Advisory: Cup Match Residential Trash Collection

July 30, 2017

The Department of Waste Management, Ministry of Public Works, have advised of the Cup Match holiday, garbage and recycling collection schedule.

A spokesperson said, “In the west-end, garbage will be collected tomorrow Monday 31st July and recycling and garbage will be collected on Wednesday 2nd August.

“East end garbage will be collected on Tuesday 1st August and recycling and garbage will be collected on Saturday 5th August.

“As a public reminder, when enjoying Bermuda’s outdoor environment this holiday season please remember to practice pack-in-pack-out; bring your own waste and recycling bags and take home for disposal on your regular collection days instead of leaving at public docks, beaches and parks.

“Changes to waste collection days due to public holidays can be found in the 2017/18 Garbage and Recycling schedule which can be found in the blue pages of the BTC phone book, or downloaded from For further information about waste management email, or telephone 278-0560.


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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    Collection schedules ? Who reads them anyway ?

    Interesting to note that this notice only appeared mid-afternoon on Sunday and the printed schedule clearly shows no west end collection for tomorrow (Monday) yet the usual suspects (slobs) have been putting their trash out since Saturday night.
    BTW , these are the exact same people who haven’t yet realized that when Monday is a public holiday there hasn’t been any trash collection until Wednesdays (west end) but they still dump their trash outside their gates on the Sunday night before and the Tuesday .
    In case no-one knows it , and it seems that island wide few do , Derrick Burgess passed legislation when the PLP were first in that trash goes out for collection ONLY on the morning of collection day .

  2. Mary says:

    Trash was not collected on Tuesday, 1st August, from Halfway Lane, Harrington Hundreds. :(