BTA CEO, Minister, Premier On America’s Cup

February 7, 2022 | 16 Comments

“We learned a lot from the America’s Cup in 2017″ and so we could “probably do it a little better” however there are “some other things that we should also be going after,” Bermuda has a “strong and long history” with sailing, and “rinse and repeat is not a tourism strategy,” are a few of the comments made in relation to recent conversation about the concept of Bermuda possibly hosting the America’s Cup event again.

The conversation was sparked by a suggestion from OBA Senator Ben Smith who recently said, “There are media reports that America’s Cup 37 needs a home. The Government should swallow its pride and bid to bring back the America’s Cup,” with the Senator adding, “SailGP will be a good first step, but why not make the big push to have the Cup back in Bermuda.”

Extracts from the two BNV interviews with comments from the BTA CEO & Sports Minister

BTA CEO Charles Jeffers II

When asked during a recent Bernews BNV interview if he could get the America’s Cup back would he, Mr Jeffers told Bernews, “I think we learned a lot from the America’s Cup in 2017, and so I think we could do take that knowledge and probably do it a little better and a little smarter.

“So I would never say never to something like that, but I think there’s some other things that we should also be going after, some bigger events that we probably haven’t thought about being done in Bermuda.”

Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sport Dr Ernest Peets

Bernews also asked the Minister for comment during his recent BNV interview, and the Minister replied and also spoke about the SailGP we will be hosting in May, noting that Bermuda has a long history with sailing in general.

Minister Peets said, “I did have an opportunity just a few moments ago to be down there at the Visitor’s Centre for their [SailGP] 100 day launch – the event will be here in 100 days.

“I certainly do support it, at least for two reasons, and there might be many other reasons I can probably share with you and your listeners. Number one, outside of its economic impact, this particular event really raises and uplifts sport overall.

“So when we see SailGP out there doing their fantastic job with what they do on the water, it not only lifts up the maritime and sailing sport, but it elevates the rest of sport as well as it relates to encouraging the rest of us in other sports to do similar events along those lines.

“SailGP also has a very strong connection with their youth initiative, particularly as it relates to their relationship with the Endeavour programme and, of course, our Sloop and Spirit.

“So for those reasons, I certainly support it. Bermuda has a strong and long history with the maritime, so it certainly fits within our DNA and our culture. So thumbs up to the BTA and all of our maritime sailors; looking forward to SailGP.”

The press conference held on Thursday to mark the 100-day countdown for the SailGP:

Premier David Burt

Speaking in Parliament on Friday, the Premier said, “Honourable Members will have taken note of an OpEd this week compliments of an Opposition Member who sits in another place. The premise was that the Government of Bermuda should bid for the coming America’s Cup. Mr. Speaker, I will say two things to address this contention:

  • 1. Rinse and repeat is not a tourism strategy.
  • 2. Sailing alone is not the path to tourism renewal…it is a part of what we can do well but it will not position us as different from the historic and staid reputation that is preventing us from matching our competitors’ success.”

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  1. unknown800k says:

    Give me a break, do it better, and bigger and better things you guys are dreamers
    Heres an idea.
    Advertise with global hue.
    Bring in Beyonce and the unknown entertainer.
    Im sure you have contacts to build a stage.
    Get the pilot boat to do shuttles, find a taxi driver.
    Pay them with bit coin, as we are overflowing with it.
    House them in the HILTON on south shore.

  2. Goose says:

    No thank you AC. Bermuda is doing splendid without you and your billionaire money.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    ““So when we see SailGP out there doing their fantastic job with what they do on the water, it not only lifts up the maritime and sailing sport, but it elevates the rest of sport as well as it relates to encouraging the rest of us in other sports to do similar events along those lines.”

    What is going on here? SailGP is Americas Cup Lite! The PLP Government must stop this foolishness!

  4. partyrockin says:

    The PLP should have known better than to allow Minister Peets, to answer questions about Americas Cup. Did Minister Peets, a man of the cloth, just admit on behalf of the PLP that AC had an economic impact, when so many others in the party denied that it did and tried to blame it for our national debt?

    Thank you for setting the record straight and telling the truth. Now lets continue down that path so that we can work towards healing and doing better.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Did Minister Peets, a man of the cloth, just admit on behalf of the PLP that AC had an economic impact …?”

      Minister Peets just said that SailGP has a positive impact, including economic impact, on Bermuda for a variety of reasons.

      An honest politician. Who knew?!?!?!

  5. Ringmaster says:

    Proof we desperately need a new Minister of Tourism. This one is pathetic. No ideas and acts like a child when a suggestion is made. Yes, Bermuda should, and does, have a rinse and repeat strategy. PGA Grand Slam, Newport Bermuda, Sail GP to name a few and surely we work on have repeat visits from tourists. What is he proposing with his reference to a staid reputation? Gambling, drugs, and the third, sex? Bermuda had its own identity but the PLP trashed it in the mid 2000′s to try and be something it is not. Since then there is no product to sell. No wonder visitor numbers have dropped away.

  6. Rig says:

    Washed up tattle you would expect from Burt.

    AC17 was fantastic but didn’t fit his ‘narrative’, largely because his group didn’t think of it and certainly couldn’t have executed it.

    So what are the alternatives Minister Peets? Big on talk, light on facts.

  7. Sandgrownan says:

    Jeffers is out of his depth, needs to go immediately. Clueless.

    Do AC35 better? Like how, be specific? What would you have done differently?

    Bigger events? Like what? Examples pleased and projected economic impact? Go on, I’ll wait.

    These guys are all clowns – utter utter clowns.

  8. Observer says:

    If Bermuda wishes to avoid rinse and repeat, then it needs to come up with some novel ideas dissimilar to our neighbors to the south and west. It is most unfortunate that the current leader of Bermuda is so full of hateful determination to destroy some of the best ideas that have served this small island so well for many years. Can I suggest a good rinse and repeat and an outcome that looks even more well pressed.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Hey , how about ethnic tourism , or whatever it is that they call it ?
      Surely it would be a huge hit ?

      ooo , uhh , better let me think about that one for a minute .

  9. Birdlegs says:

    New Zealand want 200 million from the host venue. This makes it a non-starter.

  10. LetariatPro says:

    Why go with something that worked when you can do nothing without consequence?

    The bottom line is because we squandered the last once in a lifetime chance to host the AC, now we cannot afford it and nor would they likely entertain it, certainly witht he current hostile government.

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