‘truth’.
    This was their referendum from the beginning and they could only get around 33% of the people to come out and support them in it, so it does not reflect they have the support of the majority of Bermudians in their pursuit of their attempt to hijack Marriage. This is ultimately what this is about, Preserve Marriage doesn’t want to preserve it, they want to own it. They are staking claim of the word ‘Marriage’ and saying they are the definition for it… but they do not. Marriage is an institution of the people, owned by the people and for the people. PM has made the claim that God created marriage, but it has existed long before Judaeo-Christian beliefs, back when gods were in pantheons, probably even before written history began. In Christianity, God can ordain a marriage, but he can’t create it, people have to create it, people have to work at it, it isn’t up to God, it is on the people, it is their institution. Throughout history and to this day it has existed in more ways than just a monogamous institution of just a man and a woman. It has been for love, it has been for property, it has been for tittle, it has been for many reasons, and many of those reasons have been used in Christian marriage. Marriage is used I almost ever cultur, Christian or not, so no PM, you do not own ‘Marriage’, but you can define it for yourselves all you want, that is your right. In your churches you can limit it who you want, that is your right. But it is not your right to tell others what it means to them, and it is not your right to deny others’ love from equal protection under the law.

    • Daylily says:

      BABB. Read the Chapin, et al v France case handed down by the ECHR on June 9, 2016. Once and for all, SSM is not a human right. Secondly, Marriage has a definition, the imposition is from those who want to redefine it for everyone else.

  13. Family Man says:

    The churches need to pay the same taxes as everyone else. I’m tired of paying higher taxes in order to support a group of people who campaign for discrimination.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      Best believe it was not only the churches that voted against this.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Not sure where he said it was.

        But come on. The VAST majority was the churches and religious people.

        Don’t even try to play like it wasn’t.

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          So what!!…stop trying to divide into catagories…whether these people are black white red or yella. ..Christian, Muslim, Mormon or Hindu. ..They are ALL humans just like YOU…you think they are skewed in their beliefs and they think you are skewed in YOUR beliefs…you say do what’s right and THEY did what was right Now accept it and move on…y’all was roaring like a lion now y’all crying like a bitch…there’s only ONE thing for certain…It WILL be legal soon because that’s what the Homosexual Agenda was designed to do…It is organised and headed up by some of the most influential people on the planet…people like you are just wat they need to do their ground work but the sad part is YOU don’t even know that your doing it…you think you are fighting a good battle…since when has any battle been fought on fair play…

          Sorry…Gotta run ——>

          • Mike Hind says:

            You keep bringing up the “Homosexual Agenda”, but, when pressed, only show examples of people going “Here’s how we should work towards equality…”

            And I absolutely DO know why I’m doing it. I’m doing it because people… friends, family members, citizens of this country, Bermudians!… are being hurt by this. They are being discriminated against and that is wrong.

            So… whatever this babble is supposed to be… nothing in it is right.

      • Bullnose says:

        Churches should pay tax like every other for profit enterprise.

      • Ash says:

        It wasn’t, but a majority of people who were against SSM were against it for religious reasons and that’s what bothers me. I could accept that most people had different views than me, had it been for an legitimate reason that wasn’t religious. I strongly believe religion and politics shouldn’t mix and it’s frustrating when it does because there’s no legitimate reason why other people have to follow your religious views.

  14. I Used To Be Proud says:

    I have never been more embarrassed in my life, I am not proud to be from a place where they don’t support equal rights. I am N O T proud to be a Bermudian.

    • Thinking says:

      Until you away in the airport with you big mouth

  15. We the People (1st!!) says:

    They are treated like equal human beings. Every male and every female have the same rights/access to marriage – just not same-sex. Every Male and every female do not have the right to same-sex marriage. That applies to everyone.

    Please refute what the ECHR have undeniably stated about same-sex couples being denied access to marriage is not discrimination. Is the following statement TRUE-or-FALSE?

