NASA Satellite Images Of Hurricane Gonzalo

October 14, 2014

[Updated] NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of Hurricane Gonzalo near Puerto Rico this morning [Oct 14], a few days ahead of its predicated passage to Bermuda.

The latest forecast from the NHC said Gonzalo is now a Category 3, and is about 770 miles south of Bermuda, with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph.

“Additional strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours and Gonzalo is expected to become a Category 4 hurricane on Wednesday,” the NHC said.

The Bermuda Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Watch, and said Hurricane Gonzalo’s “closest point of approach to Bermuda within 72 hrs is now forecast to be within 25 nm of [or directly over] the island” at 5.00pm this Friday.

For all our coverage of Tropical Storm Fay click here, for all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here, and for our live blog covering both Gonzalo and Fay click here.

nasa photo of gonzalo

Update Oct 15, 7.41pm: NASA took the photo below of Gonzalo at 12pm [Bermuda time] today, and said “Gonzalo had tightly wrapped bands of thunderstorms spiraling into the center of its circulation.”


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  1. longbay trading says:

    Not looking good:-(
    May God bless Bermuda.

    • Kunta says:

      The meaning of de name Gonzalo means “WAR”
      So after an encounter with Fahy we have a WAR.
      Kinda ironic

  2. Local Yokle says:

    Can this be emailed to the EMO so that they are aware?

    • eye in the sky says:

      of course they are aware…there are not that stupid! ( I think).

  3. um just saying says:

    EMO, please give people ample time to prepare. Remember the elderly, sick and shut in, people who just need that extra day or two to stock up on supplies. Also, dont be so quick to send people back to work, as that creates unnecessary traffic congestion if there is cleanup that needs to take place. Close the causeway in ample time, and give enough notice, so people are not trapped. Fay was your test run, and you made a few errors, hopefully you learned from them. Stay safe Bermuda.

    • Umm.... says:

      How can the EMO give people time to prepare? They don’t close businesses. Talk to your employer about that. I do think the EMO dropped that ball with Fay. Last year, we received text messages about storm updates. We got nothing with Fay. So hopefully, the EMO remembers to use the technology they have available and get information out in a timely manner. I think the whole island is aware of this storm and are preparing accordingly in the wake of Fay.

      • Self says:

        Uhhh….the EMO CAN close businesses.
        If they give the order to stay home and off the roads, people have to comply.

    • Kim Smith says:

      And let’s not forget that it’s up to each and every one of us to prepare ourselves. Fay was bigger than expected but there’s certainly been enough warning… and there is enough coverage on electronic media… now it’s up to each of us to do our part.

  4. Common Sense says:

    @Local Yokle – please don’t be silly. The weather forecasters were giving sensible warning about Fay well ahead of time and the EMO were doing likewise, but the trouble is in this day and age so many people simply don’t listen to local news and many don’t even read the paper other than Letters to the Editor and Obits!

    We were calling members of our family the afternoon before Fay to warn them and they were oblivious until then.

    The impending hurricane is enormous, and after last week’s hit I sure hope and pray that everyone is heeding the warnings we are getting from both the weather people and the EMO.

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    1 degree in either direction can make the whole world of difference. Please lookout for those near you and your family while we brace ourselves for, (possibly) other direct hit :-(

  6. theOBserver says:

    I hope everyone in Bermuda is praying hard so that this hurricane misses us. May all be safe through the storm also.

  7. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    EMO Monday Morning Meetings. M.M.M.

    All talk. No do !

  8. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    Let the professionals do the work.
    Stay safe.

    Oh ! No Slate ???

    Cut 12″ X 18 ” ply wood shingles,use part or whole sheets ply where applicable, use short nails for easy removal
    ( no screws) .

  9. Sharon says:

    Having lived in the US for a number years, I must say they do things very differently. 1. Declaring a State of Emergency, 2. Making it mandatory to stay off the roads, 3. Informing residents ahead of time to stay home the day of the hurricane. 4. Giving constant updates on all radio stations, not just one.

    Maybe we need to take a page out of their book for the safety of the people of Bermuda because it is definitely a time to change the way we communicate. Food for thought.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Wow….Unbelievable…. Two hurricanes in 2 w/ends!!! What are the chances for that!! Good Luck my “onion” friends!!!

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Well you know BDA is another world!!!

  10. Layla says:

    Hopefully Bermuda College makes the right call this time! Think about the students and staff who may have lingering issues from Fay and have to prepare for Gonzalo. Please close in ADVANCE and inform the public with a DECISION!

  11. @Longbay Trading, I stand in agreement with you as we have seen the damages already of Fay this week, we are not sure the damages this new system will bring.

    Looking at the overseas news and it’s forecast that this is a much small system with lesser winds, but the dangers of that is that it’s impact could be more fierce due to it being a smaller system going straight over us with it’s directive path being so close.

    Our prayers is for the safety of our people and also our pets, and also the safety of all our emergency teams,police,hospital,fire department and all other personnel that help to keep this Island safe.

  12. Malachi says:

    It’s interesting that in this day and age when almost an entire population is glued to their cell phones 24-7, and where weather data (including real time satellite imagery) is available at the push of a few fingers, it’s hard to believe that people were “uniformed” regarding the potential of Fay.

    By visiting a few weather websites, I was able to know on Saturday, that there was a chance that Fay could have Hurricane force gusts.

    I didn’t have to rely on the EMO for THAT info.

  13. Unbelievable says:

    If you don’t already know that a hurricane is coming and you haven’t prepared, well then it’s not the EMO’s fault.

    It’s yours.

    I can see how the elderly and sick need some assistance, jesus, you lot……what century do you live in?

    Stay safe regardless everyone.

  14. Just a matter of time says:

    Be safe everyone.