BCL Supports High School Sloop Experience

July 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Bermuda Container Line Ltd [BCL] says that it is “pleased” to support the Bermuda High School’s sloop expedition, with a donation of $6,600 allowing students a hands-on maritime learning opportunity outside the classroom.

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Container Line Ltd is pleased to support The Bermuda High School’s Sloop expedition for the 3rd year. The donation of $6,600 allowed students a hands on maritime learning opportunity outside the classroom. Bermuda Container Line has committed to supporting BHS’s yearly Sloop expedition through to 2019.

Group shot of the students

Bermuda High School’s Sloop expedition  July 2017 (1)

“Following the student’s voyage aboard the Sloop, BCL touched base with a few students to find out a little more about their week at sea.

“We asked the students what the highlight of their week was and they emphasized that they enjoyed working and living with their peers in a different atmosphere outside of the classroom. Over the course of the week, cooperation and teamwork were the two most important skills that were needed to get through the expedition. These are lifelong skills that the students will be able to use both inside and outside of the school environment.

Group of students enjoying the view

Bermuda High School’s Sloop expedition  July 2017 (2)

“We asked student Skylar Trott what part of the America’s Cup she was most excited about after expanding her knowledge of sailing onboard the Spirit. She replied, “Since I now know how to sail a boat, I find it interesting to see the techniques used by the sailors in the America’s Cup.” Other students were excited to visit the village and watch the sailing.”

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