Bid To Host World Sailing Conference Approved

November 14, 2017

Bermuda’s bid to host the 2019 World Sailing Annual Conference was voted on and approved at the World Sailing AGM in Mexico this weekend.

The World Sailing website said, “The Bermudian Tourism Authority put forward a bid for Bermuda to host the 2019 edition of the World Sailing Annual Conference. Following a vote by the members, this was approved.”

When asked about the report, Glenn Jones, the BTA Director of Public & Stakeholder Relations, told Bernews, “The Bermuda Tourism Authority is aware of the news out of Mexico at the World Sailing Conference and naturally we’re elated, but it’s a tad early to say more. Our team needs to finalise some details and then we’ll share what’s known directly with our stakeholders in a day or two.”

World Sailing is the governing body for the sport of sailing, officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee [IOC] and according to their website, some 900 delegates attended their 2016 Annual Conference in Barcelona.

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  1. alistair says:

    sshhh – don’t tell Jamahl

    • Good news, we need all de help we can get after we were left with de AC debt.

      • Anbu says:

        Oh you mean the 300 mill debt?…………Oh wait….

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You have a very strange sense of humor .

      • Reuben says:

        Wow a lie from you shocking, not really but please stop spreading lies.

      • Mike Hind says:

        What debt? Can you show us this debt you keep talking about?

        Or is it just another lie from you?

      • wahoo says:

        I think you are a double agent really working for the OBA to make plp voters look ill informed and easily manipulated.

  2. nerema says:

    Does Jahmal know about this?

  3. all the way, says:

    We don’t want another rich mans, Mickey Mouse sailing event.

  4. inna says:

    Did these guys call Jahmaal first ??

  5. Jamel says:

    What de flip is this?

  6. Warwick West says:

    BTA – When looking at future events why not look into being a stop for the Volvo Ocean Race. For anyone interested this is going on right now and they are on 2nd leg Alicante to Cape Town. These are high performance race boats with all 7 boats built to the exact same specifications – so it comes down to the crew. Briefly put. But the stopovers are traditional and some not so traditional (Hong Kong this year). This is very similar as AC35 since it is ‘hosting’ the event with all that entails. But as a stopoever it is shorter but intense and record breaking. Just a thought for 4 years from now. Bermuda’s own Emily Nagel is participating in this right now and she joined this prestigious event through her participation in America’s Cup.

    • Kevin Dallas says:

      Volvo Ocean Race is one of a number of events (sailing and not) that are potentially a good fit with Bermuda’s brand, people, business community and infrastructure. We’re working with Govt and the local AC sponsor group to systematically evaluate all options.

    • outkasted says:


  7. ConcernedBermudian says:

    This is great news. The cross Island venue, the old AC Village is a perfect spot for Volvo Ocean Race or other sailing race, an international motorsports race such as Formula E or Formula 1, a bicycle race, you name it. The new Bermuda Event Authority, look into this. It could be the best location in the world as the infrastructure is already there.

  8. aceboy says:


  9. Warwick West says:

    Mr. Dallas, thanks much for your response regarding the Volvo Ocean Race currently in progress. For anyone interested go onto the (live) site at where you get live updates, their current positions, the teams, the boats, ports and stopoevers and the infrastructure and support set up at each stop/hosting port. Having pulled off AC we could certainly do this.