Stevedoring Awards $10K In College Funding

August 26, 2017

Polaris Holding Company Ltd. announced this year’s six recipients of its annual Stevedoring Services Limited Education Awards [SSLEA]. Each year, the organisation provides a total of ten thousand dollars in education awards to qualified college-bound young people who are dependents of Stevedore staff.

The 2017 SSLEA recipients include Etelleon Burchall, Tahj Cox, Kaelin Cox, Zed Scott, Marcus Darrell and Jache Butler.

Cheryl Hayward-Chew, Chairman of Polaris Holding Company [parent company of Stevedoring Services Limited] holds court as she sends back-to-school best wishes to Stevedoring Services Limited Education Awardees and their parents.  Missing:  Jache Butler, Awardee; Dexter Johnston, Stevedore Parent.

Stevedoring Services Bermuda August 25 2017

“The men and women of Stevedoring Services work hard each day, and many of them invest so much of themselves into this job because they want the best for their families. That’s the reason for our commitment to our annual Educational Award – it’s a demonstration of our support for staff who quietly power Bermuda through their work on these docks. “

Roderick Cox, of Stevedoring Services Limited is all smiles as his two sons accept SSL Education Awards for their individual studies in Canada.  Cheryl Hayward-Chew presented the financial awards to the Canada-bound students.

Stevedoring Services Limited Education Award Bermuda August 25 2017 (1)

Chairman of the Board, Cheryl Hayward Chew joined the awardees and their parents outside Stevedore House to present the education awards to the students and wish them well as they headed back to colleges and universities around the world.

Awardee Profiles

Roderick Cox, who has been employed with Stevedoring Services Limited for over five years proudly acknowledged his gratitude for the educational award that was presented to his two sons, Tahj and Kaelin Cox. He said, “ It’s an excellent thing – it will help with their books, tuition, rent and every little bit helps. It really feels like they care about our kids.”

Joshua Butler, father of 2017 SSL Awardee, Jache Butler [not pictured] accepts the college funding from Chairman, Cheryl Hayward-Chew

Stevedoring Services Limited Education Award Bermuda August 25 2017 (2)

Tahj heads to Dalhousie for his second year to continue his studies in Neuroscience and Biology in preparation for a career in Medicine. Kaelin heads off to St Mary’s University, to complete his fourth year studying Criminology and Forensic Psychology.

Kaelin said, “ I plan to eventually come home and contribute to Bermuda’s forensic bodies with my knowledge making biological profiles and identifying the dead.”

Marcus Darrell, a Mount Allison University student, accepts his SSL Education Award from Cheryl Hayward-Chew.

Stevedoring Services Limited Education Award Bermuda August 25 2017 (3)

Zed Scott, son of Otis Minors returns to University of Texas at Arlington for his third year doing kinesiology. When asked about his career aspirations, Zed explained, “ I love sports and helping people, and am studying to become a physical therapist.”

Jache Butler, daughter of Joshua Butler, was off-island at the time of the presentation and has just begun her post-secondary school studies with plans to one day become a qualified teacher.

Otis Minors [left] stands by proudly as his son, Zed Scott accepts his SSL Education Award from Cheryl Hayward-Chew, Chairman of Polaris Holding Company  [parent of Stevedoring Services Limited].

Stevedoring Services Limited Education Award Bermuda August 25 2017 (4)

Marcus Darrell, son of Stevedore, Dexter Johnston, is headed to Mount Allison University in Canada, and when asked about his plans for the future, he shared, “ I look forward to a future in International Business – possibly reinsurance or accounting.”

Etelleon Burchall, daughter of Stevedore staff member, Noelette Burchall, will be heading to Spellman College in Georgia. The first year college student will be studying Biology and is eyeing a career in pathology.

Noelette Burchall [left], beams as her daughter, Etelleon Burchall, receives the SSL Education Award ahead of her first year at Spellman College.

Stevedoring Services Limited Education Award Bermuda August 25 2017 (5)

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