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April 19, 2017

The Department of Workforce Development is spearheading the development of a ‘National Talent Pool’ for unemployed and underemployed persons interested in construction work opportunities.

Minister of Home Affairs Patricia Gordon-Pamplin stated: “New construction projects are beginning in various places on island, and there are forecasts that suggest this activity could remain steady during the next five year period. The development of list of talented general labourers and construction worker will undoubtedly assist employers seeking ‘work ready’ individuals.”

Minister Gordon-Pamplin added: “The construction industry recognizes the need for individuals to possess basic ‘core knowledge and proficiency’ in the crafts. In this regard, the Department of Workforce Development and the Bermuda Construction Association are organizing worksite safety training courses to prepare workers.

“We are all aware that technology changes frequently and as a result there is a continuous call for a certified and skillful workforce. The Department of Workforce is ready to lend assistance to those who wish to seriously engage in programs that will teach them best practice applications based on accredited industry standard curriculum.

“Interested individuals should register today at the Department of Workforce Development to increase the chance of being selected to work on a current or future construction project. Here are a few steps to registration:

  • 1] Complete an Employment Intake Form that can be downloaded from website or simply visit the department;
  • 2] Prepare a written resume [if you do not possess one – a Career Development Officer will assist you]; and any work references.
  • 3] Bring in your passport or any Bermuda Government issued document to evidence that you are Bermudian;

“We are asking individuals to be open and ready to participate in a Health and Safety programme and participate in an Introductory to Craft Skills program [if applicable]. We want to provide you with the best support to increase your chances of obtaining work opportunities in this fast growing construction industry.”

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  1. So a guy who has been working in construction all his life and dont fit some of these requirements, will not be hired?
    Bull S!@#