Video: Bermudian Sings The Blues In UK

March 31, 2012

Veteran Bermudian musician Rob Berry is singing the blues in the UK these days — but he’s not complaining.

A longtime fixture on the Bermuda music scene before relocating to England with his family, Rob Berry has worked as a performer, session player, guitar demonstrator and studio engineer and has released four of his own albums.

His blues band remains highly in demand in the UK and played a gig at the Ferryman pub at Warsash, Hampshire on Thursday [Mar. 29].

Mr. Berry, who began classical piano lessons in Bermuda at the age of seven, switched the blues guitar as a teenager after seeing a concert by British R&B band Dr. Feelgood. When it comes to his current influences, Mr. Berry said:”There are so many, all I can say is it’s reflected in my playing, you are what you listen to.

“My current favs are: SRV, Hendrix, Howling Wolf, Bonamassa, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards, Page, Clapton, Leslie West and the list goes on …”

One of his most notable accomplishments was working with Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones on his solo album “Talk is Cheap”, recorded in Bermuda in 1988. Since then he has worked and performed with numerous renowned artists in the UK and abroad.

Recent street-corner performance by Rob Berry of “A Dollar Short And A Day Late” 

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  1. rick olson says:

    Give me a call if you come back to Bermuda love to have you for a frw nights

  2. A street busker, I’ll bet he was arrested shortly after this for pavement (sidewalk) obstruction!

  3. Rob Berry says:

    Wow, thanks guys, I just found out about this article from my mother via her friend in Canada….shame on me for not reading bernews more often.

    I ran into Bermudian Lee Hawk in Southampton whilst commiting my deeds the other week, the world is getting smaller :) The funniest experience was a couple years ago I was in Kingston Upon Thames and there was a Bermudian guy shouting down his phone at the Bank of Butterfield for blocking his card, we also know a Bermudian in Bournemouth who came up to say hi when we were busking and he was so surprised to find out we were Bermudian too. I found Bermudian money in my bucket in Guildford once as well.

    They dont arrest us anymore for busking, we get permits and rules now, shame , I made more money when it was outlawed….:)

    I hope to get back one day Rick, just got to get the kids sorted first.

    Thanks Bernews