‘Aliens Become Smitten With The Local Rum’

February 4, 2018

A mockumentary will investigates ‘claims’ that aliens are landing in Bermuda, with the aliens subsequently becoming smitten with the local rum, abducting locals, and getting on mopeds and driving around “like idiots.”

These interesting ‘claims’ will be explored at the Bermudian Heartbeats Lecture Series “Film Night: World Watch [Aliens in Bermuda]” on Wednesday, February 7 at 6.00pm at the World Heritage Centre at Penno’s Wharf in St. George’s.

A mockumentary is defined as a “satirical television or radio programme in the form of a parody of a documentary,” and the event poster says, “This mockumentary investigates claims that aliens are landing in Bermuda with the approval of the UK and US governments. The aliens apparently like the island and have become smitten with the local rum.

“Unfortunately when they consume too much they start abducting locals and performing tests on them. They also have a tendency to get on mopeds and drive around the island like idiots.”

The event is free to the public, but spaces are limited. Free tickets are available from the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, the World Heritage Centre, and from bdatix.bm

Bermudian Heartbeats Jan 2018

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  1. Colonel Angus... says:


  2. sage says:

    You can bet this was conceived of after cocktails or wine, making light of alcohol abuse and riding during road safety week . Aliens, yet no talk about our locals who are drinking, crashing and dying, strange mentality, SMH.

  3. Shabba Ranks says:

    Yeah, alot of Bermudians drive like they are drunk aliens who don’t know the first thing about how to drive. Like pulling out in front of you, never using indicators, etc. Certain Bermudians.