PLP Congratulate Stevie Dickinson & Team BDA

June 21, 2017

PLP Spokesperson for Sport Neville Tyrrell has extended his  congratulations to both Stevie Dickinson for his  victory in the Edward Cross Long Distance Race  and  Bermuda’s Youth America’s Cup team for their first-place finish in the race 1 of the finals.

Mr Tyrrell said, “As PLP Spokesperson for Sport, I extend congratulations to Stevie Dickinson for his fifth consecutive victory, and 20th overall in the 2017 Edward Cross Long Distance Race on Monday. His dedication and expertise in his sport is to be commended.

“I must also commend the Team BDA Red Bull America’s Cup team in their extraordinary first-place finish in the race 1 of the finals and placing sixth by the end of yesterday. Their development and fortitude is evident. These youngsters have taken hold of this opportunity and made all of Bermuda proud with their determination and commitment.

“I wish them well through the remaining races today and in their future sporting endeavors.”

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  1. alistair maclean says:

    Jumping on the opportunistic bandwagon, fair enough, but …. can we hear what the PLP would do for sport? Would it support the AC coming back? Would it fund teamBDA going forward?

  2. 32n64w says:

    Still waiting for the PLP to thank hundreds of Bermudians who have worked and also volunteered their time to ensure the success of AC 35. Why so selective and silent with your praise PLP? Afraid to put the country ahead of politics?