Paget Primary’s Museum Impresses Premier

February 22, 2018 | 3 Comments

Premier David Burt stopped by Paget Primary School as they transformed some of their classrooms into Black History Museums, saying he was very impressed by the tour, with the school providing “great information on Bermuda culture and Black trailblazers.”

The Premier tweeted the photos below, and said, “Can I just say how very impressed I was with Paget Primary’s Black History Month tour. The level of research and celebration of Black Bermudians was outstanding. Thank you to the students and teachers that shared such great information on Bermuda culture and Black trailblazers.”

PagetPrimary's Blackhistorymonth Bermuda Feb 21 2018 (1)

Honorees being celebrated included Randolph Furbert, Dale Butler, Malachi Jones, Dage Minors, Dame Lois Brown-Evans, Victoria Pearman, Allan ‘Forty’ Rego, Clarence Hill, Clyde Best, Frederick Wade, Steve Easton, Kavin Smith, various influential Bermudians, and Bermuda pilots.

PagetPrimary's Blackhistorymonth Bermuda Feb 21 2018 (2)

Student tour guides included Napri Pitt-Gray, Mya Grant, Kennan Jones-Landy, Kse Jennings, Xonti Burch, Nevaeh Tankard, Natalee Moniz, Kemai Clemons, Taylah Smith, Aaryn Wales, Rhome Lowe, K’mori Chamberlain, Azai Dyer, Derek Ingram, Exodus Somner, Janiya Sealy, Zhen Wilson, Ahnayah Ming, Antwanae Simmons, Alaysia Glasford, Aiden Euler, Zalayah Cummings, Dakari Smith-Davis, Sophie Jones, Jayden Symons, and Jordan Parker.

PagetPrimary's Blackhistorymonth Bermuda Feb 21 2018 (3)

The Social Studies Committee responsible for organizing the event included Chairperson Gina Cann, Erma Nisbett, Ashleigh Cassell, Haley Telford, Monique Paul, Freda Trimm, Riche Robinson, Ethel Liverpool, and Chrystal Bean.

PagetPrimary's Blackhistorymonth Bermuda Feb 21 2018 (4)

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  1. nerema says:

    In all fairness, they’re very nice pics. It’s evident the kids worked hard on that.

  2. Upset voter says:

    well done!

  3. Bedford Bridges says:

    What a phenomenal set of exhibits and experience for the students. I visited today and learned quite a bit, including just how much the students and teachers must have prepared because each “museum guide” was as knowledgeable as a guide in any museum in a metropolitan centre. The public speaking ability shown while touring the displays was exceptional! I was so glad I went!

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