    It is for this reason the ECtHR has consistently stated, “…that article 12 [right to marry] of the convention does not impose an obligation on the government to grant a same-sex couple… access to marriage.” [Oliari and Others vs. Italy 2015 Judgment paragraph 192].

    “In addition, in the most recent Chapin and Charpentier vs. France case of June 9, 2016, the European Court unanimously found that Article 12 [right to marry], taken together with Article 14 [prohibition of discrimination] and Article 8 [right to respect for private and family life] were not discriminatory. The European Court affirmed once again that there is no discrimination if the State denies the right to marry to two adults of the same-sex.]]

    If you’re not proud to be a Bermudian because of this then there are very, very, few places on earth you will be proud to be from.

    One of the key reasons, that has not been widely reported, as a reason why BREXIT won, was because people across the UK do not support same-sex marriage as they feel it has been forced on them by the EU.

    One top QC lawyers have said, “LGBT people in Britain could see hard-won protections rolled back.”

    The people here are not going that far to try and undo any protections that have been recently granted to that community. All they are saying is they reject marriage – which is in line with the ECHR. Also, don’t think that the Same-Sex marriage battle is over in the US. That is constantly being challenged. With other possible EUXITs Bermuda may still end up being one of the very few places where LGBT have protections.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Nothing in here is true. You’re misrepresenting the truth.

  16. 25% divorce rate says:

    Lets now have a referendum on ‘No Divorces allowed. Preserve Marriage!”
    Or are they really 2 faced bigots?

    • Cow polly says:

      Actually what should be thrown out are no fault divorces. People will think twice if they might lose their house or pension or boat to the wronged spouse

    • Ash says:

      No that’s a bad idea, but lowering the divorce rate but making sure that couples that do get married are in it until death do them part, not just them saying those words and counselling for when marriages have bumpy roads, some people have legitimate reasons to get a divorce and screwing those people over isn’t fair. We need to remind people that marriage isn’t a small matter, it’s a big deal. However divorce should always be an option for those in abusive situations.

    • Daylily says:

      25% divorce rate. Speaking of 2 faced bigots. Why is that people who claim to fight for all human rights won’t fight for the rights of the littlest humans to have both a mom and a dad.

      Why are those same people using age discrimination and wishing the senior citizens in our community would just die off because they have different beliefs.

  17. takbir Sharrieff says:

    Congratulations to the Preserve Marriage Group .You have done your country Proud. I nominate you all for the Heroes of Bermuda medals. Thank you for your moral stance for,,,,G-D and Country.I am humbled by your courage ,and encouraged by your tenacity .Peace be unto you and your families. Allah-u-Akbar.

  18. Ed Case says:

    The term ‘preserve marriage’ seems to imply they want people who are already married to stay that way. That is in fact not the case, as they are trying to stop people from getting married. A more appropriate name for their organization would be ‘Prevent Marriage’.

    I wonder if it’s too late to change.

  19. Rene Clarke says:

    Preserve marriage are suggesting LBGT couples dont need to have civil unions or marriages because they already have benefits. Thankfully the courts disagree with them and acknowledge there must be a legal framework for same sex couples.
    Different countries have used various methods to meet this requirement it doesn’ t have to be civil unions but the legal framework has to be there. It remains to be seen how BDA will deal with it.

  20. steve says:

    Well since the church is apposed to SSM and have done their best to encourage a no vote (and were successful)…well how about put their money where there mouth is and pay for the forth coming lawsuits? Or at least pay tax if they want to weigh in on the countries affairs.I am a YES YES man, why should my tax dollar be spent fighting ssm?

  21. Ash says:

    I don’t give a s**t what these guys want to say, Bermuda’s voted, shut up now. GO away and stop bringing religion into politics.

  22. Arvi says:

    No man should EVER marry !

    Marriage is a lose-lose-lose situation for men!

    But if you want to be a rightless slave,
    if you want to get completely exploited, parasited upon and end as a broken, poor slob while ure ex-wife leeches still of you while your lying on your death bed, then YES; then marriage absolutely the right thing to do !