One Hour Video: BPSU President Jason Hayward

January 16, 2017

In our latest live interview, BPSU President Jason Hayward sat down with Bernews today for a live interview on our Facebook page, discussing a wide range of topics including the recent protests, Rev Nicholas Tweed’s work permit, the airport redevelopment and the Public Service Regulations amendments.

Speaking with guest interviewer Jeremy Deacon, Mr Hayward also touched on the People’s Campaign, the America’s Cup, immigration reform, the island’s economics, the next sitting of the House in Assembly in February, taxes, the next General Election and more.

The one-hour live video replay is below::

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  1. robbie says:

    What a load of BS by Jason Hayward! He still believes that the support is there – that large numbers of people support the issues put forth by the People’s Campaign. This is called ‘damage control’.

    • ken says:

      oh i think they found out exactly how much they screwed up when the majority of their members kept on working or didn’t bother to come to their “important” meetings…lol
      Now Mr Fahy, time to demand the unions put their late financials on the table for all to see….financials are suppose to be audited yearly ..that is the law of the land

      • Game Changer2017 says:

        Maritime Law/Law of the Seas

      • Twice Shy says:

        Mr. Haywards responses as advised by the true leader of the Progressive Labour Party, Chis Furbert.

    • Twice Shy says:

      Jason, you aligned yourself with the Peoples Campaign in an intentional bid to mislead the people of this country when it came to the contract of Rev. Tweed. You knew the truth and you knew the facts. Instead you encouraged my wife and others to support your cause. She lost pay to support your cause, money that we could not afford to give up. Then the truth emerged. You stayed quiet and instead of standing up for the truth and your members you let them believe things all because it helped you and Furbert personally. There were a handful of people that knew the truth, you Mr. Tweed , Mr. Furbert, and a few others in Immigration that you know couldn’t speak to the facts because if they did they could loose their jobs. You knew the truth but you and your campaign members let us believe, because it was good for you. Bad for the country, bad for government, bad for your members that lost wages, bad for the police, bad for everyone. Had you opened your mouth, stood up to Furbert and told us the whole story we would have respected you. You had a choice and made it, at my families expense.

      Once bitten, twice shy. Your next march will be four members fewer. My family and I won’t be there.

      • wondering says:

        I wish you and hundreds others would speak out against their lies but knowing Bermuda to be so dog eat dog your be ostracized by your “own” much like how your own feel marginalised now by others

        • Truth says:

          Yup, and how is that working out for them? They must like to lose wages.

          Sheeple be sheeple. Keep following your “leaders” – hope you all learn before they lead you off a cliff.

      • 32n64w says:

        Your comments perfectly and succinctly confirm why it’s so important for the BPSU, BIU, et al to adopt widespread voting reforms – including silent ballot measures so ALL members are afforded the opportunity to express themselves to ensure their voices are both counted and heard.

        It beggars belief that organizations built on the premise of unity and collective representation purposely ignore the wishes and input of their wider membership by acting upon a straw poll of hands raised in a small room filled with a disproportionate number of contributors.

        Why does the concept of ‘one man, one vote’ and ‘one vote of equal value’ only seem to apply to the electorate and not the unions? Shouldn’t ALL members have an equal say in the unions’ actions?

        • hmmmmmmmmmmm says:

          in all honesty. it is one man one vote, but what has happened and continues to happen is that those who do not approve do not show up to the meetings.

          I am not blaming Jason 100% because if the members want change they need to get active. only a small amount of them show up and participate because they are disgruntled and Jasons bullying tactic are tiresome.

          but members it is a bottom up union not top down as Jason is running it, stand up and be counted and pull his reigns in.

          remember it only takes 100 vote to get rid off him.

  2. Moderate says:

    The People’s Campaign newfound claim to be inspired by MLK is a desperate attempt to regain credibility since they threatened to maliciously injure our economic recovery and therefore every Bermudian economically by scuttling the America’s Cup. A truly reprehensible threat that showed that it does not have the best interests of Bermudian at heart but is simply a group put in place to put distance between the unions and the PLP when they engage in militant issues on Bermuda’s social and economic fabric. The PC is also a vehicle for the political ambitions of Hayward, Furbert and Genevieve. I can’t find any time that MLK spoke of civil war and intimidation ‘on your doorstep’. They are simply a political destabilization group and their tactics have become increasingly desperate and damaging. If I was a BPSU and BIU member I would want Hayward/Furbert to stop freelancing on the members’ dime and get back to what he was hired to do or resign.

