Arrest Made In Connection With Armed Robbery

September 22, 2016

An 18-year-old male has been arrested in connection with the armed robbery at the Soares store in Spanish Point, the police confirmed today.

Police scene sept 20 2016

A police spokesperson said, “An 18-year-old male has been arrested in connection with the reported armed robbery of M. Soares and Son on Spanish Point Road in Pembroke around 3pm Tuesday, September 20th.

“The investigation continues and anyone with information regarding this incident should contact Sergeant Clifford Roberts at the Criminal Investigation Department [CID] on 295-0011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.”

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Comments (19)

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  1. make an example says:

    Well done BPS, now the courts have to make an example of this punk, Even if hes not guilty. Guilty with association obvious if the police arrested him.

  2. Point boy says:

    Good news

  3. stunned... says:

    great news. praying that the police have the correct perpetrator.

  4. WOW says:

    Really!!??? Even if he is not guilty???? Make an example out of him???
    @make an example. Someday a Police officer should make an example of your dopey self.

    • Pointer for life says:

      I guess you dont live in point!!

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        What’s your point? You don’t care if you have the right person as long as ANYONE pays for it?? Then drag your cousin, nephew, brother or other family member in to be made example of if he did it “or not”.

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ WOW,

      Exactly. Spot on, still shaking my head at that dumb remark!!
      Pity they didn’t pick up ‘make an example’ as well.

  5. Bermygreens says:

    They need to whoop his a** drop him in point and let the neighborhood deal with him !

  6. mmm says:

    Let the alleged offender have his day in court. let all the facts be presented, which may also mean witnesses, along with various methods of identifying clothing, fingerprints, footage from camera, etc. etc Be prepared to go into the witness box and state what you know as fact, not an opinion. The wrong person must not be convicted due to public pressure…and the right person must face the consequences and be encouraged to return as a contributing member of society.

  7. Comrad Sinkyboat says:

    I TRUELY hope this is one of the 2 scumbags. if so an IRON CLAD NO LOOPHOLE prosecution in the courts to be found guilty by an jury of OUR piers, if and WHEN found guilty a VERDICT that the wishey washy court of appeals finds as NOT HARD ENOUGH>( as opposed to their recent dismissals on account of MISS DIRECTION of instructions to the jury). I would like to propose sentence of LIFE imprisonment never to be able to seek parole in a RUSSIAN GULAG like the “BLACK DOLPHIN” which we can be seen pn you tube. Maybe a bit to chilly in winter but F^^^ him and his corny

  8. Glenn Blakeney Jr says:

    Well done BPS if indeed you have the right person. If found guilty I hope the courts make it clear that this type of crime will not be tolerated and is made an example of. This happened to a family that is well loved and respected in the community. Many blessings to the Soars Family and don’t let this deter you from your valued and appreciated contribution to the point community.

  9. Young kid throwing his life away.

  10. Widget says:

    If found guilty they should tie his $SS to the flag pole for a week and shame him. Won’t be doing that crap again now will he.

  11. Widget says:

    Better yet make him sweep the floors and parking lot at Soars grocery store for a month at no cost to the shop owners.

  12. TGAOTU says:

    Bermuda needs to man-up and start acting like an adult and start punishing these little cretins. The reason we have this problem is Bermuda is because we dont punish them. The judges are almost always related to them or know them or their families, and they always get lenient or non-existent sentences for the terrible evil crimes they commit. Such worthless people should not get off, but should be punished so sorely that nobody would DARE try to do the same thing again. Bermuda needs to legalize firearms for protection. What kind of world do we live in where the criminals have the guns and the citizens are not even allowed to carry pocket knives? That is not society, that is chaos, orchestrated and carried out by people who do not truly care about our future.

  13. ron,b says:

    cut his hands off