Axis Donates $5,000 To Masterworks Museum

January 3, 2017

Just in time for their 30th anniversary, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art has been given a gift of $5,000 from local reinsurance company, Axis Capital.

Axis’ Charitable Donations Committee selects a handful of community minded charities to support each year. Their donation to Masterworks will ensure the museum is able to continue its Art 4 All programme into 2017.

Alice Cedenio, AXIS Charity Committee member, said: “We are delighted to support the Masterworks Art 4 All programme which is dedicated to promoting art for all children in Bermuda.

“We are honoured to support this cause and hope that many more children benefit from these programmes.”

Shalimar Williams [Axis], Karen Gonsalves [Axis], Elise Outerbridge [Masterworks Curator], Tom Butterfield [Masterworks founder], Alice Cedenio [Axis], Laquita Philpott [Axis], James Gregory [Axis]

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Arts 4 All is a biannual community event held during the Spring and Christmas school holidays, which offers free art workshops to children ages five to 18. Due to a lack of financial support the museum was unable to offer the initiative this month, but they are planning to host it again in April 2017.

In addition to exploring their artistic abilities, young people have the chance to learn about Bermuda’s history and culture.

Masterworks Founder Tom Butterfield said the programme was an essential part of their mission to expose people of all walks to fine arts.

“We have been delighted to partner with Axis on various educational initiatives over the last couple of years,” he said. “This new collaboration in particular will help us fulfil our long held mission to make arts accessible to a wide cross section of the community – from toddler age up to high school.

Laquita Philpott [Axis], Karen Gonsalves [Axis], Elise Outerbridge [Masterworks Curator], Shalimar Williams [Axis], Tom Butterfield [Masterworks founder], Alice Cedenio [Axis] and James Gregory [Axis]

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“This donation is particularly welcome in light of our 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2017.

“As a museum, we’ve reignited our torch and are passionate about strengthening the connections the community has to our art collections – both now and in the future for generations to come.”

Elise Outerbridge added that this particular community education programme was one that Masterworks “holds close to its heart”.

She said: “It demonstrates our commitment to reaching all segments of the Bermuda community – including people of all ages, genders and interest levels.

“When we initiated ‘Arts 4 All’ in 2005, it was our hope it would cast a broad net across the mosaic of Bermuda’s social fabric. With the collaboration of Axis, we can be assured of the continuation of the programme – and for that we are extremely grateful.”

For more information on Masterworks, visit here.

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