Photos, Video & Results: Boxing Day Motocross

December 27, 2017

The Bermuda Motocross Club held a round of racing on Boxing Day, with Azai Burt, Grae Edness, Jazuri Thompson, Rickai Raynor, Jason Decouto, Jaron Roberts and Zico Majors,emerging as winners from the day’s action.

Azai Burt won the Pee-Wee Class on the day, while the 50cc Class was won by Grae Edness. Jazuri Thompson rode to victory in the 65cc Class, with Jazuri Thompson winning the 85cc Class.

The Novice Class was won by Rickai Raynor, the Over 30’s Class was won by Jason Decouto. Jaron Roberts won the 250 Class, and Zico Majors won the 450 Class.

The 7-minute live video replay is below:

Pee-Wee Class

  • Azai Burt 1st
  • Mikah Alves 2nd
  • Ajani Foggo 3rd
  • Jazai Thompson 4th
  • Xonti Burch 5th
  • Jaylon Glasford 6th

50cc Class

  • Grae Edness 1st
  • RJ Pitcher 2nd
  • Z’Naz Jones 3rd

65cc Class

  • Jazuri Thompson 1st
  • Delano Hanley 2nd

85cc Class

  • Jazuri Thompson 1st
  • Jadon Simmons 2nd
  • Delano Hanley 3rd


Novice Class

  • Rickai Raynor 1st
  • Leroy Wade 2nd
  • Jamico Smith-Hollis 3rd

Over 30′s Class

  • Jason Decouto 1st
  • Jason Amaro 2nd
  • Jonathan Trott 3rd

250 Class

  • Jaron Roberts 1st
  • Jahdae Trott 2nd
  • Kai’Jun Simons 3rd

450 Class

  • Zico Majors 1st
  • Aaron Cannonier 2nd
  • Shakir Smith 3rd
  • Letroy Trott 4th

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