Nonprofit Leadership Development Programme

April 4, 2019

Nineteen local nonprofit participants graduated with their Certificate in Nonprofit Management offered through the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

The programme is a partnership between The Centre on Philanthropy, YouthNet and The Bermuda Community Foundation. Graduates of the programme learned key current management topics for nonprofit organisations including fundraising, board and volunteer development, budgeting, reading financial statements, leadership, marketing and setting strategic direction.

Graduates of the programme gained a greater mastery of leadership skills and increased their confidence in applying these skills effectively in the nonprofit workplace. To date there have been twenty-six nonprofit participants that have successfully completed this programme.

Nonprofit Leadership Development Programme Bermuda March 2019

Danielle Riviere, Executive Director of The Centre on Philanthropy, says “The programme provides those currently working in the nonprofit sector, Board members or those interested in working for a nonprofit, the opportunity to learn about all the critical elements of running a nonprofit. We are in our third year of running the programme and welcomed our next cohort of sixteen for the 2019/2020 year on April 1st”.

In addition to their course work, participants are matched with mentors from the nonprofit community.

Clare Mello, Executive Director of YouthNet said, “We have a responsibility to develop our replacements. By providing resources and opportunities, combined with mentorship and direction, we can leave our organisations in good hands. Mentoring not only helps organisations develop and retain diverse talent, but it also helps build a robust community of diverse talent for the future”.

Participants also attended monthly industry professional sessions gaining real world insight to the topics covered in the modules.

For more information or to apply, please contact The Centre on Philanthropy at 236-7706 or e-mail to receive an application form for the next cohort starting in 2020/2021 year.

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