Russian Cosmonaut Posts Photo Of Bermuda

August 28, 2017

Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy, who is part of the current mission team aboard the International Space Station [ISS], recently posted a photo of Bermuda on social media, with the unique image attaining more than 7,000 likes.

Sergey Ryazanskiy Bermuda Aug 2017

This isn’t the first time that an astronaut has turned their camera lens to Bermuda, with Canadian Commander Chris Hadfield sharing a photo of the island in April 2013, and then following up with another in May of the same year.

In 2015, astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent one year aboard the ISS, tweeted a photo of Bermuda, saying that the island was “looking pretty good right now,” while European Space Agency [ESA] astronaut Tim Peake followed up in 2016 with a tweeted photo of his own.

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  1. A Chap called Vanz says:

    Surely there is a Bermudian astronaut capable of doing this job!

    • Real Onion says:

      I blame de plp

    • Double S says:

      All these foreigners in our air space…Bermuda for Bermudians!

    • dont know says:

      there is no BERMUDIAN going into space no one on this island will ever be QUALIFIED wake up out of your dream

      • Know it All says:

        last time I checked, we have plenty of “space cadets” here….just ones not trained by NASA!

        • dont know says:

          your absolutely right SPACE CADETS plenty of them walk around our city all day

  2. Vamos says:

    Hard to picket in space, but with some good Ole Bermudian ingenuity it could be done!

  3. therock says:

    “All these foreigners in our air space”

    this is why no Bermudian will ever go to space, they’re too dumb.

    • Sima says:

      You are all a bunch of wasted doe cells. All your racism… one day you’ll be crying because you’ve laughed like hyenas…

  4. skink says:

    “Send ‘Da Bermudian’ called ‘Scientist’ into outer-space. He has ‘Da Bermy credentials’ and can ride his way into Bermudian forklore ;) ! ” …… All of our bicycles will be safe from harm too :) ! ……. #1SpaceCAdet #inouttaspaceinna #bermudiancosmonaut

  5. BOOM says:

    i nominate SCIENTIST as our first astro nut and we have a large contingent of space cadets that don’t need training we are Bermudians its owed to us

  6. Christian Renault says:

    Lovely photograph , I lived in Bermuda in 1964/ 1965 and in 1967/1068 . I was working at the Bermudiana right after hotel school in Nice , I was drafted in the French Air Force and went back to Bermuda right after . I spent a total of 2 years on your lovely island and I cherish the memories of my youth . I moved to the USA ,got married in 1970 and of course spent my honeymoon in Bermuda at the Castle Harbour , I visited twice after , I am now 70 years old retired from the restaurant business , still happily married , with two sons , and I keep in my heart the wonderful time I spent with the good people of this beautiful Island . Thanks for the memories .

  7. russell c says:

    Not a lot of green left!

    • De Rock says:

      You are right, there is’nt much green left, this photo shows that clearly. Bermuda is becoming way too over developed…it is kinda sad. But the island is still a very unique and beautiful place, no other place like it!

  8. garth says:

    the racism is thick here

  9. fu says:

    “….no other place like it!”

    you need to travel more.

  10. Gods Truth says:

    The earth is Flat and stationary. It is mentioned numerous times in many Bibles no matter what your religion, so do some research you will see and find that NASA and many other demonic corporations affiliated; are part of mankinds biggest deception. Its funny how they even chose little old Bermuda, although it makes sense because they control majority of educational criteria worldwide. I say this because this article(Bull S**t) provides the point that they will push there lie all over the world to hide Gods creation. Wake up children of God as these fictionary space agents are schooling you and will continue to maximize profit from you believing in the there scam. The recent eclipse shows and exposes many lies NASA has been telling you check it out. To all my flat earthers, keep waking people up so they can get closer to THE CREATOR OUR LORD GOD!!! AMEN :) >youtube [Flat Earth exposing Globe Earth]

    • Varied says:

      Heh, good piece of sarcasm there. the Onion would be proud.

  11. Arthur Farrell says:

    I was stationed at Canadian Forces Station Bermuda (CFS Bermuda). It was a wonderful 2 years, 1985-1987.I found the people of Bermuda kind, friendly, warm inviting and caring. I shall always remember those two wonderful years, forever itched in my mind..It’s a beautiful Island with beautiful people.