Photos: New Bus Taken Off Hamilton Docks

January 16, 2018

The Department of Public Transportation today [Jan 16] took possession of the newest addition to its fleet of buses, with the vehicle was cleared by the Customs Department and released to a DPT team this afternoon.

“The engine and chassis for the new bus was procured from MAN Truck & Bus Company in Germany. It was then built by MOBIpeople, a company located in Coimbra, Portugal,” the Ministry said.

“The new bus looks similar to the 2014 series but has quality improvements, many of which were through feedback from DPT staff, and some, through recommendations from MAN and MOBI.

“The new buses have room for 39 passengers, up by one on the older models. There is also improved air-conditioning and lighting and a better bell system. Other improvements include more access compartments for vehicle maintenance.

“Once the bus was assembled, members of DPT’s technical team travelled to Portugal to inspect and approve the bus.

“It takes about two weeks for a new bus to become fleet-ready through in-house preparations after being cleared by Bermuda Customs and licenced by the Transport Control Department.

“DPT expects to take possession of three more buses by early May, if not sooner.”

bus leaves dock Bermuda Jan 16 2018 (1)

bus leaves dock Bermuda Jan 16 2018 (2)

bus leaves dock Bermuda Jan 16 2018 (3)

bus leaves dock Bermuda Jan 16 2018 (4)

bus leaves dock Bermuda Jan 16 2018 (5)

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Comments (25)

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Why so much glass? All it does is put extra pressure on the A/C and another source of mechanical failure. It does look nice though.

    On another issue, why in this day and age and trying to be a visitor friendly place to visit, do we still insist on “exact change only”? I don’t know the exact fare, let alone have change, but Bermuda expects our visitors to know.

    • Six months in, workers get a raise in five years, seniors get taken care off and a new bus ……
      The people voted you in and you are rewarding us, Lord knows what we would be going through if they didnt get in.

      • Izzypop says:

        Yeah hold on to your pocket book this money has to be paid by someone. I am guessing yours and mines taxes
        So I wouldn’t jump for joy just yet.

      • lol says:

        raises should be given on performance, and i have seen zero change. You sound like you are feel you are entitled for a raise and that is one of the many problems facing our island.

  2. Zario says:

    Do they still have the useless wheelchair feature? I mean it would be useful if it could be used here, but since it can’t, why have it installed.

  3. magic bus says:

    Awesome! What route will it run? Because there are a whole bunch.

  4. Dick francis says:

    Oh boy! We had the statement that it was here, now the pic of it here – what next the bus driver with it then the first passenger? Give it a rest – it is a bus, enough said!
    I have and by the way, while this bus arrives staff shortages stop Christmas trees being picked up
    Mmmmm I have an idea for another picture!

  5. wahoo says:

    $5 says the wing mirror don’t make it to town.

  6. Stinky D. says:

    This bus looks longer then the other buses. If so I hope it won’t be an issue navigating our roads. Either way it’s better to have one then not to have one.

  7. JohnBoy says:

    What’s the rail on the front left for? Is that where we hang the Cup Match flags?

  8. k gregory says:

    In fourteen hours the interest on our debt could buy another bus. Debt is modern slaver. Thanks
    for such prudent use of the public purse.

  9. SoFar Bie says:

    who is the first to mess these up i hope each bus came with its own mechanic.

  10. Bermuda says:

    Them America’s cup dollars getting put to use ! Thank you OBA !

  11. Sage says:

    For what your Government just spent they could have fixed all the other broken ones. That is when the mechanic sheep aren’t on holiday or sick leave.

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Love the tree guard to protect the windshield. Hate to think what a windshield replacement costs.

    When was this bus ordered & when is PTB going to stop buying very expensive custom built busses for Bermuda? Any one of a number of Asian builders with representation already in Bermuda build RHD stock city busses for their own markets as well as NZ, Australia & India.

  13. Time will Tell says:

    Something positive happens to help solve one of our on going issues & some people can do nothing more but to try & find the negatives out of the situation… Typical.

  14. thumper says:

    What are the requisites that make this a feasables purchase …as opposed to the many that are out of commission daily…please alleviate.
    Are there any assurances?

  15. thumper says:

    Cause we need some.

  16. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay! ONE bus…smfh like that really will help us. No thanks to the PLP as most of these new ones coming in were ordered under the OBA!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Reading isn’t your strong point huh? Try doing a little researching next time.

  17. somuchless says:

    Is dat rail for those who can’t afford a bus ride n wanna hang on from da outside?

  18. Bermyindian says:

    So new busses and horrible roads full of pot holes. The new busses will need new rims in 3 months, I hope new rims arrived with the new bus. I pray they keep new tires in stock.

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