OBA: The PLP Is ‘Rushing To Table’ Legislation

December 14, 2018 | 24 Comments

“A decision today to pull the proposed amendment to the Children’s Act is yet another example of how this Government is trying to simply tick boxes by rushing to table badly thought out legislation,” according to Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier.

“It was bad enough that the proposed amendment to the Act reduced the right for a child to have legal representation in court, but it is even worse when the Government has to delay the amendment because they did not consult properly,” Mr Cannonier said.

“The Sex Offenders Bill is also another example of poor legislation as it fails to take account of the vast majority of recommendations made by Parliamentary Joint Select Committee formed to investigate this issue.

“These are just two examples of the way this Government rushes to tick boxes so it can boast of ‘taking care of the people’s business’ but the fact of the matter is that they are tabling poorly thought out legislation that is not based on consultation with the people they represent and which, to their huge embarrassment, they have to delay.”

In response, Attorney General Kathy Simmons said, “Government remains committed to having a full debate on the Children Amendment Bill 2018 in the new year. It will fulfill the current Government’s pledge to enhance protection of children.

“This includes providing an improved framework to enhance existing protocols with regard to the appointment, function and payments of Litigation Guardians. All existing ambiguities and inconsistencies in the law on this issue will be reconciled with passage of the Bill.

“Consultation with the Judiciary to further their key role in the process has been undertaken. The Judiciary will continue to be empowered to appoint litigation guardians under their existing powers.

“Additional provisions will ensure that Litigation Guardians are vetted and are suitable to safeguard the interests of the children they serve. As with other measures enacted by this Government, anyone who examines the Bill carefully and honestly will be forced to conclude that it enhances the protection of the children of Bermuda.”

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Comments (24)

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  1. Lol@The OBA says:

    Just like how you all were rushing to pass that immigration bill,, Cannonaire get real…

    • Onion says:

      They did months of consultation before the immigration reform bill.

      • Rego says:

        WITH WHO? NOT THE PEOPLE! Immigration Fahy was one of the reason you lost the election and the same reason you told him take a back seat after that disaster.

  2. steve says:

    I disagree with the rushing part. They have not proposed anything relating to immigration reform…and likely never will an

  3. 2 Bermudas says:

    You’re talking about a group of individuals who didn’t know they didn’t have authority to fire a Gaming Commissioner or an Education Commissioner. What do you expect? Obviously de titty milk ain’t good for de brain!! Ha ha ha!!

    • Law says:

      As long as these quangoes use OUR money our Government can Fire whomever they want!

  4. Concern says:

    I wish you would rush to tell the truth about JETGATE and your fight with Dunkley

    At least the government are working for the people

  5. J Austen says:

    Craig, not a good idea to encourage them…

  6. Not exactly says:

    PLP has shown that they that are going through a box checking excercise instead of consulting and thinking through what they bring to the House. Multiple pieces of legislation have been poorly thought out requiring amendments on the floor (Sugar Tax), skipping consultation (Domestic Partnerships) or this last piece which would have failed on both of these fronts and had to be withdrawn at the eleventh hour to save face.

  7. Deonion says:

    Bad legislation just leads to bad laws and the only winners are the lawyers

  8. Hmmm… WOW!!
    The pot calling the kettle black!!
    OBA did absolutely NOTHING for the BORN people of this country.
    America Cup, Grant Gibbons fleeing his position as Education Minister dashing to AMERICA CUP role, Same Sex Marriage TRASH,Trevor Moniz and his ridiculous political rhetoric, OBA bringing in people who look like them to boost their population….all dirty OBA tactics.
    The list goes on: Milkman foolishness, Pat Pamplin and Sylvan Richards using taxpayer monies to fund a trip to the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.

    Oh!! But there is MORE!!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      And by “Born Bermudians”, you mean… what?

      Because the Marriage Equality issue is about Born Bermudians.
      Americas Cup was about Born Bermudians.

      Oh! “People that look like them”…

      Got it. You don’t mean Bermudians, you mean a certain segment of Bermudians. Everyone else, Born here or not, doesn’t matter to you.

      Got it.

      You’re bad for Bermuda. Please stop.

      • Real talk says:

        Mike keep mouth ZIP. Oba did nothing for you and SSM group last I recall Craig Trump, Jean End and Sour Dunkely didn’t give a RAT!

        What makes it more silly is how could you vote for a group that didn’t pass the law when they had the power and numbers in the house. At the end of the day you look stupid for casting X vote last election on the oba. The PLP stood firm and informed Bermuda what their plan was instead of playing so many guessing games like the OBA = the party you voted 4. :)

        • Mike Hind says:

          And here we have the assumption that I’m an OBA supporter, based on the colour of my skin.
          I’m not. I don’t support either party.

          This is everything that is wrong with politics in Bermuda right now.
          This partisan hackery and blind party loyalty gives these politicians, BOTH sides!, carte blanche to do whatever they want.

          And this choice to lash out with a personal attack based on who you assume I voted for?
          That’s just low.
          Why not grow up and show some backbone and hold these people accountable?
          This “Party over Country” thing is bad for everyone.
          And, if you’re going to make a personal attack like this, at least have the courage to use your own name and not hide like a coward under your hood of anonymity.

          And, as has been mentioned, while the OBA didn’t do as much as they should have with regards to this, they, at least, didn’t stand in the way of it and abided by the legal ruling… a ruling that has now been shown to be correct three times. When they left office, it was the law of the land.
          It was the PLP that tried – and failed – to change this.

          • Real talk says:

            You would need a napkin if I used my real name to hold back the tears because I know YOU and speak to YOU. So don’t think people on Bernews are cowards because they don’t use their real name. Sometimes other factors are much more important.

            I don’t recall saying you voted for oba based on your skin color just proves you have more racial issues going on in that silly confused head of yours.

            So that you know I voted UBP and later OBA in 2012. This is the first time I voted plp why do you think the vote score was 25 PLP to 11 OBA because people change their parties like it was a winter migration. Now run along and play your music which I enjoy.

          • Real talk says:

            Stop making poor excuses for the OBA.

            “And, as has been mentioned, while the OBA didn’t do as much as they should have with regards”


            • Mike Hind says:

              Um… and yet, it became the law under their watch.

              I’m not making excuses for anyone. The OBA suck. I don’t support them at all.
              But they got it done.

              In a pathetic and cowardly way, yes. In a disgustingly sneaky way, yes.
              In a way that showed the decided lack of leadership that lost them any sort of integrity, if they had any to begin with…

              But they got it done.

              But you keep pushing this partisan agenda. You keep pushing this “One party is better than the other” thing. See where that gets us.

              Here’s a hint… we’re in the crap we’re in today because of blind party loyalty like yours… on both sides.
              We’re in the trouble we’re in because none of you party loyalists can admit when your party is wrong and when the other party is right.
              Instead, you spend all your time whining about the other side while we’re ALL getting screwed by the mismanagement of Government.
              BOTH parties suck.
              The sooner folks like you who refuse to admit it catch on to that, the better.

            • LaV says:



        • LaV says:

          “Mike keep mouth ZIP.”

          Real Talk…Shove it up your a*$$

    • question says:

      A racist diatribe.
      These people walk among us.

      • PBanks says:

        I say just ignore the trolls, those kinds (of each political allegiance) only have one agenda.

  9. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Time for No Confidence Vote for PLP!

  10. Concerned Bermudian says:

    No Confidence Vote for PLP!

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