Video: Dainavon Tuzo On His Musical Career

August 14, 2018

Bermudian Dainavon Tuzo – who will be performing in Bermuda next month – has paid tribute to all the people who helped him succeed in the music industry.

He said his grandmother was a Pastor who played the organ in church, his father is the lead bassist for the Wall Street Band and bought him his first drum kit at the age of two and his uncle is the well-known saxophonist Shine Hayward.

“There are so many people in Bermuda who have impacted my life,” said Dainavon, who is the lead keyboardist for Grammy award-winning Monica Brown, the headline act for the annual Made in Bermuda Festival over the Labour Day weekend.

Dainavon Tuzo with Monica Brown August 2018

In this video, Dainovan also speaks about his musical career, where he has performed, his advice to other artists and what he is looking forward to when he comes home to Bermuda …. a fish sandwich, among other things.

He said his first job in Bermuda was packing groceries and after music college he was the Musical Director of the New Testament Church of God and a music teacher at Clearwater Middle School. When he left to go to Atlanta he made ends meet as a door-to-door salesman before being introduced to a 12-piece band who he travelled the world with.

He worked with stars like Tyler Perry and Queen Latifah before meeting Monica Brown.

“I am looking forward to coming home and seeing my family and friends and swimming! Being able to perform for people back home is great,” he said.

Monica Brown will be performing on September 1 and other acts lined up for the weekend are: The Wall Street Band, Live Wires; One SOULution; Olivia Hamilton; Sheila Smith; Brixx; Sinead the flower; B.L.A.C.; Tyler Wilson, DJ Chubb and DJ iBreeze.

The full schedule is:

  • Thursday, August 30 – Made In Bermuda Nights Finale on Whites Island at 8:30pm
  • Friday August 31 – Made In Bermuda Panel on Developing Arts and Entertainment at HP’s Trudeau Ballroom at 10.30am
  • Friday – Made In Bermuda Marina Nights at the Hamilton Princess marina at 5pm
  • Saturday September 1 – Made In Bermuda Festival Concert in Dockyard at 7pm
  • Monday September 3 – Float BDA at Tobacco Bay at 12.30pm.
  • Tickets are available at

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  1. Great things come when you have a solid foundation, spiritual conviction, a committed will and a positive mindset.
    Think of how many young men who have wasted their potential from a lack of these attributes.
    Well done young man, the world awaits you.
    A chip off de old block.