BFA President Says He Will Not Seek Re-Election

August 29, 2016

President of the Bermuda Football Association, Larry Mussenden has today [August 29] sent out a letter indicating that he “will not seek re-election”.

In the letter which we understand was sent to all clubs President Mussenden said, “I have had the honour of serving you as the President of the Bermuda Football Association for many years during two terms.

BFA Larry Mussenden TC August 29 2016 (1)

“My current term will end on 29 September 2016 at the Annual Congress Meeting. I have decided that I will not seek re-election at the Congress. It is both time for me to move on and for a new President with fresh ideas and new energy for all.

“I look forward to seeing you at the Congress meeting and I look forward to the election of a new President – no doubt an excellent candidate from our football family.”

The full letter follows below [PDF here]

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  1. I wonder who would be able to fill Mr. Mussenden’s shoes.He was efficient, visible, knew the rules , was interactive and very professional. ALWAYS!!

    • Bob says:

      Yet our game is a hot mess. What you clearly omitted was the fact that he didn’t understand the game, it’s players, coaches and discerning fans. Worse, he followed the FIFA / Concacaf mandate which placed players and coaches at the bottom of the pyramid. That is well chronicled and has been extremely damaging.

      The game was hijacked by a suit and only another suit would point to the qualities above as being the most critical components required to lead a sport as demanding as football.

  2. Cal Blankendal says:

    President Mussenden,

    You came, you saw and you conquered! Enjoy your well deserved exit. I wish you much success as you explore new opportunities outside of football.

  3. Bob says:

    Larry was indeed willing to serve and for that he should be applauded, however to suggest that his was a conquering regime gives new meaning to clueless .

    The quality of local & international football has never been so dire and that is indisputable. Simply look at what he states are his accomplishments and one can readily see his (and others that served under him ) lack of understanding of what is required of a senior executive. The fact that he is proud of representing Bermuda overseas and ensuring that other Bermudians were placed on International Committees is telling. It is the self serving philosophy of sports executives in many sports world wide. Players are but a means to an end. Mere peasants doing their masters bidding.

    Larry can’t point to developing coaches ( I.e., his involvement – not reluctantly accepting the work of others ) or the improvement of our national teams as an accomplishment, nor can he state with conviction that club management has improved during his tenure. The game has regressed and he must accept huge responsibility for its wholesale failings.

    So while there are those that enthusiastically applaud his reign, be assured that it is not what he did to improve our game that motivates them to speak so glowingly, but rather, it is what they gained by association.

    Larry has earned his time away from our game and football is the winner as a result. Having said that, it could get worse, given the likely replacement.