Column: ‘Your Voice Must Be Heard’

March 31, 2018

Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden Bermuda March 2018[Opinion column written by Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden]

“Your voice must be heard: A call to the women of Bermuda to get involved in politics… your strengths can and will make a difference to Bermuda’s future” … Jeanne Atherden, JP MP Opposition Leader

As we approach the end of National Women’s History Month, a time to reflect, recognize and celebrate the significant achievements and contributions that women have made worldwide and particularly here in Bermuda… We are a country full of powerful, smart women leaders. I take this important month as an opportunity to honour women who have shaped Bermuda’s history and its future.

Bermuda prides itself on being progressive and we have been ahead of many countries in this regard. Bermuda has had three women Premiers: Dame Pamela Gordon:1997/98; Dame Jennifer Smith: 1998/2003; Paula Cox 2010/12). Bermudians should be proud of the fact that women have overcome the barriers and stereotypes that others still face worldwide. This is indeed something to be proud of as a nation!

This is also the perfect time to encourage women to continue to be empowered, to recognize how important their participation and leadership is to our community and that they CAN make an enormous difference to the lives of all Bermudians by getting involved. As Opposition Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance, I would like to see more women in politics.

As a community, we are responsible, for not only promoting growth but also empowerment. Our response to this very important issue must be pervasive and deliberate. So I will share with you the OBA’s plan of action:

  • We will promote and encourage the involvement of women in the political process through the OBA diversity initiative. This will include a mentoring component which will provide support for women initiation and beyond
  • As part of the Women’s Agenda, we will research and identify an issue that the OBA will champion annually related to women
  • We will host routine community forums that discuss women’s political and non-political issues

So, to the women of Bermuda, I reiterate, your voice must be heard… your strengths, your abilities, can and will make a difference to Bermuda’s future. The OBA pledges to provide an avenue , so get involved. We want Bermuda stronger, safer… and most importantly we want to create a better future for our children!

- Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden


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  1. PANGAEA says:


    All I hear these days is talk, people dont put thing down in writing any more, resulting in a complete lack of trust, documentaion is virtualy non existant , as capital projects back fire.

    Laws are passed with loop holes .

    Being politically correct has a whole new meaning.

    The sugar tax is a political joke when we all know that beer is killing people and chicken contains the most fat.

    I did not know that government was in the restaurant business.

    I have yet to see any leadership we can count on, its all blar blar . All you have to do is put on a blue suit or a red costume and your in.

    We are give ” Hobsons choice” at many of the past elections.

    Makes me wonder if our present system is working as our national debt for example with nothing to show for it. except monument biuilding and cross island with no for-see- able future was a big blunder, and we all know inless than 30 years airports will be redundant. I wonder if it can turn about 360 and have a second use, say for freight.

    2,000 jobs was a dream wish, when in reality there were only around 36, we as a country can not function on promises.

    Political infigthing, is not progress is enciites instability and lack of confidence and has no place in any soceiety.

    The investors are watching us. for the slightest glimmer of hope.Is there light at the end of the tunnel.

    We have to do what other countries are doing, only better.

    We have some very seriouse problems which neads dealing with, the two Bermudas is part of it. There is a total disconnect when is see slum dog millionaire wearing blue jeans.

    What has happened to the well dressed like it used to be, is it the not care atttude the permiates our society or are the rich descuising them selves to blend in.

  2. Oh, please!!!
    After all of the nonsense.

    • mullet says:

      “After all of the nonsense.”

      …that spews from your bigoted facehole?

  3. aceboy says:

    Your voice will be heard, if you want to run a business with loud ATVs on public land. Otherwise…no it won’t.