    • Onion says:

      Let’s be real, MLK wouldn’t have been out protesting AGAINST the rights of immigrants. That’s Trump he’s thinking of.

  3. Trump to the left, Brexit to the right says:

    Mr. Hayward,

    Pressure from outside of Bermuda is growing and has the potential to impact our island in a manner that might prove difficult for us to influence and change.

    Wouldn’t it be a far more productive use of energy to try to work together as a community to do whatever we can to build our Island up in the face of external competitive and economic pressure??

    The continued dialouge to attack the current administration at every turn and cost does nothing more than to punctuate Bermuda’s political instability, which frankly is a story that is not 100% accurate. This will totally turn off investors that are beginning to look at Bemruda as a viable commercial option again.

    I do ask sir if you are as concerned as you say you are–wouldn’t you want to create an envionment that fosters the potential to drive economic development to Bermuda which in turn benefits all Bermudians?

    I mean no disrepect and simply am making an observation but your actions and rhetoric do not logically align with a community leader that is desirous of being an agent of change for the benefit of the country and all Bermudians.

    Surely this is evident to you and your constituents.

    Have a Blessed Day!

    • Publius says:

      I would love to see Mr. Hayward’s response to this post…

  4. cmbbda says:

    LOL! Jeremy Deacon is a very patient man – great interviewing.

  5. Terry says:

    I hope you two posters have had contact with ‘Know the Facts’.

  6. Moderate says:

    After all the rabble rousing he has led against the airport, almost getting himself sued into oblivion, when asked for an alternative to the current proposal he didn’t have one. Laughable. Time to wind up the so called People’s Campaign.

  7. aceboy says:

    1. Bring on a judicial review!

    2. Mr. Hayward *FRAMED* the whole threat. To now say he wanted dialogue on people’s doorsteps is funny. Why the harsh tones and threatening body language when he said it!?

    3. Hayward needs to stop making the REAL (not Nicholas) Tweed’s departure from Bermuda out to be that he was chased off by the UBP. Facts are facts and it is public knowledge that there was a spat within the BIU itself that led to him being put on a plane. Let’s stop telling lies mmmmkay.

    • Know it All says:

      I think we all need to start calling Nicholas by his real, legal name. Tweed is not his legal name in any sense, Genevieve is. Bet it’s on his passport, drivers licence, bank accounts, etc.

  8. Terry says:

    Bermuda Police Support Union?
    Things are looking up.
    Happy MLK Day.
    Great Man.

  9. John says:

    Mr Hayward is a very handsome man :)

  10. Navin Johnson says:

    Just go and ask the great Derrick Burgess how he feels about expats who speak out…….if Jason Hayward was my union leader I would not support him….

  11. wahoo says:

    Um, I only watched about 6 minutes of that so perhaps I missed the part where Mr. Hayward made sense but if I was unionized and paying $14 a week I would hold my leader to a higher standard.

    • Realist says:

      Wahoo….the BPSU dues are $89 per month. And mine goes to charity. Jason Hayward is immature and not as grounded in Union matters as portrayed in his interview.

      • wahoo says:

        Thanks for clarification.

        • hmmmmmmmmmmm says:

          BPSU dues are based on your salary and are 0.75% of your salary. so varies from person to person.

  12. Dangel says:

    The survey was overwhelmingly against the protests due to the fact with how the Survey questions are worded. JH is correct in that I do believe that the question was tied to the Americas Cup.

  13. Sorry Sir says:

    The thing is, people would support the issues that the BIU and PC have brought up.

    You would get more support on social issues.

    The problem is, the BIU and PC and BPSU have soiled their name to the point where most people want to stay as far away as possible to these groups.

    You would have a more diverse group of people if you played the race card less, approach issues rationally, never thrown threats about, never got people emotional charged for personal gain, and probably the biggest reason people would rather stay far away from these groups is their overwhelming political bias toward the PLP.

  14. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    So, essentially; “I didn’t say that”. We should borrow and build the airport. No accountability for the Civil Service. Tax everyone. Spend, spend, spend. A shameful performance.

  15. aceboy says:

    The People’s Campaign released this statement earlier today:

    “The People’s Campaign’s activities are rooted from the desire of a segment of our population to gain social and economic opportunity thus the Campaign will not stop its activities falling for the false notion that cooperation will lead to our desired end.”

