BPBA Powerboat Finals & Prize Presentations

October 7, 2018

The Bermuda Powerboat Association [BPBA] ended their 2018 season today [Oct 7] with the 3rd race of the 3 race Nationals series and the Spanish Point Boat Club [SPBC] Grand Prix. Today’s races were followed with prize presentations.

Nationals Race Results

A Class

  • 1st A29 Selley/Smith 290 points
  • 2nd A16 Davidge/Hayne 190 points
  • 3rd A77 Jody/Tony Carreiro father/son 171 points

B Class

  • 1st B4 Sadune and Rickai Raynor 280 points
  • 2nd B8 Selley/Fletcher 100 points
  • 2nd B9 Maybury/Usher 100 points
  • 3rd B113 Johnson Sabrado 90 points

D Class

  • 1st D007 Easton/Cottongham/Madeira/Talbot 190 points
  • 2nd D69 Butterfield/Gibbs 100 points

S Class

  • 1st S22 Cottongham/Talbot

SPBC Grand Prix

  • 1st A29 Selley/Smith
  • 2nd A26 Easton/Madeira‚Äôs
  • 3rd B9 Maybury/Usher
  • 4th A16 Davidge/Hayne
  • 5th B177 Nesbit Sr/Nesbitt JR.

Round the Island

Flag Honors

  • Selley/Smith (new record)

A Class

  • 1st A29 Selley/Smith
  • 2nd A26 Easton/Medeiros
  • 3rd A16 Ryan Davidge/Richard Davidge

B Class

  • 1st B441 Dowling/Bean
  • 2nd B9 Maybury/Usher
  • 3rd B177 Nesbitt Sr/Nesbitt Jr

D Class

  • 1st D505 Willoughby/Johansson

S Class

  • 1st S22 Talbot/Cottingham
  • 2nd S7 Renaud/Seymour

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  1. Merc. says:

    Like to see a better turn out at Ferry Reach in 2019

  2. Jimi says:

    Great Performance Matt and David what a way to cap off the season

  3. Skippa says:


  4. Ann Selley says:

    Congratulations David and Matt, great team, fantastic driving!!!!