Extradition Of Chavdar Bachev From England

December 20, 2017

[Updated] Convicted credit card scammer and fugitive Chavdar Bachev was extradited from England to Bermuda last night, and was transported directly to Westgate to serve out the remainder of an increased sentence of two years, officials have confirmed.

Director of Public Prosecutions Larry Mussenden said, “Convicted credit card scammer and fugitive Chavdar Bachev was extradited on the evening of 19 December 2017 from England to Bermuda and was transported directly to Westgate Correctional Facility to serve out the remainder of an increased sentence of two years.

“On 16 February 2016 Chavdar Bachev was arrested along with Georgi Todorov and both were charged for the offences of Theft and Money Laundering.

“On the 29th April 2016 the subject entered pleas of guilty to the following offences on the Indictment:

  • Count 1 – Theft contrary to section 337[1] of the Criminal Code
  • Count 3 – Theft contrary to section 337[1] of the Criminal Code
  • Count 5 – Theft contrary to section 337[1] of the Criminal Code
  • Counts 7 and 8 – Money Laundering contrary to section 43[d] of the Proceeds of Crime Act

“Bachev and his co-accused were represented by Mr. Richard Horseman, Barrister-at-Law who made extensive submissions in mitigation at the sentencing hearing before Mrs. Justice Charles-Etta Simmons.

“She then sentenced them to four months imprisonment on Counts 1, 3, and 5 and sentenced to three months imprisonment. The Crown had requested a much higher sentence and we filed an appeal against sentence on 2 May 2016.

“However, he was released on 13 May 2016 from the Westgate Correctional Facility [in accordance with his earliest permissible release date] prior to the fixing of a date for the hearing of the appeal and he left the Islands of Bermuda before the hearing of the appeal. The Crown had no power to delay or detain the subject, but the subject was aware of the filed appeal.

“The appeal was heard on 30 May 2016, with Mr. Richard Horseman appearing for Bachev and DPP Larry Mussenden and Crown Counsel Mr. Loxly Ricketts appearing for the Crown. The Court of Appeal allowed the Crown’s appeal when the judgment was handed down on 14 June 2016 where the sentences were increased to two years imprisonment.

“The Crown then pursued Extradition proceedings when Bachev was located in the United Kingdom, where he was held for committing offences of a related nature. Bachev challenged the Extradition proceedings over a period of months while in the UK, but ultimately the Crown was successful in securing his return to Bermuda to serve the additional time of his sentence – an additional 20 months.”

Mr. Mussenden stated that the DPP’s Office “regarded money-laundering offences as very serious matters and that we would pursue offenders no matter where they were so that they would be required to serve their rightful and just sentences in prison in Bermuda.

“The DPP extended thanks to the Bermuda Police Service, the Department of Immigration, the Department of Corrections and the Crown Prosecution Service of England for their representation in England for the extradition matter,” he added.

Update Dec 21, 10.03am: A police spokesperson said, “In April 2016, 39-year-old, Bulgarian National, was convicted at the Supreme Court for Theft, Attempted Theft and Money Laundering offences and was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment along with an Bulgarian accomplice.

“The offences related to over 300 transactions carried out at ATM’s using cloned bank cards when almost $20,000 was stolen. Due to the light sentence imposed by the Supreme Court, the Office of the DPP appealed the sentence which was duly increased to 2 years by the Appeals Court.

“A warrant was issued for his arrest. Bachev was subsequently arrested by the UK authorities for similar offences during 2016 and sentenced there. At the conclusion of his sentence the UK authorities notified Bermuda and extradition proceedings were commenced.

“He was extradited to Bermuda on Tuesday 19th December 2017 and conveyed directly to Westgate to serve out the remainder of the sentence imposed by the Appeals Court.”

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  1. Thats It says:

    Sorry but this is just ridiculous. but I guess he paid for his return airfare, transport , to and from, and will foot the bill for his added time at the Casemate Hotel and RESORt of which he will undoubtably get early release for good behavior, thus NOT serving his full vacation.In the mea time we have criminals here that steal, rob break into homes, shoot each other and get either a slap on the wrist, a social report short sentences and early release. The judicial system needs a severe re calibration. Sure hope his lawyers get paid.

  2. wahoo juice says:

    BS, we will now pay $160k for a guy who stole $19k from someone else…..might have to kick in for the plane tickets also. I think it would be easier if we compensated the banks for their losses. New BDA.

  3. Wonder why they couldnt extradite de person that struck de lady years ago and left her paralyzed.

  4. Onion Jiuce says:

    Not for nothin, but couldn’t we have had him serve this out in the UK? Now we have all the costs of getting back home… and housing him here… and flying out 3 Bermuda Immigration Officials with him… what’s the total costs of this?

    • Thats It says:

      agree there are far worser culprits that should come back for crimes NOT at our expense either. send them as freight

  5. facts of the rock says:

    Complete waste of tax payer’s money,typical backward thinking by this plp useless government.

  6. Why ,exactly,are you bringing them back?

  7. Real Deal says:

    to bad he could just server the time in the uk instead but i guess we are the ones charging him so we have to pay

  8. Hubert Watlington says:

    Why not send him to Greenland?

  9. Mark says:

    Same ignorant Govt. that has opened the floodgates for W&E staff for overtime. Cutting trees on a weekend for probably triple time. We’ll be Third World before you can blink.

  10. This is great news.
    Trust NO ONE!!
    hhmmm… a foreign worker….no better than any one else.
    Everyone is TRULY on the same page in life, whether you have extra money or not.
    Most interesting!!!!
    So…. that superiority complex is really social b.s.

  11. Whiskey tango foxtrot says:

    Siberia…it might be cheaper to send him there an incarcerate…or North Korea…Cuba…Jamaica…thereby lowering our costs.
    What of their country of origin?

  12. Whiskey tango foxtrot says:

    Oh…I know…they want them to teach classes at Westgate nine beaches national crime college.