Court: Man Charged With Threatening Premier

May 8, 2018

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [May 8], 28-year-old Jared Gordon was charged with threatening Premier David Burt, with the court hearing the messages allegedly referenced “chopping his head off” and putting “a hole in his head.”

The first count alleged that between October 2017 and March 2018 Mr Gordon made an unwarranted demand of various items and money with menaces in video messages and emails addressed to Edward Burt.

As a note, the Premier’s full name is Edward David Burt, hence the court charges referenced ‘Edward Burt’.

The second charge alleged that on or about October 13, 2017 he caused Premier Burt to receive a writing, namely an email saying “ignoring me asking for a budget is driving me to a point of me wanting to tell you this, to your face….I would really put a hole in your head”

He was also charged with, on or about March 28th 2018, allegedly causing Premier Burt to receive a writing, namely an email threatening to kill him, saying “pulling you out of your house and chopping your head off with a hacksaw.”

Mr Gordon was granted bail with a like surety, ordered to report regularly to Hamilton Police Station, not have contact with Premier Burt, and is set to reappear in the Supreme Court Monthly Arraignment session in June.

He was not required to enter a plea as the matter must be heard in the Supreme Court.

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