Hamilton Princess Unveils New TABS Uniforms

August 8, 2018

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club unveiled new uniforms for its Beach Club and pool employees, designed by TABS.

“The hotel’s servers at the pool and Beach Club are now attired with TABS boater shorts in Reefline Blue, while beach attendants are dressed for action with the brand’s swim shorts,” a spokesperson said.

“All of the shorts are made of high quality materials and feature the brand’s distinctive ‘Step Into Summer’ linings which feature colourful patterns or designs by local artist, Graham Foster. The shorts are accompanied with white polo shirts which feature the logo of the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

Hamilton Princess TABS Uniforms Bermuda Aug 2018 (1)

“TABS, which stands for The Authentic Bermuda Shorts, is a local business, founded by Rebecca Singleton. Its mission is to reclaim the Bermuda short as a fashion statement, offering stylish and comfortable clothing options to visitors and locals alike.”

Tim Morrison, General Manager at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, said: “Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is proud to support local businesses such as TABS. Their Bermuda shorts design is a classic and we are pleased to be able to showcase this Bermuda tradition to our guests.”

Hamilton Princess TABS Uniforms Bermuda Aug 2018 (2)

Rebecca Singleton, Founder and CEO of TABS, said: “‘We are proud to be kitting out the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club staff in Bermuda style. Thank you to the hotel for supporting local business!”

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