Clarien Bank Wins Wealth Management Award

January 18, 2017

Clarien Bank has been named Best Wealth Management Provider, Bermuda by World Finance magazine. The Wealth Management Awards 2016 were announced in the January-February 2017 issue of the prestigious and influential global publication.

Clarien was one of 40 financial institutions across the world to be honoured. In announcing the awards, the magazine stated: “An unpredictable 2016 has reaffirmed the need for wealth managers to be flexible and consider multiple outcomes. The World Finance Wealth Management Awards commend the firms that are ahead of the curve.”

It also noted: “In the past 12 months, financial markets across the world have been plagued by uncertainty. Whether we have been facing seismic political activity, the threat [or freedoms] bequeathed by technology, or the changing demographics of the high net worth market, we currently find ourselves in a position few would have predicted this time last year.

“The ability to deal with uncertainty and the resulting nervous investors, therefore, are vital characteristics for any wealth management firm. Indeed, these are traits that World Finance’s 2016 Wealth Management Award winners have perfected, having shown an ability to seamlessly adjust to changes in the market, no matter how unpredictable.”

Clarien Head of Investment Strategy Robert Steinhoff and Head of Private Banking Clare Spearing

Clarien World Finance Award Bermuda Jan 18 2017

Clare Spearing, Clarien’s Head of Private Banking, said: “We are very honoured to receive this prestigious award and recognition of the unique services Clarien provides to our discerning high net worth clients.

“We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, personalised solutions that recognise successful wealth management is about building relationships based on trust, integrity and credibility in order to truly understanding the client’s circumstances and objectives.”

She said Clarien’s depth of proven wealth management experience and expertise in investments, trusts and estate planning, fiduciary services, insurance and banking enable the Bank to provide highly individualised and innovative solutions that can respond quickly to market trends and changing client needs.

“Since the financial crisis, we have noted clients are increasingly aware and engaged in the process of managing their wealth and there has been a significant trend away from the dominance of global wholesale banks towards more boutique-styled managers as families and individuals gravitate to more tailored solutions.”

Robert Steinhoff, Clarien’s Head of Investment Strategy, commented: “We are genuinely passionate about helping clients meet their investment goals. Our portfolio approach at Clarien is based on an asset allocation that takes both quantitative and qualitative factors into account.

“Clarien is focused on where to pick the best opportunities for taking risk in order to make a required return. We are able to bring to bear the best global research and investment capabilities on the client’s behalf.

“We make sure portfolios are positioned to persevere in a variety of environments and this includes stress-testing portfolios in stressed environments. We are committed to protecting and growing wealth over generations and through market cycles.”

For more details about the 2016 Wealth Management Awards, go to the magazine’s website:

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