‘Only One Bus Cancellation This Past Week’

July 16, 2018

“Over the last week we have only had one bus cancellation,” Premier David Burt told the House of Assembly.

As everyone is aware there have been a steady flow of bus route cancellations for some time, however the cancellations have been significantly reduced in recent days.

We asked the Transport Ministry what the reason for the reduced cancellations was, and a spokesperson said, “There are more buses in service because the maintenance section has worked hard to address out of service levels. The fact that school is out provides some ‘breathing room’ for repairs to take place.”

Audio extract of the Premier speaking in the House on the buses:

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Comments (4)

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  1. Happy says:

    I thought how amazing this was…then i remembered there are no schools runs to or from so there are less buses needed.

  2. Oh…n’I thought it was the entifreeze coolant.

  3. Warwick West says:

    see this is how it works. Have 100 plus daily not working and then suddenly, ONLY one – WOW its a miracle!

    Should be NONE.

    They should ALL be working.