    Thank you People’s Campaign for spelling out your desire to economically and socially benefit one segment of the population and that you will not cooperate with anyone to get there.

    How very MLK of you.

  16. Infidelguy says:

    Jason Hayward and Chris Furbert need to realize that we live in a secular society despite the fact that the majority of us adhere to the christian religion. Why should the church’s policy superseded government’s immigration policy? If these two want to live in a theocracy, I suggest they pack their bags and consider taking up residence in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Vatican City!

  17. Infidelguy says:

    Jason Hayward is unable (or more likely unwilling) to say whether or not the threat Chris Furbert made against jeopardizing the America’s Cup event was poor judgement? Really? And this is who BPSU elected as their President? I hope BPSU members are paying attention to this interview.

    • wondering says:

      Blind allegiance is paying its dividends. Our unions operate like version 1.1 of the union of the 70s with Jason “Jimmy Hoffa” Hayward at the helm.

      All we display is a propensity to March up and down like the Guardsmen of Buckingham Palace and when given the chance to express our position we have no audible response.

      Much ado about nothing except obvious machinations for power and prestige.

      The one segment of the population who is still disenfranchised still makes very little effort to implement empowerment programmes to better itself and we are the majority with many many millionaires in bits midst.

      Sitting up in the House for th people does very little to effect change or even act as the change agent required to uplift oneself.

      Another minority segment of the population excels by buying into each other’s business and they all succeed generally. What about us?

  18. 32n64w says:

    Messrs. Deacon and Hayward deserve thanks for taking the time to provide public feedback on events of the day, however, it seems Mr. Hayward’s comments regarding his well documented remarks surrounding the Rev. Genevieve-Tweed matter are contrary to what he actually said and the actual facts of the application. He cites context as a basis for misunderstanding his widely reported statements (as well as the Government’s alleged wish to silence a critic), but these observations are completely untrue. His words, attitude and intent were and remain abundantly clear, regardless of his attempt to pivot away from them. As at the well documented deficiencies in the the church’s applications.

    Mr. Hayward’s lack of research and understanding of the airport project also demonstrate an absence of research regarding the facts of the proposal. While it’s understandable for a union to oppose a PPP (forgetting for the moment that nothing prevents workers from seeking or continuing union recognition regardless of their direct employer’s status) his casual reference to the airport costing taxpayers $1.3 billion over the life of the contract remains at odds with the facts.

    He also had a very difficult time defending the potential adoption of accountability, measurement and performance standards for senior civil servants. He repeatedly contradicted himself in this area and Mr. Deacon showed great restraint for not highlighting this.

    Perhaps the most important takeaway is the unanswered question regarding the importance of seeking input from all BPSU members via a silent ballot.

    On the one hand Mr. Hayward stresses the importance of Government seeking the mandate of the people for matters of national importance (regardless of the fact they have an obligation via-a-vis the outcome of a general election) but when challenged on whether the wider BPSU membership don’t similarly deserve the opportunity for input regarding matters that impact all them, he fumbled horribly by blaming administrative challenges.

    Ultimately this was a very useful and informative exercise as it provides a record of documenting both Mr. Hayward’s views and also his inconsistencies on matters of national importance.

    • wondering says:

      And people will still folliwbhim like he is the Messiah.

      False prophet more like it

  19. Ja says:

    I can’t wait for the next election. Hilary had her bloggers just like you trolls in the OBA than she got whitelashed by the same people that smiled in her face. 11 more months Christmas will be sweet LOLOLOL.

    • Ja says:

      The UBP lost for less foxxx in 4 years, but than again it’s the same team with a different name.

    • jt says:

      So the plp is trump. Got it.

  20. wondering says:

    Thanks Bernews………….

  21. Up D hill says:

    Jason Hayward has no basic knowledge of finance, or how governments and the law work IMOP . It seems to me he was thrust into this position unqualified and unready for the post whom ever his mentor is needs to get lost your doing this man no favor! His lack of understanding on the subject matter in this interview is obvious! BPSU membership where are you???

  22. asampson says:

    Tough guy LOL

  23. Alex Madeiros JP says:

    Not even going to torture myself

  24. Do Right says:

    Are there any sensible members in the BPSU? May I suggest that you demand the resignation of Jason Hayward as he is not fit as leader. The same applies to David Burt, who I find to be very dishonest, Chris Furbert, and a few others. All of them have similar characters as Ewart Brown.

  25. John says:

    Well he definitely is not and will never be no Obama