Church Seeks Information For ‘Rooted In Faith’

October 30, 2016

The Anglican Church of Bermuda is asking people to share information that may help contribute to their “Rooted in Faith: the Contributions of Black Anglicans to the Life and Ministry of the Church in Bermuda” project.

“There is a quotation from The New York Times which says ‘Every story has a story’,” a spokesperson said

“The story of the Anglican Church of Bermuda has many stories. Some of those stories are well known; some not so well known and others not known at all. Even some stories which once were well-known are now forgotten.

Anglican Cathedral 17-06-2015

“It was out of the desire to bring to light the not so well known, the not known at all and the forgotten stories of the Church that ‘Rooted in Faith: the Contributions of Black Anglicans to the Life and Ministry of the Church in Bermuda’ was born.

“The mission of ‘Rooted in Faith’ is to tell the story and to celebrate through written and spoken word and music, the contributions of Black Anglicans to the ministry, life and growth of the Church in Bermuda.

“Rooted in Faith is not intended to cast blame on anyone. It is an opportunity to air the accomplishments of persons who persevered and made lasting contributions to the Anglican Church and to the community despite the racial climate within the church and outside it. Those men and women deserve nothing less than to have their stories told.

“Here is a very short list of some of those Anglicans: the Reverend William C. Trott, Miss Marie Carmichael, Mr. Charles McCarthy, Mrs. Jane McCarthy, Mr. Bristol Bruce, Mrs. Nellie Swan, Mr. William Francis Wilson II, Mrs. Gilda Carmichael Anderson, Mr. Augustus Swan, Dr. N. B. Stewart.

“You may have information about these and other Anglicans. Help us tell their stories. Please share with us your letters, diaries, news stories, photographs, paintings, drawings, anecdotes, etc. We will treat your memorabilia with care and see that they are returned to you. For information you may contact Grace Rawlins at 735-5544 or the Diocesan office at 292-6987.

“Committee members: Chairman Bishop Dill, Miss Grace Rawlins, Miss Ruth Thomas, Miss Sonja Grant, Mrs. Valerie Dill, Mr. Wentworth Christopher, Mr. Geoffrey Butler-Durrant.”

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  1. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Excellent Recorders of this history ,quite capable persons to ……….collate this Precious history.Best of ,,,,,luck.,,,,,[Labour under correct Knowledge]Peace.