Bermuda Tiger Shark Ginger Beer Launched

December 3, 2018

Atlanta-based Chapman Beverage has launched a new product dubbed ’Bermuda Tiger Shark Ginger Beer,’ saying it is the “flavor equivalent of a shark attack in a can.”

Bermuda Tiger Shark Ginger Beer Nov 29 2018

“It began with two childhood friends and a Bermuda fishing trip,” the company claims on their website.

“In 2010, these best buds were enjoying their island excursion when they met a street vendor, Stefano, who regaled them with tall tales about the many trinkets and souvenirs he sold.

“Nothing quite caught their fancy until Stefano revealed an old stoneware bottle, an antique Hills Chapman Ltd ginger beer from the 1930s [with the cap still on!],” with the company claiming that Stefano said it “came from the belly of a tiger shark a fishing boat caught way back in 1958. ”

“This tale, however tall it might’ve been, hooked the friends’ imaginations,” the company said, so ”Bermuda Tiger Shark Ginger Beer was born.”

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Hmmm…sounds fishy.

    • Good point says:

      lol – @BTA can we look at rights usage of #Bermuda on products?

  2. PBanks says:

    Hope Stefano is getting some royalties or something :)